Final Topics: Topics I wanna blog here…

Flash back on how I decided the topics…

Lets start with Automobiles. I get mad with these, I don’t know from where I got this passion. I just started to read auto-magazines for fun and then it all went into my DNA. Thanks to my grandpa who always backed me up to learn something new, I got induced to this craze. As a kid I used to travel a lot in trains and grandpa was in Indian Railways I used to shunt( shunting means going for a test drive in trains) with the rail engine drivers in his workshop. I remember traveling in railway engines, learning to change gears, blowing train’s whistle and even travelled in Steam Engines.
Later it was Kunal who used to talk about Skoda and Civic, these days audi and BMW. His brother had an Hero Honda CBZ, we go full road trips and late night road trips also. Later came Splendour and another friend’s CBZ, now again road trips, late night road trips started. He he..
Then during my second year of engineering there was Amey ( automobile geek, right now he is doing M.S in IDC, IIT Mumbai 😉 ) who was my neighbor during my engineering and he was pursuing his Bachelor’s in Automobile. He showed me a new dimension for design, concepts, technology, ergonomics, brakes, go – kart, F1, Kimi, Ferrari, Mc Laren etc..
Later I was introduced to Vinay Pateel ( the hell started from here.), he was like something different, not something he was different in everything. (Learnt a lot from him). He to was pursuing his Bachelor’s in Automobile, his thinking was different from Amey, Vinay used to live in his own world, always he used to stand out of the crowd in some or other way. Later he became my room-mate, and don’t ask what all we did. Just forget, got into lafda’s especially me, college stuff, ragging, juniors, seniors, bikes, placement, companies, video games,N-Gage, N80, parties, birthday’s, internal, exams, My EC gate, Evanescence, Linkin Park, HiP hOp ;-). Any ways I can’t express regarding him in one shot. After one-year completing degree thank god we are the same, Let’s Rock dude.
Then came M.V.Guruprasad. The deity, what to say. Whatever he dealt, handled, bought everything was in perfect and always he follows in his own terms. Guru, had good taste and experience in automobile as he had a Hero Puch, Bajaj Saffire, Mahindra Jeep, Tata Indica, Mahindra Bolero and lot more. Some times he explained me the working mechanism of some stuff. And don’t ask him about mobiles, he had a encyclopedia in his mind on mobiles, mobile software, computers and other related stuff. With Guru, mobile craze started, later iPod, digital camera, Sony PSP, laptop, Mac, Apple Inc. Forget studies, studies where there to just learn.
Lets take a break from automobiles and move in to gadgets. As a kid I was fascinated with gadgets like calculator, remote controlled cars this that… Let’s move to my engineering. Once I got a chance to play Nokia N-Gage QD, I was totally flattened to see the NGage’s design and functionality, from that moment I decided to have NGage. Finally I got it in my third year.
Now my next interest is SONY PSP, trying hard to get a PSP entertainment pack, but sadly in India entertainment packs are not available in India, have to wait. These days SONY has launched new model called as SONY PSP-3000. It’s gonna released on October 14. I wish SONY launches PSP-3000 in India very early. It will be cool if they launch with a entertainment.
More than everything, these days I am getting addicted to MAC, trying to get a MacBook Pro for me or an iMac at home. Have spoke to dad and Phuphu, have to wait. Mac’s costs more, right now can’t afford it. For more details on Apple products this is the link to Apple Store for India
Project Mustang:
This is a idea I and my friends have. The idea is to get an HM Contessa car and modify it to look like as an Ford Mustand or add some strips and build it like an American Muscle. Had put this idea to Vinay, Guru and my Bro. Thank god they liked the idea. Last time I discussed this idea with dad and he is ready to help. What more I can need.. he he.. Let’s see.
Other topics I want to discuss in my blog are F1, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Kimi, Apple, Mac, iPhone, Yamaha R1, Unicorn, Life (especially being with friends and colleagues ), travel, future plans, movies, foot ball, cricket. Not but the least regarding Udupi. I am lovin it.. He he..
Final Topics: Topics I wanna blog here…

Hello world!

Hello world !!!
Last time when I spoke to my friend ( my sister ), she just blew me by telling as my English is not good. She said “Not up-to the mark”, I got confused and felt low. I wanted to bring it up-to the so called mark, then I took it as Open Challenge ( i.e to achieve something which is hard for me to do ).
Idea to start blog:
As I was looking into one of my friend’s blog, he had started to blog to improve his writing skills and I to thought “Blogging” can me help me to improve my standard of English. So the world of Blogging, here I come. I have the following reasons to start blogging.
1. Improve my communication skills.
2. Can openly express my idea’s to the world.
3. Can share my experience and knowledge to the world.
4. Get updated with the current technologies and trends.
5. Get connected with friends and make some friends.
With these 5 points in mind, let’s hit it. So my first blog is “Hello world !!!” :-), Hello world is the first program when some one enters into a learning a new programming language.
Hello world!