Hello world!

Hello world !!!
Last time when I spoke to my friend ( my sister ), she just blew me by telling as my English is not good. She said “Not up-to the mark”, I got confused and felt low. I wanted to bring it up-to the so called mark, then I took it as Open Challenge ( i.e to achieve something which is hard for me to do ).
Idea to start blog:
As I was looking into one of my friend’s blog, he had started to blog to improve his writing skills and I to thought “Blogging” can me help me to improve my standard of English. So the world of Blogging, here I come. I have the following reasons to start blogging.
1. Improve my communication skills.
2. Can openly express my idea’s to the world.
3. Can share my experience and knowledge to the world.
4. Get updated with the current technologies and trends.
5. Get connected with friends and make some friends.
With these 5 points in mind, let’s hit it. So my first blog is “Hello world !!!” :-), Hello world is the first program when some one enters into a learning a new programming language.
Hello world!

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