Speaking with the stars:

This incident happened when I was going for my Best Friend’s wedding at Gadag during last weekend. For marriage, I managed to get one day leave, thanks to sir and my team mates.  After more than one month I went home (time is running like hell, so soon 1 year 6 months completed after leaving BEC).

Had nice dinner with Avi and Satish and boarded bus. Got sleeper, Got mp3 player, Got time and I moved to my berth, and we left Udupi. Quickly we passed from office ( Office looks cool from NH 17, and from bus its an euphoric view for me ). In a matter of time I crossed santhekatte and the bridges started to come, from Udupi to Brahmavar there are 6 bridges within a distance of 11 KMS, cool right???.

I just had a glance at the sky, thinking bout project (Network database syncing ) then I was awestruck!!!. The sky was filled stars, stars. ( I am reacting like a kid, I am a dude not a kid ). Then (flash back like a bollywood movie)…


When I was a kid I used to live with my Grand Pa in Hospet ( My Nana,  hey Na doing namaz, these days all 5 namaz)). I used to sleep with him, on his arm. He used to tell stories, regarding Prophet, facts bout India, Indian cricket, moments in other sports especially tennis and football. I always liked about his experiences with Indian Railways and railways growth and transformation.

I remember once he said something bout Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, mostly regarding Vietnam war (wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Che_Guevara). Hail Che…

During that time we used to sleep in garden or varandah, under open sky. Trains used to run across darkness. I remember Nana used to tell bout stars, galaxies. And he used to make me count the stars. (In all languages, counting in telugu used to be fun).

More than that we used to try to connect stars to identify some familiar objects, example like zodiac signs. For me and Nana we had our own custom objects. ( Dude, custom objects and custom classes… Finally thinking like a programmer?? ) I remember we used to identify arrows, ships, some irregular triangles and rectangles.

There used to be a particular star pattern similar to Popeye’s smile with a cigar. I still have the picture of the pattern in my mind. You are right Popeye and Bluto ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Popeye ). During that time Popeye and Aladdin were my heroes. So before sleeping I used to identify Popey smile in the sky. I used to dream bout Popeye and Spinach (Palak I think)

Those were best days for me, they made me to transform as Mohsin…

Present day:

From bus I tried to get that Popeye pattern in the sky, I tried here and there. I was unsuccessful in figuring out. Continue reading “Speaking with the stars:”

Speaking with the stars:

Chetan: We are gonna miss you dude…

Hi, let me introduce you Chetan Naik. The same Chetan Naik, who we used to call him Captain. Kya bolu, he is gonna leave Udupi in a matter of few days and this post is for him.

As far as I know, I was introduced to him by Abhay ( as he was his room mate ), from that instant we had a great feeling towards each other. Its the feeling when you meet same kind of people who have same attitude and supports your interest. During those days I was busy with my project and other stuff, even he was busy for his project.

Later it was in SKB’s marriage where we met again, as we had arranged a bus to reach the venue I got chance to be with Chetan ( I think, there I did the mistake… Lol ) and we started to create havoc where ever we went or spoke or discussed.

In marriage as usual we were in form looking for pottiya’s and thus most of the things between him and me matched. Lot of stuff dude, don’t ask. Later we went to Bekal fort and I and Chetan tried for Dil Chahta Hai pose and we were unsuccessful due to bad light and wind. At the End Of the Day we got to know each other well and I got a great friend who is always there for me to guide and sort the things ( even sponsor during the month end ).

After that we started to meet and became friends, he used to work late nights and even me. So while going room, we used to talk a lot bout career, job, project, cricket, F1, automobiles, other friends etc… ( Pottiya of course…) and later meet at Khushi for the breakfast. Earlier I dint have bike at Udupi, we used to plan what all we are gonna do when I get bike ( Most important was to get a girl friend, till now I have not done  🙂 ) and he used to give me moral support when I needed, thus he became a HERO for me. ( Dude, you rock man, hey you remember S. Raghavendra from MIT, we met him at mocks and shocks dude… He he…)

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Chetan: We are gonna miss you dude…

Its all bout ME… Myself… My Stuff…

Hi, these are the few tags I found on net to describe bout myself. I am just writing about me once again (I love to boast myself, its not my problem its a human tendency), anyone can use these tags to describe yourself. These tags made me to identify myself.  Here we go with the tags  and their answers…

I am: Mohsin Khawas, a lucky fella n a dude who wanna fulfill his dreams n desires, a person who wants to roam around with his friends, likes to make every moment special

I can usually be found at: my cube/MAC during weekdays ( including after 6 p.m, characteristics of a Developer… lol ), once a month at Gadag, sometimes at the  pool table, on phone for few hours, beach after dinner,  blog n orkut on saturdays, weekends n holidays..?? time to party man, roam n to be with friends…

I think: India rocks, great people, great culture, great potential, great talent..

I know: I am bit jealous of people who cares bout themselves whenever some tasks or problems comes up… especially money

I want: to help to make a better society, make better living conditions for children ( this comes from inside…)  the list is very long dude, but right now I am very happy for what all I have.. Big grin, thank god for all the stuff…

I have: couple of friends who know me n whenever I am confused or struck they bring me back to the form…

I hate: people who simply say they don’t have time and cant make time for their friends and beloved ones..

I miss: my Nana (Na, I am doing really well, I just wished you were here as earlier.. 😦 ),  my friends who are in bang.. when are we gonna meet guys..?? It’s long time when I came to bang.. also I miss my NGage a lot. Don’t think me as materialistic, I am just passionate about my NGage

I fear: losing of something..

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Its all bout ME… Myself… My Stuff…

Satish’s proposal: Read until the end…

This post is regarding the last weekend, it was my one of the best weekend. I just wanted to utilize my saturday as far as possible. I got up at 9 in the morning ( missed morning Namaz ), it was very early for me because usually on weekends I get up at 2.
Before Khushi for breakfast, I visited Chetan’s room to check if anyone has got up. Thank god, Chetan was awake as he was going to office. We had breakfast at khushi, and I decided to go to net and create blog(had planned so many months before).
After breakfast, Chetan started to tempt for playing pool. I avoided as much as possible, later finally went for pool ( as elders say always follow your heart.. :-)). Kya kare, dost log hamesha bigadte hai.. It was a LP match and guess what I won the 1st match due to Chetan’s lost his form. (P.S: I just started to play 2 days before). And second match he beat me ruthlessly. Finally captain came to his form.

At Chetan’s room saw Nadal’s semi-final match with Simon Gilles, where Nadal lost the match in a Tie Breaker. Shit, such a nerve wrecking match if I was in Nadal’s or Simon’s position I would have lost my senses. Chetan started to tease me for Nadal losing the match, and he started to boost Roger Federer. ( Next day we came to know Federer lost the match to Andy Murray, Chetan abhi bol ba..)

We saw F1, Chinese Grand Prix qualifying lap, in which Hamilton outclassed Kimi and Massa, but I was happy for Kimi’s performance. Kimi did his best in this season but as usual due to his bad luck he lost couple of races. I am sure next year Kimi will bounce back. Kimi rock’s.. !!! Continue reading “Satish’s proposal: Read until the end…”
Satish’s proposal: Read until the end…