Satish’s proposal: Read until the end…

This post is regarding the last weekend, it was my one of the best weekend. I just wanted to utilize my saturday as far as possible. I got up at 9 in the morning ( missed morning Namaz ), it was very early for me because usually on weekends I get up at 2.
Before Khushi for breakfast, I visited Chetan’s room to check if anyone has got up. Thank god, Chetan was awake as he was going to office. We had breakfast at khushi, and I decided to go to net and create blog(had planned so many months before).
After breakfast, Chetan started to tempt for playing pool. I avoided as much as possible, later finally went for pool ( as elders say always follow your heart.. :-)). Kya kare, dost log hamesha bigadte hai.. It was a LP match and guess what I won the 1st match due to Chetan’s lost his form. (P.S: I just started to play 2 days before). And second match he beat me ruthlessly. Finally captain came to his form.

At Chetan’s room saw Nadal’s semi-final match with Simon Gilles, where Nadal lost the match in a Tie Breaker. Shit, such a nerve wrecking match if I was in Nadal’s or Simon’s position I would have lost my senses. Chetan started to tease me for Nadal losing the match, and he started to boost Roger Federer. ( Next day we came to know Federer lost the match to Andy Murray, Chetan abhi bol ba..)

We saw F1, Chinese Grand Prix qualifying lap, in which Hamilton outclassed Kimi and Massa, but I was happy for Kimi’s performance. Kimi did his best in this season but as usual due to his bad luck he lost couple of races. I am sure next year Kimi will bounce back. Kimi rock’s.. !!!
At 6 went for Diana theatre to watch “A Wednesday” movie, Abhay and Parasappa joined us for the movie. The movie was great to watch, it broaden our thoughts regarding India, safety and the society’s attitude and culture. Here is a review of Wednesday by friend Prasanna ( and he is gonna be my next room mate :-), welcome Prasanna..)
After the movie, we found that Satish had left his key on his bike. Ufff, Satish was dumb struck by seeing that.. Mast maja aaya. We started to plan for the dinner, Satish said to prepare at room, Chetan said to have at Hotel Shanti Sagar, as usual I suggested DownTown pub. 🙂 🙂 :-), then bikes started to roll towards DownTown
Bash @ the DownTown:

We reached downtown, for Satish, Chetan and Yargal it was for the first time. They knew notthing about the place, we just went inside Satish saw the place and said “Phod dala ba.. ( Means he got shaken for the place)”. It was crowded due to saturday, lots of pottiya’s were present. Mission Accomplished !!!
Got a table with couches, later few beer bottles n smoke were ordered. I just went with the Sprite and some snacks. (Kutte, Guru when the hell are you coming her..?? ). Songs were playing, we entered into the world of high bass and loud music. Then suddenly “Chop Suey: When angels deserve to die” song from System Of a Down started to play, the crowd started head banging, Me..?? Don’t ask I just wanted this only. We went on the floor for the song. I just remembered Vinay for this and messaged him, as usual he was in office. Kya karu dude, I can understand.
After Chop Suey, “Jee Karda” song was played and some girls came on floor. One girl was full HATTI KATTI, Chetan glued his eyes to her. Dude, you are gonna miss this after going to bangalore(Dude, Bang is different from here…). This continued for a time, we just grooved for the songs, even Abhay n Yaragal enjoyed the most, to my surprise Yaragal spoke with me for more than as usual :-).
Next day Abhay and others were planning for Bekal fort, so Abhay wanted to go early. We moved to another table for dinner. Chetan and Satish tried their level best to play pool in downtown, they were unsuccessful as tables were occupied. Ordered food, then again went to shake our leg. Songs played were, Crawling, Numb, Rock On, Metallica, last resort, some punjabi remixes, Hotel california, Rape me, Man who sold the world from Nirvana and Rasmus. I just enjoyed all the songs by singing and head banging, I really love hard metal and punk songs.
Later Satish n Chetan started to talk regarding my Attitude, behavior, character, my passion for Automobiles. Whatever they said w.r.t me was true, thats why we should have friends to know ourself. All of a sudden, Builder (Satish) proposed me.. I can’t tell what he liked about me and why he said like that, it will be like boosting myself. Now please don’t take us wrong..!!! Satish and I are not gays. After that what happened I can’t explain. I just felt wow for having such great friends. They backed me for everything, cant explain dude for what I felt. Especially Chetan, he rocks man. 🙂 I was just on cloud number 9.
As far as I know, last time someone proposed me, it was was Ramesh, really. When we were in Mangalore all of a sudden, Ramesh in his own style proposed me. he he.. Again don’t mistaken me as gay or something. Finally bill arrived at downtown it was some 800 for 5 people + drinks + chicken. Really had great time.
While leaving, Satish and Chetan got pool tables and started for a match. Chetan won the match. Satish plays great, but these days he has lost his form. Abhay and Yaragal went to room as they were going for Bekal fort. The pool table and atmosphere was great. Later I played with Satish n Chetan,I won both the matches really. Finally left downtown at 12.30 and had pan at Tiger Circle, moved towards End point were we had some plans for Chetan and us.
Left End Point at 1 and reached room at 1.30. NH17 rocks and….
Hey dude, we are gonna miss you..!!
Satish’s proposal: Read until the end…

One thought on “Satish’s proposal: Read until the end…

  1. Sadanand says:

    Nice sir,
    I enjoyed by reading your blog, you were used nice words, some words!!! hmmm i did not came across such words till now ( ex nerve wrecking).

    Your English is nice sir.

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