Its all bout ME… Myself… My Stuff…

Hi, these are the few tags I found on net to describe bout myself. I am just writing about me once again (I love to boast myself, its not my problem its a human tendency), anyone can use these tags to describe yourself. These tags made me to identify myself.  Here we go with the tags  and their answers…

I am: Mohsin Khawas, a lucky fella n a dude who wanna fulfill his dreams n desires, a person who wants to roam around with his friends, likes to make every moment special

I can usually be found at: my cube/MAC during weekdays ( including after 6 p.m, characteristics of a Developer… lol ), once a month at Gadag, sometimes at the  pool table, on phone for few hours, beach after dinner,  blog n orkut on saturdays, weekends n holidays..?? time to party man, roam n to be with friends…

I think: India rocks, great people, great culture, great potential, great talent..

I know: I am bit jealous of people who cares bout themselves whenever some tasks or problems comes up… especially money

I want: to help to make a better society, make better living conditions for children ( this comes from inside…)  the list is very long dude, but right now I am very happy for what all I have.. Big grin, thank god for all the stuff…

I have: couple of friends who know me n whenever I am confused or struck they bring me back to the form…

I hate: people who simply say they don’t have time and cant make time for their friends and beloved ones..

I miss: my Nana (Na, I am doing really well, I just wished you were here as earlier.. 😦 ),  my friends who are in bang.. when are we gonna meet guys..?? It’s long time when I came to bang.. also I miss my NGage a lot. Don’t think me as materialistic, I am just passionate about my NGage

I fear: losing of something..

I feel: the support of friends and parents whenever I come up with new idea’s or any new interest I wanna pursue… Now planning to buy a MacBook Pro asap…

I hear: my inner call whenever I want to do something.

I smell: sorry I had sinus, cant smell properly..

I crave: a Lambo or draw graffiti whenever I get a pen and paper

I search: for automobiles, Mac, PSP, Cocoa framework n latest technologies, F1, Kimi, FOOTBALL, Video Games..

I wonder: how India manages everything..?? Such a huge country It takes days to travel from Kanyakumari to Kashmir on my Honda Unicorn.. India rocks..

I regret: for not giving my 100% when things wanted, I still see a chance for improvements in me.. thats a motivating factor for me.. lol

I love: to work on Mac, for my company, ride my bike ( roam, travel, explore), hang -out with my friends, realize my dreams, achieve my goals.. list continues…

I ache: when I don’t have proper sleep, food or diet..

I care: my Family, friends, bike n at last “me”

I am not: an Egoistic or Careless as I look..

I believe: in my ability to achieve, my family for guidance and friends for moral support..

I dance: when I go to down town restaurant ( these days new place called Mocks and Shocks)…

I sing: very bad, but also I sing… Planning for Indian Idol next time, seriously don’t laugh dude

I cry: when I feel down n when I need to convince my loved ones for their safety and for their good (No flashback guys… did couple of mistakes, but learnt a lot )

I don’t always: have proper food and at the end of month I don’t have paper (I mean cash, trying to learn american vocab)

I fight: when things are done wrong or go wrong miserably

I write: very less only while during bank transactions and filing company’s form.. thanks to keyboard. Last time I wrote was during my final year VTU exams

I win: when I dedicate myself  110%

I lose: when I am not prepared

I never: have proper food when I am alone

I always: try to give my best n stir the world
I listen: when someone tells nice about me… lol.. and when someone guides me to handle things… especially dad, he comes up with great explanations.

I am scared: whether I can reach home safely due to traffic n other factors..

I need: to learn on how to save money n manage accounts.. but as usual during month ends I have to get from home.. 🙂

I am happy about: being “Mohsin”, “Moish”, “Dude”, my family, bro n last not the least my bike and my garage of cars n gadgets (PSP will be added in the list asap)..

I wanna be alone for: to analyze myself where I am going wrong and to think bout stuff going on with me

Oh, thank god finally finished boasting myself. You also try to tag yourself for the following tags n get to know about yourself

Let’s rock dude…

Its all bout ME… Myself… My Stuff…

4 thoughts on “Its all bout ME… Myself… My Stuff…

  1. Vinay says:

    hey dude i hadn’t read this before..
    its a nice one.. really cool! but strangely very less people commented on this.. its hidden or what?? he he..
    mast hai be.. nice way to describe oneself.. lets rock!

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