Chetan: We are gonna miss you dude…

Hi, let me introduce you Chetan Naik. The same Chetan Naik, who we used to call him Captain. Kya bolu, he is gonna leave Udupi in a matter of few days and this post is for him.

As far as I know, I was introduced to him by Abhay ( as he was his room mate ), from that instant we had a great feeling towards each other. Its the feeling when you meet same kind of people who have same attitude and supports your interest. During those days I was busy with my project and other stuff, even he was busy for his project.

Later it was in SKB’s marriage where we met again, as we had arranged a bus to reach the venue I got chance to be with Chetan ( I think, there I did the mistake… Lol ) and we started to create havoc where ever we went or spoke or discussed.

In marriage as usual we were in form looking for pottiya’s and thus most of the things between him and me matched. Lot of stuff dude, don’t ask. Later we went to Bekal fort and I and Chetan tried for Dil Chahta Hai pose and we were unsuccessful due to bad light and wind. At the End Of the Day we got to know each other well and I got a great friend who is always there for me to guide and sort the things ( even sponsor during the month end ).

After that we started to meet and became friends, he used to work late nights and even me. So while going room, we used to talk a lot bout career, job, project, cricket, F1, automobiles, other friends etc… ( Pottiya of course…) and later meet at Khushi for the breakfast. Earlier I dint have bike at Udupi, we used to plan what all we are gonna do when I get bike ( Most important was to get a girl friend, till now I have not done  🙂 ) and he used to give me moral support when I needed, thus he became a HERO for me. ( Dude, you rock man, hey you remember S. Raghavendra from MIT, we met him at mocks and shocks dude… He he…)

Later during weekends and other days we started to meet regularly and I even came close to Avi ( God, this guy is a freak man, he is like Saif Ali Khan of Hum Tum movie. Thanks maga, for being my friend). Guys, remember the snacks and accenture joke at the Aishwarya hotel, god don’t ask it was great.

It was after Satish joined and we all got really well, created moments which were unforgettable. Partied like hell, shopped until we ran out of money ( even after getting loan ), roamed until petrol got over, danced until floor got closed, had meetings until everyone got tired, ate until whole food got over, joked until everyone got fed up, saw TV until late nights, played pool until we ran out of money ( but also we used to arrange money and played )…

These were few of them…

1. Tea at near Santhekatte. Wow, those were great moments for me.
2. And then Down Town !!!!!!!!!!!, uff full dance, spotting and  hunting of Pottiya’s started again.
3. Started to have dinner together ( Satish n Ramesh cook really well)
4. Going to beaches and drives
5. Booze parties everywhere, Aishwarya, DownTown, Mocks and Shocks…
6. And then POOL, POOL, POOL, POOL, POOL. God damn it man, if we had saved all the money then we could have saved in terms of thousands.
7. Watch Indian Idol n Roadies… etc
8. Movies at Ashirwad and Diana
9. Cricket, Football, and F1 during sundays ( Me kimi supporter and Chetan Hamilton…).
10. Long trips at night, we used to drive till 3 a.m in the  morning ( NH 17 and Unicorn Rocks )
11. Had various Knowledge Transfer sessions ( I hope Ramesh will utilize the knowledge gained)
12. Sponsoring friends during the month end…
13. Watch Nadal’s and Federer’s matches…
14. Sing Green Day, Boulevard of Broken Dreams aloud…
14. More than every thing MORAL SUPPORT, which we used to get whenever needed. I hope this will continue…

Guys still lot more, cant write, cant express, its all bout feelings ( great can’t make in to words )… Finally Chetan decided to move to Bangalore ( Good move dude, all de best ) for career growth.

Whatever, due to shortage of time I am ending this post, let me describe CHETAN in few words,

C – Charismatic, Calm, Caring
H – Helpful, Handful
E- Enthusiastic, Energetic, has lot of Empathy towards others
T – Has good Temper ( As far as I know he never loses his temper )
N – Never made US to lose our attitude, NEEDFUL

Nothing more to tell, Hey dude I tried my best to get that shirt at Fashion Paradise but it was sold out, I am sorry :-(.

Hey dude, be in touch, thats it…


Chetan: We are gonna miss you dude…

2 thoughts on “Chetan: We are gonna miss you dude…

  1. I will miss you too dude,keep updating your blog I will be a regular reader.
    And please forgive me if I have hurt you knowingly or unknowingly.
    Very sad to leave you guys, you know why I could not read your blog at you place
    yesterday because I was very sad so I did not want to cry so.

    Anyways keep smiling, you rock budyy
    n keep ROCKING ON!!!

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