Speaking with the stars:

This incident happened when I was going for my Best Friend’s wedding at Gadag during last weekend. For marriage, I managed to get one day leave, thanks to sir and my team mates.  After more than one month I went home (time is running like hell, so soon 1 year 6 months completed after leaving BEC).

Had nice dinner with Avi and Satish and boarded bus. Got sleeper, Got mp3 player, Got time and I moved to my berth, and we left Udupi. Quickly we passed from office ( Office looks cool from NH 17, and from bus its an euphoric view for me ). In a matter of time I crossed santhekatte and the bridges started to come, from Udupi to Brahmavar there are 6 bridges within a distance of 11 KMS, cool right???.

I just had a glance at the sky, thinking bout project (Network database syncing ) then I was awestruck!!!. The sky was filled stars, stars. ( I am reacting like a kid, I am a dude not a kid ). Then (flash back like a bollywood movie)…


When I was a kid I used to live with my Grand Pa in Hospet ( My Nana,  hey Na doing namaz, these days all 5 namaz)). I used to sleep with him, on his arm. He used to tell stories, regarding Prophet, facts bout India, Indian cricket, moments in other sports especially tennis and football. I always liked about his experiences with Indian Railways and railways growth and transformation.

I remember once he said something bout Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, mostly regarding Vietnam war (wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Che_Guevara). Hail Che…

During that time we used to sleep in garden or varandah, under open sky. Trains used to run across darkness. I remember Nana used to tell bout stars, galaxies. And he used to make me count the stars. (In all languages, counting in telugu used to be fun).

More than that we used to try to connect stars to identify some familiar objects, example like zodiac signs. For me and Nana we had our own custom objects. ( Dude, custom objects and custom classes… Finally thinking like a programmer?? ) I remember we used to identify arrows, ships, some irregular triangles and rectangles.

There used to be a particular star pattern similar to Popeye’s smile with a cigar. I still have the picture of the pattern in my mind. You are right Popeye and Bluto ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Popeye ). During that time Popeye and Aladdin were my heroes. So before sleeping I used to identify Popey smile in the sky. I used to dream bout Popeye and Spinach (Palak I think)

Those were best days for me, they made me to transform as Mohsin…

Present day:

From bus I tried to get that Popeye pattern in the sky, I tried here and there. I was unsuccessful in figuring out. Tried real hard, but due to bus jerks and speed I dint figure out. I slept, bus halted for a pit stop near ankola. ( There is a Kamat Motel on NH, you can get great tea and coffee + Black Forest Cake). I tried to figure out Popeye scene there,  but I dint. I went through my mobile contacts and saw Nana’s number. Hey na, still there is a void in me, missing you so much.

Reached gadag, attended marriage and later this that etc… I had meet to Kunal, bcoz his joining was there in next month. Finally time to get back to udupi as I got one day leave. Packed my bag, got magazines as usual DAD and Vijay came to bus stop. And to my bad luck Bus came at time, if it had delayed I would have spent some more time in gadag. Boarded bus, on way to Hubli at 7.45 pm ( Earlier bus used to come at  8.15 😦 ).

Reached Hubli by 9.30 and there was a pit stop for dinner until 10.30. Made few calls to here and there, had tea and Idli at Kamat ( KUNAL, finally had tea le…). Took some sweets for my team and friends. I had a black forest cake, plugged ears with ear phones ( mp3 player) and started moving towards bus.

When I was near Chennamma Circle, I saw flood lights and my mind started running towards India, growth. I raised my head and saw???? SAW??? Guess dude…


No comments on what I felt, my friends know how I react…

_ _ _ _ Dude…!!!  🙂

Speaking with the stars:

4 thoughts on “Speaking with the stars:

  1. Suhas says:

    Hahahaha 🙂 thatz a gr8 experience Mohsin bhai.. Even I was obsessed with watching stars when I was a kid, I had my own imaginative constellation named Car constellation… 🙂 but then came to know that it was none other than the Orion constellation.. The Greeks stole my chance to get into the limelight eh?? 😉

  2. Nivedita says:

    Hi sir, This bolg is ultimate..:) The way said ur experience is awesome…I went back to my childhood..!! which made me feel happy for whole day ..:) I remember my grandpa and grandma ..their love, care is ultimate..I am missing them alot.
    Thank you for wonderful blog. By reading this blog, I am also feeling to hit this area..!!

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