adventures of Vinay pateel

Hi guys,

Kya haal chaal hai..?? How was V day’s celebration man..?? Me..?? I just went to office during day for the build to get it uploaded and later at night as usual we became CELEBRITIES at night, Went to Cock’s and Mock’s with Abhay, Avi and Yaragal.

Don’t ask for what all happened there, nice chicks and lots of people. Even police were there for our security due to recent pub attacks.

Now just leave bout my stuff, actually I am posting a reply of Vinay Pateel, (my engineering college friend) to me bout his experience for a weekend. Vinay and other 3 friends had gone for a road trip, and be patient to read this completely for the rush. I liked the way Vinay n others handled it, and most of all, the way Vinay summarized whole trip via a mail.

So this was his mail…

hi dude..!

first of all, extremely sorry i’m totally outta touch from the past few days..

just been on the move dude, every minute of the day..and could not even sms cuz this fuckin phone takes a looooooooong time to type messages..

had been to mysore this weekend dude.. me raj pavan n mahesh.. 2 bikes.. 140kms..

saturday we started at 730 evening.. i got my bike serviced that day and after about 20kms i got a doubt n checked the engine oil, it was almost over.. then got half litre oil n filled it, by the time it was 830.. we went on and reach mys by 11 o clock.. there i knew the name of a pub called globus.. we searched for it and finally found it at 12! but it was closed..

next we started searching for any local bar but everything was closed.. roamed the whole city n found on bar.. took parcel drinks and then started searching for lodge.. it was almost 1 o clock! finally found a lodge at 130 and started drinking..

finished at 3.. next morning got up at 10 and left room by 12.. he he half day wasted! roamed the zoo and chamundi hill and then planned for KRS in the evening..wo sab khatam hone mein it was 830 when we left from KRS.. then comes the best part.. we rode n rode and at about 1130 stopped at a dhaba some 50 kms from blore.. finished drinks n dinner by 1 o clock.. and then got a surprise! rajshekhar’s pulsar was punctured in the front tyre! he he he..

night 1 o clock on the highway dude..

fuck! sent mahesh n pavan to blore cuz they had office today na.. this happened yesterday night.. i mean sunday night.. we started pushing the bike.. for about 2-3 kms n got totally tired.. asked in every petrol pump for air but nobody responded.. asked so many lorries if they have any hand pump but nobody had.. went to kengeri police station for any help but they too refused.. finally when we were 30kms away from blore we decided to ride the bike n fuck everything.. even ATMs were closed dude, we had only 60 rupees with us totally so could not think of taxi or auto or bus.. started riding with puncture tyre dude.. at 10kmph speed he he he he!!!

yappa hoykoro maraya!…

finally reached room at 3 and slept be.. went to office n returned sometime back..

End of the mail:

So…!! How was it..??

Guys, here are other adventures of VIN, which I know. Remaining have to find those…

Recently Happened: This kamina, on Jan 24 rode his bike (RX 135, yes the devil RX) from Bengaluru to Bellary alone. He left Bengaluru at 3 p.m, bcoz he was getting bored at home and reached Bellary by 10 p.m. Kya freak hai, he wanted to come to Udupi on bike from Bengaluru many times. Saala kamina…

w.r.t to Career: Vin’s first job was at Jindal, Bellary. His job profile was some maintenance engineer. Jindal people provided him a Tata 207, to roam inside the premises. He had comfort of home, good package also. VIN din’t liked the job, was missing friends and couldn’t roam much in Bellary, just CHUCKED off his job at Bellary and went to Bengaluru.

In Bengaluru, he tried his best but din’t get a nice job. Later TOYOTA had interview for Automobile Engineers, it was in BVB Hubli, VIN managed to attend the interview, ( Dude, I gave you small treat with Guru that time, this time when you come to Udupi, again Downtown and Cock’s and Mock’s 🙂 ). And to his bad luck the interview was postponed, dude remember that Bus lafda with me and GURU. TOYOTA held the interview again, I think some 80 wrote it and some 16 got selected in that our VIN was also got selected.( Yep..!! these days he is in control unit of plant, responsible for whole unit, like our modules in Project)…

So these days Vinay is on the rocks… Cheers VIN

Visit to Udupi: God, can’t explain.. I think for this I have to write a separate post. Finally Vin, got time to visit me. He came for 3 days, visited his friend in Mangalore for 2 days, on 2nd day he came to Kapu, and from Kapu I picked him.

And the hell starts here:

I picked him by 8.30 pm there, and started riding towards Udupi. I am sure, Vin got fida over NH 17, but much traffic was there. We really enjoyed the ride, especially me bcoz Vin got time to come here. Reached room, got freshed, showed him my Ferrari, R1 and Lambo, and got ready to become celebrities…!!!

By that time, everyone was gathered at Avi’s room. I introduce Vin to others, and Satish said regarding Vin. “Hey, Vinay is a complete dude…!!”. Initially for everyone was like formality, then we started to move towards Downtown. 5 guys, 2 bikes… Thanks to Avi and Vin, they got involved very easily.

Reached Downtown, and started the party. Initially started with starters and others, and finally had drinks in terms of rounds, repeat pe repeat as if world is gonna end tomorrow.

Great part starts here, we started to dance. Vin was happy, and he started his steps (Vin dance really well and he has good taste of songs). We danced to lot of songs, finally Satish got opened up and ye lo, full downtown mein hum log hi suru ho gaya. Even others started to join, every one got mingled up and full habba in downtown… Vin taught us few dancing steps… Thatt teri kya, kya kya kiye re…

HOT n SPICY session:

After downtown we were joined by Shrishail, Ram and Subrat. We went to Hot n Spicy for dinner, bcoz in downtown we just had drinks and snacks. We got table, and started for dinner. And there also lafda started.

You know what, we had a knowledge transfer session on the latest “GAALIYA”. Yeppa, VIN, avi and me had long discussions on latest gaaliya… Vinay learnt a few like Habba, Maga, etc.. Later avi learnt whole dictionary I think. Satish and Abhay were shocked hearing us… Kya bolu… Later went to end point for walk and get together. Abba, here also long discussions and guys were smoking like as if there mouths are chimneys…

Finally left end point as security guards told us to vacate the place… (Dude, due to recent pub attacks in Manipal everything gets closed by 12 😦 ). On Sunday we saw GHAJINI, and just roamed Udupi, Vin was the first friend of mine who came to Udupi and din’t visit Shri Krishna Temple. Kamina saala…

On sunday Vin went for Bengaluru, after he went when having tea with SCAMS (friends from office), one of my friend said “Vinay came, he fucked us and went happily”.

10 facts bout Vinay:

1. He had left long hairs in third year, even though long hairs were not suiting him, he came out with best looks and styles.

2. He bought N83 set, and he was so fascinated by his cell he wanted to perform a operation of it. So he dissected the set, and aaila, he broke the connection between keypad and screen. It’s a slider phone..

3. Did lot of circus to get RX 135 from home.

4. Played NFS and GTA as if they are regular engineering subjects.

5. Wrote internals in room only.

6. He danced in the college fests and events really he used to ROCK the place.

7. Opened a mess account in a local bar.

8. Dream Car: Ford GT. Dream Bike: The one and only one “Yamaha R1”.

9. At room we used to listen our list of songs all the time, really Vin those were great days.

10. Has a mighty heart for everyone. He was there whenever someone needed him. Thanks dude..!!!!

For time being this is it, can’t think more on him. He is there in my facebook and orkut, you can add him.


To Vinay,

Hey dude, I am sorry to post bout your mail and deeds. But I felt awesome when I read your road trip mail, and I wanted to share bout that with my other friends, bcoz you are a god damn freak and people don’t know there is someone like you. And last thing is my friends from Udupi want you to come to Udupi again for masti and fun.

Dude you really rock, don’t mess up your stuff for external reasons and others.

Hey dude, thanks for everything..!!!

Right here, right now: Fat boy slim.

Your ex-roomie



adventures of Vinay pateel

8 thoughts on “adventures of Vinay pateel

  1. Vinay Pateel says:

    hi dude.. ummmmm no, lets make it NAMASKAROOOOO BHAIYA!!
    kya be pura celebrity bana dala to! he he.. thanks dude you made me a fuckin celebrity in this blog! i was surprised to see this one.. really nice recollection of all the events, mine yours and ours everything is here.. lekin picture abhi baake hai mere dost! he he.. we can add so much more cuz something or the other keeps happening always.. dude i’m waiting for your kerala trip blog.. and most importantly snaps! abhi tak dekha nahin.. i’m sure it’ll be a rocking blog too..

    Note for others who are reading this blog: You have just witnessed what this freak can do to you.. he will meet you, befriend you, become one of your best friends and then make you a fuckin ROCK STAR!
    so beware dear readers, this is the rock star zone : DO NOT ENTER IF YOU’RE NOT ONE!

    he he he he he..

    cheers dude..
    lets rock!

    Right here, Right now! 😉

  2. hey dude,

    You made my day, I just added what all came in my mind. He he… Shit, we don’t have the Udupi trip snaps. We were so involved ki we forgot to take snaps. Anyways you came here it was cool..!! This time we will go “Cock’s and Mock’s” you just come. (I wish, April 1st week plan you will execute)

    Regarding kerala snaps, have added few in my facebook account. Check it out.

    Abey mast be, still lot to do. Lets see until where we can go…!!

    Till then,

    Right here, Right now!

  3. Sadanand says:

    Anna En Bariti Apa… Really enjoyed dude.

    And Vinay Be careful on such decent Road trips , you too Mohsin.

    Drink less yar , this is too much… Ha now don’t say I am eating your head.

    Vinay I want to meet you once, Mohsin tell me when he will come to Udupi.
    Ha tell him not to come on bike, KSRTC Log Shouting for the seats,

    So be careful dude… Really keep on writing such blogs , I enjoyed lot,

    ha even i will start the session on GAALIYA.

    and this…
    Ha this is from Vinay’s comments
    ” Note for others who are reading this blog: You have just witnessed what this freak can do to you.. he will meet you, befriend you, become one of your best friends and then make you a fuckin ROCK STAR!
    so beware dear readers, this is the rock star zone : DO NOT ENTER IF YOU’RE NOT ONE! ” This is 100% true…

  4. Pradeep says:

    hey dude
    whatever u have written about vin and his deeds are definitely on the mark
    he’s definite crazy guy and some more!!
    i heard about those wonderful trips from him too (seedha gadhe ke mooh se!!)
    aawaaz bhi same to same ghade ki tarah
    add tat point to the qualities of vin!
    and wat more dude u misse quite a few of his old passions along wit dancing and jumping around (woh to hai hi) he also used to sketch jus damn good unbelievable!! i should say!
    u should ve seen his human sketches in ahem.. certain positions then ul believe what im saying ha ha ha i ve tried to reinstill the intrest in him but to no avail he even was interested to get his own gallery once believe it i almost booked a hall for him to display his sketches!!
    apart from that he once wanted to be a driving instructor too!
    aw he’s the most amazing guy among amazing guys.
    keep up the blog dude
    maybe il be ur celebrity sometime ha ha
    bow wow

  5. Vinay Pateel says:

    heyyyy look who’s here.. boowwwwwwwwwwww wooooooooooooooww!!! 😀
    dude i dint know you follow this blog too.. freak blog he he! my fav is the first one called Me My stuff My blog or something like that.. and of course this one 😉
    dude mohsin’s been to bekal fort recently.. i’m waiting for the snaps n blog.. “kamine kab likhega be??”
    anyways good surprise in the morning to see your presence here dude..

    bow wow whatever! he he

    r i g h t h e r e , r i g h t n o w !


  6. Bhaaaaaiii yeh post toh sala pura ka pura off the hook tha.. Appun log B’lore mein rehthe hue bhi intne maze kabhi nahi lutaaye.. 😦 nd I would like to meet vinay the next time he comes to Udupi 🙂

  7. Vinay Pateel says:

    hi dude n hi people whats up?
    jus got back from work.. its past 1 am now…
    moish dude whats the first sentence in this post? it looks like some code in mac or something..!! kuch samjha nahin main..
    abey lafda be, i’ve to work even on saturday :(, i thought i’ll get a weekend off this time and can shift to the new house then.. but i guess i’ll have to do it in one day (sun) so that i’ll be free on 27 28 and 29 and can make the trip to udupi.. hmmmm hope it happens dude!
    and hey Sadanand n Suhas i’ll meet you if i can make that trip.. i really wanna come there..
    dude i hadn’t gone through the blog properly the first time cuz i was in a hurry, and so couldn’t reply properly.. thought i’ll read it again now.. chal shuru karta huun comments.. 😉
    first thing, thanks for reminding me of my mysore trip.. it was awesome dude! and the Bell trip, and the Hubli trip.. and a most memorable trip to Mangalore/Udupi.. really enjoyed all those be.. thanks for recollecting it all in one shot!
    hey i loved your ferrari be.. couldn’t stop playing with it he he..! heyyyy you know what, just now on the way back from office i saw a group of guys near my stop, at the main road.. they had a merc 2-seater topless gleaming blue, a white R1 (yessss R1 kutte!), a shiny silver avenger and a black old CBZ.. what a collection dude.. i guess there were some 6 guys and most of em were smoking n having a nice time on the road.. i’m jealous!!
    well back to the blog.. abey tu jo hubli mein party diya tha wo kuch nahin hai, is baar aaunga to pura ka pura lootke hi jaunga saale! zabardast party karenge.. but what the hell dude, are all the places closing by 12 nowadays?? thats terrible be.. hey i wanna see manipal properly this time.. it feels like heaven there na..
    and all readers of the blog, the Mangalore friend mentioned during the Udupi trip is Pradeep who’s commented above.. he’s been my schoolie since class 5 and we’re best buddies since i dunno when! he he..
    dude my favorite sentences in the blog are “repeat pe repeat as if world is gonna end tomorrow” and “guys were smoking as if their mouths were chimneys”.. ha ha had a good laugh when i read that!
    abey there’s a correction, that phone was N80 be, not 83.. abhi wo ek paperweight ban gaya hai 😦 gotta get it repaired soon.. mast phone hai be..
    and this time when i come to Udupi we’ll definitely visit Shri Krishna Temple.. even Pradeep was surprised that i dint visit such a ‘must-see’ place! he he 😀

    lastly, Moshya maga habba madida pa!!

    he he.. you rock dude!

    r i g h t h e r e , r i g h t n o w..


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