yet another lafda: This time with cops

Dude, we got screwed up this time badly. What to say, this happened to us last weekend. I am not taking any names of my friends who got involved in this. Will just use the initials.

 It was friday, around 10 p.m Mr A calls me to come to Hotel Aishwarya (It’s a hotel like Maharaja during BEC days.). Then I went to Aishwarya to meet friends; there were 3 people, Mr A, Mr P and Mr N. They finished their dinner (of-course with drinks), they were half drunk (you can say it as out) but my friends have great capacity they can control themselves.

They payed bill and we all came out, and I was planning for Tea at Santhekatte, then Mr A got a solid idea, to go to Malpe Beach. I was like fuck off dude, as it was already 12 and these days at night police are in a strict vigil, but as usual we all agreed for the beach and left for beach after buying a KF tin from Aishwarya.

I was feeling something like we get intercepted with police. I said to others, they were like “Chal re, last week we had gone there nothing happened”. Then we started towards Malpe at 12.15 a.m. And these days damn cold here at night. While riding, I can say that I was shaking terribly due to cold.

Reached beach in 10 min, and we parked our bikes in a well-lit place. So that If anyone wanted to know they could look at bikes. We started our chat, smoke and booze.

Suddenly a vehicle buzzed of, we thought police but it was a tempo. And we again continued our rituals. After 15 mins, we saw a vehicle coming to beach. We were thinking of some bus or tempo this time. But it was different and my nightmare came true. It was a police jeep and it halted near our bikes.

“Damn”, I said and we all went towards them. Mr A and P started to fight whether to throw the tin (beer) or no, finally they threw. We reached the place there were two cops.

Cop 1 “Documents please..!!!”

We don’t have sir…!!” A and me said in synchronous.

Cop 2 “Show us some ID proof”, ID proof that to during 1 a.m. Man where we got stuck.

We had our ID proof and gave to Cop 2, he took the ID’s calmly and kept those in his jeep and they started to move. They said to collect ID’s from the station tomorrow.

Fuck, station..?? Man, we were like freaked, screwed, adrenaline pumping… Finally we started to justify saying blah blah.. This that, but cop started to say bout “Bhayotpadane (terrorism)…” thank you sir..!!

Cop2 started to use slang, I..?? “Theek hai sir, mere dost log isse zyada mere pe gaali marte hain”. Continue reading “yet another lafda: This time with cops”

yet another lafda: This time with cops