A normal weekend with 2 lafda’s in 2 days: normal weekend.

This happened for me n friends a weekend of last month; let me share this with you.

P.S: Dude, read both the incidents, for me it was a power packed weekend. This is bit lengthy so… 🙂

Friday night:

As usual, we had our dinner at home, (new home, I moved in with avi, lenin and ramesh this month) and Abhay joined us for the tea at santhekatte around 11.30 p.m. Satish n Chetan we miss you lot.

We were on high spirits while walking towards tea stall. We were talking on random topics like dogs, mobiles, dressing styles, office stuff and especially pottiya’s. Reached santhekatte stop, and the boyz started smoke. These days boyz smoke to create clouds so that it will rain in Udupi, nice concept na..?? Hey dude, is this concept called as cloud computing or something…? 🙂

At the tea stall there were around 12 local boys of a group (full drunk n with 5 to 6 bikes). Those boys had good physique man, everyone were builders. Lets call these as “F group”.

As usual we were in our own world, discussing bout iPhone features and that beer app. suddenly a guy from “F group” group yelled us at to SHUT UP. We were confused, and I was like “What’s wrong with him..??”

Two guys approached us and started to bully us. In that one guy came to me (yuck, he was full tull dude… pakad ke marne ka tha saale ko) and came upon me as if he is gonna beat me… Avi stood beside me. And started to ask bout our where abouts. I was like “ja ne be… kyon dimaag kha raha hai’.

One guy asked us bout our hometown, avi said he is from Shimoga. That guy, “Chai kudiyoke Shimoga inda udupi ke bandiya..??” (To drink you came from shimoga to Udupi) and every one started to make fun.

Seeing the trouble, Lenin went aside mimicking as he got a call. Thank god, if Lenin had stayed with us they would have ragged him well as he was from Manipur. Mr. Abhay as usual was calm and stood beside (“that was cool’”)

During that time, another guy started to bully Ramesh and went to hold him. Avi was getting angrier by every second as we stood there. Looking at ramesh n others I protested like what’s wrong..?? I spoke… Avi was like “Now what..??”

Then they asked our id proof..??? I was like ID proof to a bunch of freaking guys who are completely drunk.. “Get lost buddy, what do you think you are a damn cop or a security guard..??”. One guy kept his hand on ma chest n avi spoke him and diverted his attention to another guy. Later sometime they got cozy with us and they were said they did for “Gammat… (For fun)”.

“Fuck off guys…”

Then a guy pointed another guy saying that he is a cop, and told him to show his ID card. That guy showed ATM’s and then a constable ID card. Finally a cop… huh… Whatever dude, its disgusting being a cop you can’t even stop your friends making trouble. Even my friends get drunken lots of time, but we never did any lafda’s or troubles to others.

Finally it got ended like this, one guy (he wasn’t drunk) caught me, introduced to all his friends to me. Invited us for a drink or party. Few were bike freaks, one guy explained me bout his customized bullet and we parted with a nice feeling and experience.

“Screw others, dude… It’s my life”

Then, now lets move on to the next one…

Saturday night:

For us saturday night is for PUBBING, this sat was for the Cock’s n Mock’s in Manipal. The best part was Shrishail n Ram joined us (me, Avi, Abhay, Lenin, Naveen n yaragal… SATISH we miss you a lot…). I was having some kind of rush in me coz of shri (My King Julian) n Ram (Maurice, the ice cool guy) had joined us.

Reached the pub, then started our ritual smoke + booze + babes.

Cut short to the incident, we took our dinner from a fast food, later around 12.30 a.m started moving towards room. ya 12.30..!! In my bike we were on triples. Shri, Abhay and Me. While riding bike we follow another ritual, to sing aloud on whichever song comes on our mind. It’s great to be with friends + a long drive, cool dude.

We 3 were in our own world, talking, singing and enjoying the road (Guys, Udupi has great roads). A turn came, a bridge where we saw our friends in form of crowd and a bike fallen on the ground. I saw Ram doing something we went and parked aside. We were like some of our friend met with an accident. Still assuming ki one of my friend has fallen, later we figured out some other guy had fallen from a Karizma.

The guy who fell (Rohan, as far I remember) was a KMC student, Rohan and his friends (lets call these as KMC group) had been to Malpe after some drinks even they were full drunk. While returning Rohan fell from bike, during the fall he kept his palm on the road so the flesh from his palm came out.

The KMC group had 5 guys and 3 bikes; one fell and got hurt. The bike was damaged so bad that the handle was not turning to the left when turned. Even the front mudguard of bike got damaged.

Ram took the lead and started to clean Rohan’s wounds, I was feeling nauseated by looking at the flesh. The KMC people had touch screen mobiles and they were using them as a torch to help Ram. But that light had very less intensity, then Shri used his basic NOKIA set (which has torch) to help Ram… aila lot of light, later Naveen and Ram lit there cell’s torch, due to office policies we use  basic NOKIA sets and thank god the policy came helpful for us. Ram did a great job.

The KMC people wanted to take Rohan to hospital via bike. A guy named Anurag had a red R15, so I, Ram n Shrishail lifted Rohan to the bike. And during that time Rohan fainted… fuck! He got fainted dude in the middle of the road, it was around 1 am that time. No help, nothing. Everyone got panicked, started to look for an auto and water.

I told Anurag to get an auto from Blue Water’s (a pub which comes on the way to my room), within few milli secs that guy went. (Wow, R15 nice pick up). Rohan’s friends slapped him to wake him. Every sec was passing like an hour. No news of anurag and the auto. Dude, every sec mattered that time. Finally Rohan became conscious and asked for water.

But Anurag was nowhere to be seen, and then I took my Uni and went towards Blue Waters to get some water. I was in 60’s speed, later 80’s and 90. No view of Blue water, I was like I whether I took the wrong turn or something, I went went… cant see blue water. Fuck… I was full on adrenaline, finally reached blue waters, looked for Anurag, but I couldn’t see anywhere. Parked my bike and ran into blue waters.

During the entrance a Bouncer held me, (on saturday’s only couples are allowed and blue waters was closed) I told him bout the accident and I just needed water. He let me in, later another bouncer held me. Again I explained this guy once again, I was about to enter the hotel a bouncer and Manager held me saying, “I cant go.”

Again I repeated my story, I told them I will stand here and get me some water. The manager got convinced and sent a guy with me to get some water. For me every sec was passing like an hour. A waiter gave me a Bisleri bottle, later another kid gave me another water bottle. While I was returning saw the interiors of Blue waters, shit dude.. It was looking damn cool, full blue and a big dance floor. We are planning this month to visit there ;-).

I rushed out, and went for an auto, holding water bottles. Frankly speaking dude, I was panicked, “jaan gale pe aagayi thi.” I went for an auto that guy said frankly to try for another auto as he was not interested. later went for an second auto, even he said no for me. I was frustrated this time, looking at me a Manipal stud (mostly an NRI, he had american accent) came to me and said,“Dude, what’s wrong, why panicked..??” Later I explained him and third auto guy, finally this auto was ready to come with me. Thanked the Manipal Stud

I thanked god, kept two water bottles in the back seat of auto and went to the accident site. I was leading the auto; the auto can’t go above 50km/h. I navigated him via bike indicators and we reached, I felt I took time in-terms of couple of days. During this time my friends had managed well on everything.  I went for the water bottles; to my surprise only one bottle was there. Another bottle fell down while coming. 

Ram splashed some water on Rohan and gave him water to drink. Believe it or not, Rohan drank the whole bottle in a sip… Dude, is that called a bottom sip..?? Finally Rohan spoke something, we helped him to get in auto and his friends managed to call some of their friends for the help. They were talking some trauma or something, we din’t understand.

We winded up, got introduced to them, this that. Got our bikes and started towards.

Shrishail started “Riders on the storm”.

I was in the feeling of fully satisfied from the life. Is that really I wanted from my life..??

Hey guys thanks for everything, you did a great job. Thank god I got couple of friends whom I can count. 🙂

Still Numb,








A normal weekend with 2 lafda’s in 2 days: normal weekend.

10 thoughts on “A normal weekend with 2 lafda’s in 2 days: normal weekend.

  1. Sadanand says:

    Hi ,

    First of all I appreciate your helping nature, Helping some one in the dark night and in such a risky time ,Ufff you people are great.

    Special thanks to Ram.

    Spending time for some one and helping others like this is great job..

    Even though,….

    Only one thing i want to say, THIS IS TOO MUCH,

    Why you people move at late night?

    and this “boyz smoke to create clouds” Please take care of your health guys !!! And In Udupi clouds are always think and dark, so no need to create clouds. Guys smoke less apa.

    Sorry I said what is there in my mind. Just want to say TAKE CARE.

    Late night if something happens then?? If Police caught then? that might become black spot in your life. So enough is enough.

  2. Latha says:

    Hi M,

    It was really nice weekend story narrated …. Weekend stuff are must but just be far from such lafda.

    Kuch lafde musibaato ke paas legati hai….

    Take care 🙂

  3. Hi guys,

    Thanks for your patience to read the post. I know its bit lengthy, I just wrote whatever happened to us.I am writing these all in my blog so that I can share our experiences with my friends.

    Sadanand: Dude, don’t worry, we are get used to it. It feels great to roam around in night. We will be on limits nothing to worry. Will take extra measure. Don’t worry maga…

    Latha: Don’t worry, we are in our limits. There are still lots of incidents are there to share. Will write bout them when get time.

  4. Ronnie Viegas says:

    hi Mohsin,
    That was awesome collection of events narrated in a funny way. When I read your blog I can hear you. That’s the effect… Thanks.. As always keep the spirits high… Waiting for your next lafda narration…

  5. Someshwar D says:

    Finally got time to read this…
    Good narration, you write what you talk and it was adding as a plus point to the incident narration…
    I especially liked the saturday incident… It takes a lot to do anything as what you and your group of guys have done…
    As for the previous day’s incident, those guys are nothing but big pricks looking for subjects of fun, Unke chakkar me mat padna!!!

  6. Mohsin says:

    Guys, thanks for reading…

    @Ronnie: Thanks be, will post the next post asap. Got held up with the project. Will do it.

    @Sweeta: I don’t know who you are..?? Give some details.

    @Someshwar(Sid the Slot): Don’t worry dude, will never get into lafda’s anymore. Remember BEC’s incidents he he… Those were fun be, w.r.t you I remember the film fest we organized. Great work Mr Treasurer…


  7. Vinay Pateel says:

    hey dude!!
    he he wrong timing for comments.. but i hadn’t read this post completely..
    read it now and wow! you sure had a normal weekend! he he
    why normal? cuz its very normal for us to help out and do what you did that night.. he he!
    bahut udna mat saale, full hawa kya.. ha ha!
    jokes apart, great job dude.. you did what exactly should’ve been done and that is our spirit!

    about the friday night lafda, i was expecting avi would’ve gotten angrier and had more trouble..
    dude this much trouble won’t satisfy us be, we need more..!!

    don’t listen to anyone, jus go on and get into trouble..
    trouble is lovely!!! ummmm he he.. seriously.. kya bolta?

    well time to hit the sack..

    lets rock!!

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