Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: Part 1…

22Oct09 : Initiation

Me in office, working on my iMac and suddenly my cell blinks “1 Message received”, I just read that message and it was from Vinay(my great friend, my ex-roomie, works for Toyota… 😉 blah blah)…

“Dude, what If I come down to Udupi this weekend..?? Are you free…?”

“Fucking shit dude, you come down anytime here… Anyhow on Friday  night there is “Blaze” battle of bands in manipal where eXiled will perform”, I replied…

Now I forgot my project, issues and other stuff and waited for Vinay’s reply… then got a reply from Vin… “Dude, got a leave on friday so leaving tonight to Udupi”…

Aila, I couldn’t believe this for a min as Vin(nick name for Vinay Pateel) coming down here… then I got fucking excited as it is Vin who is coming down… I know the weekend gonna be hell and mailed my friends in office bout Vin…

One of them immediately replied, “Let’s book a table in Downtown on sat”… Thats call an attitude

Later Vin made sure he will book ticket for Thursday night bus to Udupi… He also mentioned his health is bad due to B shifts and traveling… So I was ready to receive him here for friday morning and I started my work again…

Out of a sudden he messages me… “Dude I’m coming down via bike(he has RX 135…) will leave early morning is that fine..??” I told him to book a ticket as roads are not proper, even Doc Pradeep(Vin’s friend who stays in Mangalore) told Vin to come bus…

But as usual, Vin will follows his heart(Fuck you motorheart)… Vin dint get convinced and he was ready to come down via bike… Later at night I told my roomies bout Vin and slept thinking bout Vin’s ride to Udupi…

23Octo9: Friday, the journey day

Got up for morning Namaz, saw no message from Vin saying “Dude, left Bangalore… Catch me at 6″… Then for office got up at 8, was excited to receive Vin… No message or call from him, sent a status message to him…

“Dude, I’m sick… That’s why dint left”, Vin replied… My all plans got cancelled, it took few mins for me to realize that… Later told him to take rest and I came to office and started to work.

Then around  a hour later, Vin replied… “Fuck it dude… I’m coming, leaving now”. What..?? That to with bad health, I knew this is Vin… I just agreed to him and started to look for any Volvo buses around 12 to Udupi, as there is a bus to Bangalore from Udupi around 1 pm.

But as according to Murphy’s law there were no Volvo buses during afternoon, not even to Mangalore… So finally Vin started in KSRTC bus, bad luck dude… As even road is not good in between, any how I just wished him Happy journey and started with my plans for weekend considering Vin will join us later.

As on friday night, there was “Blaze – Battle of bands” at Manipal I had planned to attend with Vin. As he is also a metal head, as it was decided Vin cant reach to Udupi around 7 I decided to attend the Blaze alone. As everyone were busy with their office and build stuff…

Around 7.30 I decided to leave Manipal, but Yallappa(YPK) joined me. So me and YPK left for Manipal, now another problem arised on where was that West ind Club.?. I never visited that place, took few mobile numbers from the Facebook event page.

After reaching Tiger circle I called to event organizers to my bad luck no one picked, we went around near MIT and DT but no use. As it was new DT, I thought it is near our beloved Downtown so wanted to give it a shot and left to Downtown, on way I asked a guy. To my goodness, he knew that club and told me the details, it was around 7.50.

I knew eXiled were performing around 8, so made my mind and went. Again missed the route and finally someone suggested the venue and we reached at 8.

eXiled: this is insane…

Looking at the crowd they were half of the crowd of Valley view show, I just left hope bout eXiled already performed as I was late.

eXiled on stage…
eXiled on stage… Full spirit…

Ten mins later, eXiled were on the stage… I felt wow, this is gonna be wild as Mayank took the mike, Tanay and Archit with Guitar’s and Aditto with Drums and Dhawal on Bass… eXiled soundcheck, I really love that… Check, check and fucking check

As soon as eXiled were on stage, crowd started to gather around and started to cheer for eXiled. Wow this is the spirit. eXiled started with Metallica(Dude, frankly speaking I know few metal songs…  even though I dont know the songs, during that live Jamming I feel I know this song). That is a different kind of feeling, cant expressed in terms of words.

People were head banging and for eXiled even girls were… wow, now eXiled started their second song (cant remember which one). But definitely it was cool, I loved it… The drums, strumming and vocals, I got mad and joined the headbanging or cheering crowd… \m/

eXiled in full swing…
eXiled in full swing…

Third song was eXiled‘s own composition, “Black Sunrise“… I heard that song for the 1st time, it was fucking hell… and in between moshing..?? wow, people were just moshing a little and then our vocalist Mayank left the stage and joined moshing… Thats the spirit dude, even crowd  got involved with eXiled

The organizers called for time out, as it was a timed competition(don’t know who won, as I joined in between).

So eXiled were off-stage, but for me it was cool… Was happy for not missing eXiled, Vin messaged he reached Mangalore and will be staying at Doc’s (Pradeep) place, was happy for him as he can take rest…

After eXiled, Chaos(Bangalore based Metal band, death metal) were on stage. Chaos were judge for the event, but for me it was music and people.

Dude, you need to watch Chaos performing on stage. Fucking shit man, the guitarist’s were bare chested and were real metal heads. Their drummer, looked like a normal stud while on stage, once he held the drumstick whole ambience and atmosphere got charged.

And Vocalist..?? Yo man, pretty great… They started with their own compositions and then paranoid and other songs. While performing, you should have seen their flow and crowd cheering… Awesome dude, I still mesmerize the songs… Heard song from Pantera(heard the band name for the 1st time)…

Oops, what a metal night…!!! so finally left the venue at 1045…

Had dinner with YPK at China Valley, and reached room to sleep… (Sleep..?? Its VIn dude…)

Till then, rock dude;


P.S: Can anyone send me the details of Chaos which performed during “Blaze“. I Googled up and Facebook, but found nothing…

Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: Part 1…

14 thoughts on “Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: Part 1…

  1. Vinay Pateel says:

    Right here Right now! FIRST COMMENT!
    First of all, wow what a trailer pic dude! he he no one saw that here.. fuck thats an awesome click man! i don’t remember who clicked it.. kudos to him!

    and hey you know its not me typing this comment, its my burnt ashes doing it! cuz i’m so jealous of you, damn i missed Blaze dude! :(( :(( :((
    my rock concert dream still remains incompleeeeeeeeeeeeeeete..

    and your narration.. damn! why did you have to stop??
    i can jus go on reading dude.. the recollection is jus perfect and totally realistic.. great job there!

    what a weekend! he he..

    Doc dude where art thou?!

    dude i’m glad i could make the trip, at a point of time i’d given up cuz of fever that morning.. thank god!

    Vh1 is playing Hoobastank’s The Reason while i’m typing this.. amazing!

    waiting for the next episode.. write on and rock on dude!

    words can’t describe how much fun we had in those 2 days.. but moish is doing it better than anyone else could! you guys wait for more.. he he!

    lets rock!

    right here right now.

  2. Vinay Pateel says:

    abeyyyy opus has always been pending on my list! but the website.. superb dude!
    if the website is so cool think about the place.. waiting to hit it.!

  3. Mohsin says:

    Hey Vin,

    Thanks for the support bro… Putting my best here, wait for more to come… Next post is coming in two days, running against time man… You know it… \m/

    Bout the Blaze..?? It was awesome as usual, I’m turning into a metal head man… Today going to attend another eXiled gig @ Enigma, Manipal. Gonna miss you be…

    And your rock show dream…?? It will become reality one day, watch out… Will plan, and if Maiden comes this we will attend it for sure…

    And bout the trip and weekend, it all happened coz of your attitude, you said “Fuck it” and came down here and thats the difference it made… Big hug for yo…

    “Moish is doing better…” awesome comment for me dude, you made my day… sure, I am cloud 9 now…

    Opus..?? we are going there soon dude… going there…

    Till then, rock rock rocket…

  4. Mohsin says:

    @Mithun: Mamu, still time is there… Bangalore, gonna rock dude… You know everything, thats the support man… “Just Beat It…”

  5. pradeep says:

    first of all sorry for reading this so late
    second this is mind blowing
    i know i ve given u some update abt how i feel but abhi baaki hai
    lik vin said why did u ve to stop dude
    man ur description is accurate dude but we want more keep it coming dude!!
    waiting for more dude!!

  6. Mohsin says:

    @Doc: Dude, coming up with next post today or tomo just final editing. Will do it asap, bahut kuch kaam hai re… Anyhow will do that, the best part is still yet to come. I’m freaking confused on what all to write and what to leave. So many stuff and facts… Will put up my best,

    Till then, “Just Beat it…”

  7. Megha says:

    Hi Mohsin,

    Man another one party or treat? What’s going on with you?
    Hey you watching loads of TV serials or what? you made this Vin’s trip like episodes and “To be Continued” at the end? 😉

  8. Vinay Pateel says:

    abey mujhe ek basic doubt hai be..
    HOW THE HELL do you get time to do all your office work and have parties and still keep updating a bloody blog??!!

  9. pradeep says:

    told u dude he’s a powerhouse of energy
    sometimes i wonder if he’s lik one of those new terminators who believe they are human!!
    jus keeps going on dude….

  10. Mohsin says:

    @Megha: Hi ya, nice to see your comment once again here. Bout “To be continued stuff”, I just wanted to make Vin’s trip interesting. As usual, you can say it as experimenting. Wait for more then, will update shortly.

    @Vin: Abey, you know everything, phir kya doubt..?? ha..?? scold me for not updating with next post. Will do dude, project. Tujhe pata hi hai na…

    @Doc: What’s wrong with you these days..?? full praises for me..?? You need something..?? Terminator it seems… he he… dude, remember the bikes ridden by machines in Terminator Salvation..?? Freaking shit bro…
    Rock dude…

    Thanks a ton for the comments guys…

  11. Shrishail says:

    Was I really meant to comment at the end?? 😦
    Whatsoever, in India VIPs join at the end!!!

    Big and bright moments always rejoice the writter and the reader.
    I missed the moments!!

    Hopefully I can meet the Toyota guy soon and Mr. Mohsin, rest is your responsibility.

    Now, plan for todays night and tomorrow’s broad daylight!!

    By the way when will be the next part compiled????


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