Udupi, the place I wanna come back again and again…

Class 9:

It was Class 9th trip, we(Class 9 of Loyola High School) had came down to Agumbe. We were at the sun set point, I could see a city from top. I asked my professor which is that place..? He replied, “It’s Udupi… A place that is different from any other place

5th sem of Engineering:

Lazing around in my room was reading IEEE spectrum magazine(ya Vin you were my roomie), came across a section “Apple gonna release Leopard“. I was fascinated by looking at the Leopard OS Desktop picture. Wow, messaged couple of like minded  people, went to college net and found out what Leopard is !!!

Stuck by Leopard UI, being a Comp Sci student was using pirated windows. Studied more bout Leopard UI and development tools available in Mac and I was fascinated on the possibilities.

6th sem of Engineering:

One of my senior said, “Dude, there is a Company called Robosoft Technologies in Udupi which works for Mac“… Wow, dream company to work for Me..??

7th sem of Engineering:

On placement board saw Robosoft coming down for placement in my college. This is it, went room, started preparing for it… Couple of calls and mails, got detailed info bout the company and started working for it.

Day of interview;

700 guys, pool campus..?? Is it possible to clear ?, brushed up basics, wore my best formals available and went for it…

End of the day, I cleared the interview. Got placed, only 11 had cleared… (Still can feel that rush, excitement and nervousness, finally did it bro… For Mac, for me, for career, for rock…)

End of Engineering: Aug 2007: D day

Finally I was in the company on 01-Aug-07, as a fresher and a comp sci graduate was expecting a challenging job and working for Mac was a dream come true. As a trainee started with a guide(can’t take name to avoid issues).

This is where I learnt bout init and release of objects. Developing for Mac means, introduction to Cocoa. Which I did with love, learnt A, B and C of Cocoa. In mean time got ready for a real time project.

Once completing trainee projects, I was moved into a live project under a solid team. Which were known for their commitment and work. I just moved in as a junior developer, I think this was the best I ever expected in my professional career.

Team Orion
Team Orion
Team Lepus
Team Lepus

Now in life, builds, defects, issues were important. Was involved in to project, gave my 200 % for it so as to learn as much as possible. Coz, this is what I had dreamt for.

Under the senior’s guidance, I learnt a lot on how to handle issues, debugging, design and managing stuff. Continue reading “Udupi, the place I wanna come back again and again…”

Udupi, the place I wanna come back again and again…

Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: part 4, st mary’s island

24Oct09: Sunday, TIME for the Adventure bro…:

Got up around 8, checked my cell for any calls or messages. There were no messages from Pradeep(My doctor friend from Mangalore, nick named Doc), so I thought I got time to roam around with Vin in Santhekatte. Thought of taking Vin to hanging bridge @ Kemmannu and Hoode beach. To my bad luck, no bike was with me, called up YPK and Abhay for bike both were so tired(yesterday’s downtown stint) they dint pick the phone.

So woke Vinay and took him to Hotel Khushi for breakfast(you know what, Vin was sweating like hell by the time we reached Khushi). Had breakfast as if there is no tomorrow(remember, both dint had dinner), then it was confirmed Doc n Rockstar were coming down to Udupi around 10, and from there we all go to St Mary’s island(Google up to know more bout it…)

I and Vin decided to get ready asap and Vin went 1st for the bath(You know what happened next.) We really tried our best to get ready asap so that we can receive docs. But as usual we got late, docs reached first and they waited us @ shanti sagar hotel.

Finally I n Vin made it, met those guys. Bought some snacks at Allwyn bakery, while buying some chocolates Vin asked “Why Snicker’s(Chocolate re) is famous for..??”. Later he only got the answer by shouting “Nuts” at the counter. Kaminey, this is Udupi watch out…

Cut short everything, we got down at Malpe and started towards the ferry point. Wow, walking with your best buddies talking, teasing, taking snaps, dreaming is a priceless moment. And for me..?? (Doc, you got it…)

What's up dude..?? wanna party..??
What's up dude..?? wanna party..??

At the ferry point we came to know at-least 30 people required to go St Mary’s island. So we got some time and started our dreaming and the plans for forming our own band. Vin n Doc were busy with their cameras. They proved again “Boys will be boys, with their toys…”  And me..?? My cell..?? ;(

Later I noticed a girl(lets call her as mystery girl) there, thought somewhere I met that girl. (Again first love feeling..? ). Scratched my head on where did I met that girl, then remembered. She was my friend’s sis classmate and had met her during last visit to Kerala. Continue reading “Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: part 4, st mary’s island”

Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: part 4, st mary’s island

Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: Part 3..?? part downtown

24Oct09: Saturday, get ready Party Animals:

We were(Vin n Me) in bus towards Udupi, and I was thinking “Arey iski maa ki, kya kya kiye re aaj…'” and more than anything I (including doc’s) was happy for Vin(the guy, whose Mang/Udupi trip I’m writing in MY BLOG), as he came down here out of sudden(another fuck you motorheart, why do you come during month ends.?).

We started to listen songs from Vin’s mobile, later found out we were talking more than hearing songs. So wound up phone and started to talk again(Vin, hum log kitna baat karte hai re, baaki log mar jaate hai. tujhe pata hai..?).

Thanks to the condition of roads, we were not even comfortable to sit. In between I was getting calls from Yellappa, Naveen and Abhay for my status.(shit man, I was lying to them saying we will be reaching Udupi around 9).

Got down at Udupi, ran towards bus stand to catch a bus towards Manipal. By this time my other friends were already there in Downtown(a small pub in Manipal) waiting for us, I just made a call saying we will be there in 15 mins. Now it was race against time for us as bus started towards Manipal.

By this time Vin said he wanted to go to room and change his dress and get freshed. I was like, fucked up. As it will take much of our time, go to downtown, get bike, go to room n change and then come back to downtown.  I know can’t convince Vin in terms of comfort and his damn ideas. Finally it was decided we will go to room(Me, fucked up… no one asks me… God, why me..??). And Vin a party pooper..?? lets see…

Reached Manipal at 9.10, got a rick and reached downtown 9.15(Another reason to love Udupi is bout people, time management).

The Party started.?

Downtown, feels like home…
Downtown, feels like home…
Downtown ambience… really rocks bro…
Downtown ambience… really rocks bro…

This was Vin’s second stint at Downtown, crossed the entrance. Opened the door, and this is it. “Hakka” Vin replied. Spotted Abhay, Naveen, Yellappa and Srinidhi(Naveen’s college friend and Manipal student). You should have seen smiles on their faces.

Vin’s formal intro to everyone, many knew bout Vin before he landed Udupi. I spotted Vin’s criminal smile for the songs and music, thank god there was pretty crowd there.

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Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: Part 3..?? part downtown

Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: Part 2…

24Oct09: Saturday, the Doomsday Day

Got up at 7 in the morning(Damn, why do I get up so early during weekends..?) and was on my way to room as I had slept at friends room. Had seen G.I. Joe movie and I was still in the world of GI Joe, with Mithun went to our beloved hotel Khushi had tea and by then it was decided that I need to go to Mangalore

So went to room, cleaned the room(only on weekends I can do cleaningbooks, magazines and clothes… God when I’m gonna avoid those magazines..??). Had bath and gave large junk of clothes to laundry and left to Udupi around 9 am.

9 am..?? Man, I don’t even go to office so early(These going early, dont know why… mostly for a first love.?)…

Got a bus to Mang around 9.20… I was planning on what all  to do with Vin(still no idea for who all I am gonna meet) as we had whole weekend, messaged my Udupi friends (Abhay, Naveen, YPK and my great roomies) I will be returning at night with VinEveryone were ready for the party

Got down in Mang and got a rick to Doc‘s(Pradeep, he is a doctor and stays in Mang and one of my great friend… a guitarist, doctor, a dancer and lot more… ) house, damn got down in between as I wanted to test my exploring skills… But after a call with Doc, came to know I had crossed his house turn long back…

Got the exact route and messaged Doc…  “ETA in 5 mins…”

Fuck, gonna meet Vin again and that to with Doc this time… Aila, my heartbeats weren’t normal… Gathered all the possible strength and went to Doc‘s house… There on the balcony I saw the devil, aila Vin… and then Doc, you should have seen their evil smilesGod damn freaks

Jaate hi suru hogaye aawara baata, kitne dino ke baad sab mile hai… this that, fucking that…

Then I gave a small surprise for Vin, showed him the Overdrive mag of Oct month(Check out page no 20 n 24, Mohsin Khawas is there… exposure..??). I never knew Vin n Doc will be so excited as if I have achieved something big(but my Diwali gift to all was cool right..?? another fuck you motorheart… You know why, you were blank and laughing at the other end of phone, meri toh phati thi saale…).

Their excitement inspired me, to learn more, work more, share more and do more of the nasty things… Thanks a lot guys…

Later some time we went to book a return ticket for Vin(as we all know how good Vin is there to remember things.).

Hey you got a ticket to bang on Sun night..??
Hey you got a ticket to bang on Sun night..??

Swear bro, we were sweating profusely when we were in Queue to book a ticket. Got frustrated, called Suhas(small boy, err junior in my office) to book a Volvo ticket from Udupi as he knows more bout the bookings( he travels to bang every month). But to my bad luck he was in the office…

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Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: Part 2…