Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: Part 2…

24Oct09: Saturday, the Doomsday Day

Got up at 7 in the morning(Damn, why do I get up so early during weekends..?) and was on my way to room as I had slept at friends room. Had seen G.I. Joe movie and I was still in the world of GI Joe, with Mithun went to our beloved hotel Khushi had tea and by then it was decided that I need to go to Mangalore

So went to room, cleaned the room(only on weekends I can do cleaningbooks, magazines and clothes… God when I’m gonna avoid those magazines..??). Had bath and gave large junk of clothes to laundry and left to Udupi around 9 am.

9 am..?? Man, I don’t even go to office so early(These going early, dont know why… mostly for a first love.?)…

Got a bus to Mang around 9.20… I was planning on what all  to do with Vin(still no idea for who all I am gonna meet) as we had whole weekend, messaged my Udupi friends (Abhay, Naveen, YPK and my great roomies) I will be returning at night with VinEveryone were ready for the party

Got down in Mang and got a rick to Doc‘s(Pradeep, he is a doctor and stays in Mang and one of my great friend… a guitarist, doctor, a dancer and lot more… ) house, damn got down in between as I wanted to test my exploring skills… But after a call with Doc, came to know I had crossed his house turn long back…

Got the exact route and messaged Doc…  “ETA in 5 mins…”

Fuck, gonna meet Vin again and that to with Doc this time… Aila, my heartbeats weren’t normal… Gathered all the possible strength and went to Doc‘s house… There on the balcony I saw the devil, aila Vin… and then Doc, you should have seen their evil smilesGod damn freaks

Jaate hi suru hogaye aawara baata, kitne dino ke baad sab mile hai… this that, fucking that…

Then I gave a small surprise for Vin, showed him the Overdrive mag of Oct month(Check out page no 20 n 24, Mohsin Khawas is there… exposure..??). I never knew Vin n Doc will be so excited as if I have achieved something big(but my Diwali gift to all was cool right..?? another fuck you motorheart… You know why, you were blank and laughing at the other end of phone, meri toh phati thi saale…).

Their excitement inspired me, to learn more, work more, share more and do more of the nasty things… Thanks a lot guys…

Later some time we went to book a return ticket for Vin(as we all know how good Vin is there to remember things.).

Hey you got a ticket to bang on Sun night..??
Hey you got a ticket to bang on Sun night..??

Swear bro, we were sweating profusely when we were in Queue to book a ticket. Got frustrated, called Suhas(small boy, err junior in my office) to book a Volvo ticket from Udupi as he knows more bout the bookings( he travels to bang every month). But to my bad luck he was in the office…

Crap, what next..?? called our Umesh anna(my travel agent), thank god he booked a sleeper ticket for Vin… Issue resolved… (Vin, khush..?? )

With Vin and Doc beside me, I was planning what to do in Udupi..?? My role starts when Vin gets down in Udupi,  I was getting update bout Downtown party via sms’s from friends. And bout Mangalore, I just left it to Doc to decide on what all to do.

Some flashback bout Doc Pradeep:

Pradeep is school mate of Vin, Vin was my college roomie. I met Pradeep a year back in Bangalore. Formal introduction, later Vin came down to Udupi last year. I was to pick VIn from Kapu(Vin with doc had gone there) during that time also I met Pradeep for few mins, later we became facebook friends and continued. Frankly, I dint knew much bout him before this… So I was blank bout Pradeep, apart from Guitar and Doctor.

So back to present, Doc suggested watching a movie to kill time. I suggested “All The Best”, as I had seen with Shaanib(my senior at office). So finally decided 5 tickets to buy, I was confused here.

5 tickets and we were 3 here. I dint ask anything, just kept strolling. Later we went to Empire Mall by walking, coz I really love to walk on that Lalbagh road, spotting cars, chicks(hariyali these days) and talking random stuff.

Mangalore downtown, Lalbagh…
Mangalore downtown, Lalbagh…

Vin and Doc started to talk bout May’s visit.

May..?? visit..?? that too in october..?? I asked Vin bout this, later he explained that she is a schoolmate of Vin and Doc. And May had stayed in Japan for 3 years and did her medicine in Mangalore.

I got it bro… WIthin few mins, May shows up(formal intro). Even she has rock star attitude, Vin n Doc continued with their talk with May. I was looking down from Empire mall at the road to spot some cars or chicks.

Within mins, Sushma shows up. Wow, she is Pradeep’s friend and then Vin‘s friend and my friend. Yeppa, finally great friend. Later we 5 (by now I figured out why 5 tickets) decided to have some snacks at Hotel Deliciousso(Food Court, Empire Mall, Mangalore) as Vin wanted to try Hummus(another fuck you motorheart).

Vin wanted to try “Hummus”, as it was was featured in “Don’t mess with Zohan” movie it seems. “Its all bout the BUSH you have”… Vin, kuch yaad aaya..??


Dude, we tried a strawberry slush. It was fucking crazy drink I ever had, it gave me kick after kick after each sip. Loved it man

Later all the stint, we went for the adlabs for the movie. Was watching it for second time(ya, had to watch for sake of friends. God why me..?). The movie was fun packed, laughed like hell. Non-stop comedy, amazing chase sequences, sanjay n ajay devgan’s chemistry, songs were also cool…

Tin, tin, tin… “Tobu bhai bolta hai…”,  “Just Chill Dude”, “Araka baraka” (as usual, we modified it as “Araka baraka harad haka”… crap), big smile on my face while typing this.

Frankly speaking, I cried for the stomach pain while laughing. And with your best buddies aside, awesome dudefreaking awesome

After movie we all went to Doc‘s house to fetch Vin‘s belongings, as I n Vin were going to Udupi.

Rocks stars… A Mac developer, a Automobile engineer and a Doctor… wow…
Rocks stars… A Mac developer, a Automobile engineer and a Doctor… wow…

Reached Doc‘s home, by that time Doc‘s bro was at home. Doc has a FZ 16 and you know what happened next. Vin wanted to test ride it, I accompanied him as I wanted to know his view on FZ.

As Vin was planning to get an ZMA, thanks to Hero Honda they screwed the looks and price. I was suggesting FZ for Vin. So Doc, Sush and May were at home.

My life changed here, my biggest mistake or my great luck or destiny?: Finished ride and back to Doc‘s home, as usual Vin with his review bout FZ. While removing shoes had a glance at inside.

To my god damn eyes  I saw Sushma with a Guitar, Doc and May supporting her.

Jamming with rock star…
Jamming with rock star…

Man, I never knew she plays Guitar. That too so well. My urge to learn Guitar became stronger, not to compete with Sush or Doc but to learn more. So that we can form our own band and do gig’s, we have our own favorite songs, own lyrics, own ideas, the limit is endless bro…

You know what, Sush is not only  a doctor, a vocalist and a guitarist. For time being will stop this list here.

Respect to Rockstar… \m/
Respect to Rockstar… \m/

Wow, we had a jamming session with our own songs, own lyrics and actions… Cool man, awesome jamming session. Really loved it…

It was around 7.00, we realized we were supposed to go Udupi and people were waiting for Downtown stint. Doc‘s mom prepared some snacks to the rock stars, thanks a lot aunty.

Packed Vin‘s stuff and started to leave for Udupi, we were already later for the party. Doc, Sush n May came to drop us for the bus stop. While we were in car to the bus stop, I got a furious call from my friend.

“Hey maccha, we have left Mangalore long back only… will be reaching Udupi in short time, crossed Surathkal now” I replied…

Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: Part 2…

9 thoughts on “Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: Part 2…

  1. Vinay Pateel says:

    as usual.. this is not enough!

    dude you need to write at least 400 pages for anyone to get bored.. take my word!

    enjoyed reading it as usual.. abey tera blog padne ka aur appreciate karne ka to ‘as usual’ ho gaya! ha ha!

    again awesome recollection of events dude.. can keep reading it.. but you can’t keep writing it! he he..

    movie was great, met May after 6 years – great, “as usual” loved meeting doc and rockstar – great :), had been to Gajalee that morning dude, loved that too.. wow so many memories..!

    my punchline for your blog is : WAITING FOR NEXT PART!

    so keep writing.. don’t keep us waiting!

    Lets rock! \m/

  2. pradeep says:

    what can i say
    this is jus too good man
    and hey lay low on the praises ha ha
    anyway man doin good.. u need to continue.. the story doesn end
    and i cant stop reading
    lik they say “picture abhi baaki hai mere dost”
    i jus went into tat day while reading this
    lik i got lifted out of my chair into 24nov

  3. Megha says:

    Hi Mohsin,

    Thanks for the update man, saw those snaps in facebook. Think you had great time again, I just loved “Mac Developer, Automobile Engineer and Doctor” combination, pretty cool huh..?. Where do get those ideas man?

    Keep enjoying man.

  4. Mithun says:

    hey i just read a great quote from a superb musician… James Hetfield…
    “You know you are a musician when you dont give a..(silence)(sic)”

    Nice post!

  5. Mohsin says:

    Thanks a ton for comments guys:

    @Vin: Namaskaro anna, believe me dude there are still many topics are pending to write before I leave Udupi. I just wish everything gets over according to plan, eager to finish it off… And you are talking 400 pages, huh…

    Next part..?? coming up dude, gimme some time to prepare draft, re edit it and again reedit it, upload to blog and then look into UI alignments. Blah blah, in short will be doing it.

    Keep waiting…

    @Doc: Too good..?? still could have written dude and even other ideas where there. You know how things are messed up, will do it man. And picture baaki hai..?? Ha ha, Vinay ki toh phatne wali hai aage…

    @Megha: Hi 😉 Thanks a ton ya to visit my blog once again(And commenting it, cool ya…). And the developer, automobile and doc combination..?? You still missing something, you should have been around here…

    @Mithun: Mamu, thanks for the support man… Now my urge of learning Guitar has really become stronger, practicing with Naveen and my room seriously. As I said, I will be perfect guitarist when I can identify chords with the sound… Not with the print out… He he…

  6. S doc says:

    hey i 10! Nice one man he he seriously even i felt like i had travelled back in time to tht day ! By the time i reached the end of the blog i was like “arey khatham ho gaya…:(“hmm..waitin for the next part dude he ha:) “Beat it!”.. Rock on….

  7. Hey it was nice knowing how you spent your weekend.. these weekends look cooler than the lafda weekends.

    Cool thoughts thrown in dude..

    Keep blogging..
    Keep enjoying..

  8. Mohsin says:

    @Rockstar: Hey, nice to see you here. Thanks for following up. Watch out for my crazy ideas and stuff, telling you in advance. So “beat it” dude…

    @Ronnie: Okay okay, saale… Read other posts. I know you are damn busy after windows 7 released. Obviously to fix bugs..?? he he… 

    @Satish: Kya mamu, kya kya bol raha hai… Watch out for more…

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