Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: Part 3..?? part downtown

24Oct09: Saturday, get ready Party Animals:

We were(Vin n Me) in bus towards Udupi, and I was thinking “Arey iski maa ki, kya kya kiye re aaj…'” and more than anything I (including doc’s) was happy for Vin(the guy, whose Mang/Udupi trip I’m writing in MY BLOG), as he came down here out of sudden(another fuck you motorheart, why do you come during month ends.?).

We started to listen songs from Vin’s mobile, later found out we were talking more than hearing songs. So wound up phone and started to talk again(Vin, hum log kitna baat karte hai re, baaki log mar jaate hai. tujhe pata hai..?).

Thanks to the condition of roads, we were not even comfortable to sit. In between I was getting calls from Yellappa, Naveen and Abhay for my status.(shit man, I was lying to them saying we will be reaching Udupi around 9).

Got down at Udupi, ran towards bus stand to catch a bus towards Manipal. By this time my other friends were already there in Downtown(a small pub in Manipal) waiting for us, I just made a call saying we will be there in 15 mins. Now it was race against time for us as bus started towards Manipal.

By this time Vin said he wanted to go to room and change his dress and get freshed. I was like, fucked up. As it will take much of our time, go to downtown, get bike, go to room n change and then come back to downtown.  I know can’t convince Vin in terms of comfort and his damn ideas. Finally it was decided we will go to room(Me, fucked up… no one asks me… God, why me..??). And Vin a party pooper..?? lets see…

Reached Manipal at 9.10, got a rick and reached downtown 9.15(Another reason to love Udupi is bout people, time management).

The Party started.?

Downtown, feels like home…
Downtown, feels like home…
Downtown ambience… really rocks bro…
Downtown ambience… really rocks bro…

This was Vin’s second stint at Downtown, crossed the entrance. Opened the door, and this is it. “Hakka” Vin replied. Spotted Abhay, Naveen, Yellappa and Srinidhi(Naveen’s college friend and Manipal student). You should have seen smiles on their faces.

Vin’s formal intro to everyone, many knew bout Vin before he landed Udupi. I spotted Vin’s criminal smile for the songs and music, thank god there was pretty crowd there.


Jaate hi suru ho gaye, aur kya…?? Awara kaama, started with drinks. “Cheers”, before we finished drink “Guru Josh Project‘”‘s “Infinity” was on air.

So..?? we were on floor already, and with Vin around everyone was pretty excited.

After “Infinity“, I was relaxing and then comes “right round” from “flo rida“, damn… now no one were on table, every one on floor. Shaking legs, twisting bodies and hands in air. Some became Alan, some became Stu, some became Phil as Doug was not there. He he, Vin you need to see “The Hangover” to know more.

right round, right round…
right round, right round…

Later Vin and I sat, Vin asked me “Abey have you heard Chop suey from System of a Down ?”. Before I said “Yes, I have heard. Pretty awesome song”. The song was on air. Thanks Maanav(The guy at Downtown who manages billing and songs).

For Chop suey, next day had horrible neck pain…
For Chop suey, next day had horrible neck pain…

Now, we turned into fucking Metal headsHeadbanging, playing guitar and when “Angels deserve to die” rhythm was playing we were moving ourselves in a slow motion.

By this time, Vin said “Dude, fuck the stuff of going to room. I’m flattered for Downtown and ambience“. I was on cloud 9, as we were gonna spend more time.

Oops, another round of drinks, cloud computing, king pe king… and guess srinidhi tried cig for the 1st time(Vin, giving tips… saala…).

And then comes the Abhay’s favorite song, you got it right bro… It is “Rise Up” from Yves el Rock… And with our own lyrics, that was fun man. I tell you, being with your friends and singing songs heartily is an amazing feeling you can ever feel.

Rise Up, Abhay gets mad easily. Look @ Naveen. ;-)
Rise Up, Abhay gets mad easily. Look @ Naveen. 😉
Vin's classes of perfection…
Vin's classes of perfection…

Wow, we were still in the groove(I had became mad that time.) Bollywood songs started with Rock version of “Emotional Atyachar” and “Dhan pe than” from Kaminey. Thanks to Vin, he taught us some steps. And we are software developers man, created our own steps. He he…

Later came “Summer of 69” on air, with our own lyrics we sang. And it was really cool, as everyone were on floor againNaveen lost his voice, you should have listen his sound. ha ha…

Naveen, shouting after losing his voice box…
Naveen, shouting after losing his voice box…

And then I felt tired and sat, was looking at a door(there is dark) there, suddenly a girl walks in and when she comes in light I see her hair flying. I was like “Is this girl my first love ?” (concept derived from Bollywood). Asked Vin bout my first love, looking at the girl Vin laughed like hell. (ha beta mera bhi time aayega… Tu has abhi).

Another round of drinks, I was fully tired man. Really, could feel the heat coming from my body. Sweated like hell, and then the hell happens.

Last resort” by Papa roach on air, I got mad. Started head banging, and then circular head banging. Fuck, lost my nerve and sat.

Best thing ever happened to me: A walk.?

Sat with Vin, he said he was feeling nauseated. Then an idea pops up, “Dude, lets go out for a walk” I said, Vin instantly agreed. We came out, walked down. Sat at a bus stop, started our usual talk. I was feeling like blessed for having my friends (abhay, naveen and god damn everyonelov you all man) and Vin. And then Vin puked. (Ha ha, sorry Vin to add this here. If you want I can re edit it.)

Then walked a little bit, planned up for what next.

Went inside, joined guys. Man, this is crap. We entered and “Tenu le” was on air, again we were on floor. Fucking tired, what to do. Couldn’t control ourselves.

Tenu le… Jee karda…
Tenu le… Jee karda…
This is how we do it…!!! Rock dude…
This is how we do it…!!! Rock dude…

Dude, damn tired. Came out, had decided to take food parcel from “Hot n Spicy“(a cool hotel in Manipal, which is opened until morningThanks a ton guys) and have dinner at my room.

I and Vin went to “Hot n Spicy” and rest of them went to get Pan and some smoke. I went inside “Hot n Spicy” and gave order for burgers and rice.

Came outside and saw, Vin sleeping on bike. Resting his head on petrol tank. Naveen stayed at Srinidhi’s room at Manipal. Called up YPK and he took Vin to my room.

Later I and Abhay fetched the parcel and went to room. And at as usual there was some themed party @ “Blue Waters“. (Before leaving Udupi, we need to explore Blue Waters once).

Outside Downtown, we did it in style…
Outside Downtown, we did it in style…

Abhay was so tired, he told he will not have any dinner. So Abhay dropped me to my room.

Vin had already slept(on floor). Woke him for dinner, but he couldn’t get up. So I and YPK decided to have burger.

We sat for dinner, and felt the body pain. I couldn’t sit for 2 mins, told YPK to take a burger and rice to his room and have his dinner there.

I prepared bed for me and Vin, made Vin to sleep. Then came to know it was Lenin’s bday as it was 12 am.

Fuck it bro…!! Don’t know what to do, cursed myself for not getting a cake. Stirred up and got an idea, remembered I had a burger got as parcel.

So what next..?? you know…

Lenin with his cake, Happy Bday once again dude…
Lenin with his cake, Happy Bday once again dude…

Finished Lenin’s Bday stint, came to my room and crashed on bed

Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: Part 3..?? part downtown

4 thoughts on “Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: Part 3..?? part downtown

  1. Vinay Pateel says:

    First comment again!

    dude tu pura time-travel karwa ke phir se present day mein laake phenk deta hai be ba!!!
    kya bola re.. wah! abey downtown snaps are amazing.. thanks to the bloke who invented cameras! he he..

    your gang is mast be.. ek se badkar ek! had loads of fun there.. danced like mad.. lovely time dude!

    say hi to everyone.. we gonna rock again for sure..!

    waiting for next part as always!!


  2. pradeep says:

    the most endearing thing in this post is obviously lenin’s birthday!!
    u guys know how to enojoy dude..
    u include ur woes in ur happy songs !
    now tats the spirit…
    vin must be crazy now lookin at his comment he he..
    enjoy dude..
    soon il send u comments on ur blogging.. by mail
    right now gonna hit the sack…
    got a lot to do tomorrow..
    its a new day!

  3. Vinay Pateel says:

    abeyyyyyyyyyyy DOWNTOWN!!!
    we’ll go back there for sure dude ( i jus hope its not as hot as it usually is at udupi-mang )
    saala kya party kya moments dude..

    thats life dude..

    ROCKKKK!! \m/

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