Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: part 4, st mary’s island

24Oct09: Sunday, TIME for the Adventure bro…:

Got up around 8, checked my cell for any calls or messages. There were no messages from Pradeep(My doctor friend from Mangalore, nick named Doc), so I thought I got time to roam around with Vin in Santhekatte. Thought of taking Vin to hanging bridge @ Kemmannu and Hoode beach. To my bad luck, no bike was with me, called up YPK and Abhay for bike both were so tired(yesterday’s downtown stint) they dint pick the phone.

So woke Vinay and took him to Hotel Khushi for breakfast(you know what, Vin was sweating like hell by the time we reached Khushi). Had breakfast as if there is no tomorrow(remember, both dint had dinner), then it was confirmed Doc n Rockstar were coming down to Udupi around 10, and from there we all go to St Mary’s island(Google up to know more bout it…)

I and Vin decided to get ready asap and Vin went 1st for the bath(You know what happened next.) We really tried our best to get ready asap so that we can receive docs. But as usual we got late, docs reached first and they waited us @ shanti sagar hotel.

Finally I n Vin made it, met those guys. Bought some snacks at Allwyn bakery, while buying some chocolates Vin asked “Why Snicker’s(Chocolate re) is famous for..??”. Later he only got the answer by shouting “Nuts” at the counter. Kaminey, this is Udupi watch out…

Cut short everything, we got down at Malpe and started towards the ferry point. Wow, walking with your best buddies talking, teasing, taking snaps, dreaming is a priceless moment. And for me..?? (Doc, you got it…)

What's up dude..?? wanna party..??
What's up dude..?? wanna party..??

At the ferry point we came to know at-least 30 people required to go St Mary’s island. So we got some time and started our dreaming and the plans for forming our own band. Vin n Doc were busy with their cameras. They proved again “Boys will be boys, with their toys…”  And me..?? My cell..?? ;(

Later I noticed a girl(lets call her as mystery girl) there, thought somewhere I met that girl. (Again first love feeling..? ). Scratched my head on where did I met that girl, then remembered. She was my friend’s sis classmate and had met her during last visit to Kerala.

I went ahead to speak her, by that time she also recognized me. Thank god, later as usual talk bout college, company and life stuff…

I was afraid of Vin, as he knows I dont talk much with girls. Right..?? I knew after going back Vin gonna kill me. So spoke with mystery girl and went back to my friends.

I was numb, terrified for the Vinay’s reaction. No one spoke, I was pleased as someone started another topic. After 5 mins Doc said “Mohsin, tu udhar ladki se baath kar raha tha aur idhar Vinay tere naam pe bom maar raha tha”… kamina saala…

Boat trip:

Finally people were collected and our ferry started towards St Mary’s Island. I wanted to shout “Boat trip, boat trip” like Alan of Hangover, but you know what happens in movie. So kept quite.

Wow, so we were in sea. Moving away from land, Udupi, Past, Project, Company. I could feel the wind flowing, damn  cool. And surrounded by water, was awesome.

In between they moved us to a different small ferry, as this ferry had large ground clearance(He he, ground clearance). After few mins, we were back on land. A different land, where there is no Tracker, CR’s and defects.


We found a spot to sit, started to have some snacks. Out of sudden doc removed some papers, I was like what’s wrong with him. Later came to know it was temporary tattoos. Wow, great idea man…

But the problem was I couldn’t apply one due to Namaz. Vin and the Docs got themselves tattoos.

Doc's Tattoo…
Doc's Tattoo…
Vin's true color…
Vin's true color…

We had choc’s and snacks as lunch, then doc and Vin got crazy and went to take snaps of surroundings by climbing rocks, jumping here and there shouting. Have added the snaps at the bottom of the post.

Doc showing his true color…
Doc showing his true color…
"Just Beat it…"
"Just Beat it…"

We made sure we get back to Udupi asap, so that Vin catch his bus at 9.30. So caught a ferry around 4.30 towards Udupi. This time I was stuck with the design of the ferries and how the ship floats. Man, thats the real engineering. Software you can write again and again, but the ships, planes and all are real time objects. (RTOS).

In the ferry, we spotted the mystery girl again. And our guys started to tease me again, he he… Dude, there is something called professionalism you know..?? 😉

We reached Malpe, got down. While leaving again met mystery girl and we started towards Udupi.

Farewell to Docs:

Reached Udupi around 6, had some snacks and Docs left for Mangalore. By this time my roomie(Ramesh) had called couple of times asking me to come room asap.

After reaching room, Vin started packing and got ready to leave for Bengaluru. By this time Abhay, Naveen n YPK joined us to say “Bye to Vinay“.

During this time, Ramesh and Lenin came back to room with a cake. Oh, it was lenin’s bday and previous night we had celebrated his birthday with a burger.

It seems, Ramesh took Lenin to buy the cake… He he…

Thats it, we had cake and even had revenge on Lenin. Coz he was flying many days, so got the reason and all kicked him like hell. He made sure, he is eagerly waiting for my BdayChallenge accepted dude

I n Vin started towards Udupi, Abhay n Naveen stayed in santhekatte as we dint had extra bike.

7 Bees: Great cafe in Udupi…

Last time when Vin had visited here, had been to 7 bees. That time Vin really liked 7 bees and food there. So this time also we went there.

Cafe 7 Bees, Udupi…
Cafe 7 Bees, Udupi…

We had a hour left for bus, had fries, burgers and coke(Gonna miss 7 bees :().

For me it was pleasure, spending time with Vin. We really don’t get much time these days. In college even though we were room mates, we rarely had good time together. And it was college.

Discussed with Vin bout future plans, trips, bengaluru hang outs and etc… Vin really liked the downtown stint and the weekend spent.

Finished dinner, Vin got his bus and he left

Me..? Just stood at the bus stop thinking something changed in my life. Something happened really good. The whole weekend was flying in my mind, that rockstar attitude, downtown stint, st mary’s trip, lenin n my udupi friends and dinner with Vin. It was Vin’s attitude that made the difference, he was sick and stuck but also came down here.

List of things changed with me:

1. After Vin’s trip, in an overnight Doc n Rockstar became my best buddies.

2. Downtown stint with Vin n my friends made me feel I got really great friends. Can’t explain in words.

3. I have become so expressive and caring bout friends. In engineering I was really awkward, crazy, egoist and blah blah. But today, I am different.

Moral of the story: I discovered who I am, I am Mohsin

I was in flash back, got a call from Abhay. “Dude come down to Hotel Deepa, all are waiting”… 🙂

P.S: Doc, came back to office and found that mystery girl’s name. Her name is Shruthi. Remember, something is called as professionalism

Picture Gallery:

A anchor n rope makes a boat grounded…
A anchor n rope makes a boat grounded…
Diff genearations of nokia, even my cell has a touch screen…
Diff gen's of nokia, even my cell has a touch screen…
Spot Doc here…
Spot Doc here…
Model dint get cheque, so no snaps…
Model dint get cheque, so no snaps…
Sea view snap…
Sea view snap…
rock rock rock formations…
rock rock rock formations…
small yana..??
small yana..??
Clear water…
Clear water…
Docked @ Malpe port…
Docked @ Malpe port…
Malpe harbour…
Malpe harbour…
Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: part 4, st mary’s island

6 thoughts on “Vin’s Mang/Udupi escapade: part 4, st mary’s island

  1. Vinay Pateel says:

    another blog and yet another first comment!

    abey ab to tera blog padh padh ke habit ho gaya hai..

    but highlight of this blog is “Moral of the story: I discovered who I am, I am Mohsin…”
    it takes much to speak (write) that dude.. i can only imagine how you would’ve felt..

    you’re so close to reality and happiness.. makes me feel great dude.. you rock!

    all in all, that trip was supposed to etch golden memories in our minds, and it did that well.. 🙂
    loved every moment of it.. all credit to you n docs n your gang dude!

    well time to sleep..

    lets rock dude!

  2. Mohsin says:

    Hey Vin,

    Thanks a ton for the fabulous comment I ever received. I’m moved by your comment saying “it takes much to speak that dude… I can only imagine how you would’ve felt”. Man, you understand me a lot, I regret we could have much fun in college and even in work. Sometimes when I’m out I think what if we do engineering now..?? How bout Vin as my team mate or me as Vin’s colleague..??

    Cant stop imagining!!! Thats really great I got great friends who are always a call away and was there for me when I’m down. Feeling blessed, proud n confi dude…

    And my friends were asking, why we dint took Vinay for Goa..?? Really…

    I just hope there are lot to do for us in future.. Opus, Fuga, Legend of Rocks, Kanyakumari, getting Leh’d, Goa, Kerala, Electric Guitar, Dhumshaan Technologies, R1, Punto, Dance and the list continues…
    Rock dude…

  3. pradeep says:

    again i must repeat the comment which i had made about you some time ago
    this time its not jus a second or minute kind of change
    as you express yourself you ve made a huge change dude
    not only in your life
    but ours too
    as i said you continuously reinvent yourself!!!
    you rock dude!!
    as they say make change part of the plan and hardly anythin can change your path!!
    keep going.. im with youuuu yeahhhh yeahhh…

  4. Mohsin says:

    @Doc: dude, sorry for delayed reply.
    Hey man, I just added what ever it came in my mind, was running short of time and thank god came up with this.
    Change in me..?? There is a ton dude, ask Vin for more details :-)…!!
    reinvent myself..?? hell ya dude, lot to do…

    Thanks for the support…

  5. Vinay Pateel says:

    abey yaar phir se trip yaad dila diya.. those two udupi-mang trips were highlights of the past few years dude.. the few good things which happened n which i’ll remember..
    it was all fun dude.. and we rocked! saala will make it again..

    dude planning for a random backpacking trip up north India.. but this is like a project and is indefinite, i mean no idea for how many days i’ll be gone.. so not inviting you..
    if this works out it’ll be awesome!

    lets make it dude!
    lets ROCK!

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