Udupi, the place I wanna come back again and again…

Class 9:

It was Class 9th trip, we(Class 9 of Loyola High School) had came down to Agumbe. We were at the sun set point, I could see a city from top. I asked my professor which is that place..? He replied, “It’s Udupi… A place that is different from any other place

5th sem of Engineering:

Lazing around in my room was reading IEEE spectrum magazine(ya Vin you were my roomie), came across a section “Apple gonna release Leopard“. I was fascinated by looking at the Leopard OS Desktop picture. Wow, messaged couple of like minded  people, went to college net and found out what Leopard is !!!

Stuck by Leopard UI, being a Comp Sci student was using pirated windows. Studied more bout Leopard UI and development tools available in Mac and I was fascinated on the possibilities.

6th sem of Engineering:

One of my senior said, “Dude, there is a Company called Robosoft Technologies in Udupi which works for Mac“… Wow, dream company to work for Me..??

7th sem of Engineering:

On placement board saw Robosoft coming down for placement in my college. This is it, went room, started preparing for it… Couple of calls and mails, got detailed info bout the company and started working for it.

Day of interview;

700 guys, pool campus..?? Is it possible to clear ?, brushed up basics, wore my best formals available and went for it…

End of the day, I cleared the interview. Got placed, only 11 had cleared… (Still can feel that rush, excitement and nervousness, finally did it bro… For Mac, for me, for career, for rock…)

End of Engineering: Aug 2007: D day

Finally I was in the company on 01-Aug-07, as a fresher and a comp sci graduate was expecting a challenging job and working for Mac was a dream come true. As a trainee started with a guide(can’t take name to avoid issues).

This is where I learnt bout init and release of objects. Developing for Mac means, introduction to Cocoa. Which I did with love, learnt A, B and C of Cocoa. In mean time got ready for a real time project.

Once completing trainee projects, I was moved into a live project under a solid team. Which were known for their commitment and work. I just moved in as a junior developer, I think this was the best I ever expected in my professional career.

Team Orion
Team Orion
Team Lepus
Team Lepus

Now in life, builds, defects, issues were important. Was involved in to project, gave my 200 % for it so as to learn as much as possible. Coz, this is what I had dreamt for.

Under the senior’s guidance, I learnt a lot on how to handle issues, debugging, design and managing stuff.

Few left the project, task were assigned, more responsibility, more work

Chance to prove myself..?? Slowly and steadily with Shashank(Thanks a ton for your immense support till now) we reached the milestones. Prasanna n Harsha were great help, leading us stage by stage.

I always got attached to my team. Under Srinidhi sir guidance, we achieved the max which was not possible without his help.

Apart from Career: My Udupi friends or Dhumshaan team…

Typically the day would start around 8 for me(it got changed depending on the project and other factors). Get dressed and have breakfast at Hotel Khushi. Khushi, our hangout for everything, breakfast, snacks and sometimes dinner.

From the past two years, still the taste, management, kindness has not changed. Thanks a ton, for bearing us…

Initially my roomie’s were Ram n Kiran(ya, kiran handi…). Bugged by our owner, we 3 lived  different lives, but had great fun while coming to office. As it was far, we used to walk, sometimes rick… I and Ram used to travel in bus for Hubli(Dude, I remember the awesome ksrtc red bus trip with you, shrishail n me… Awesome dude…)…

I was involved in project, birthday’s came… Gifts rolled up, dad n mom’s visit with sis and cousins… They really had great time, Sis(Farheen, my younger sis) was beached every-time…

Then we moved to an another house with Kiran n Ram, with few weeks Ram moved out to Shrishail’s place… I still wonder why did he moved…?!!

Was working day and night, came the Bday, dad and mom got me a Honda Unicorn as a surprise gift. (Lost those photo’s as Kiran’s Windows system got crashed… Another reason to hate windows…)

Mom was worried bout my dinner and other stuff, Dad got me Unicorn from Gadag on his friend truck… Thanks a ton Dad, sorry you were much worried bout riding NH17.

Due to my friendship with Chetan I was introduced to avi, abhay, naveen and ramesh. Probably this is where everything changed

Started pubbing as we had loads of time(sometimes I wonder what if we had saved money instead of shelling out for pubs, dude 2 years… Approximately we could have save some 30,000 really)

Then what, we have bike and friends… And weekends another plus point, started our Roadtrips

Beached at Marvanthe…
Beached at Marvanthe…
Karkala road trip…
Karkala road trip…

Satish: The builder

We were in our own world, then Satish joined us… Here my whole world changed, Satish one of the greatest stud I ever met. I don’t know how we became friends, we got so connected and Avi n others started calling me for dinner. Then to stay there at room, and weekends.

Once I was stuck with my build, working late without dinner. And I knew my friends were in downtown for pubbing, they called me many times, even messaged but was busy with work. Later at 2 in the morning I got a call from office security “Some one came to meet you”, I went out and saw Avi with dinner for me. (Love you lots dude, I was moved…)

Then came the new year, partied like hell on that day, dance, booze and booze, fag etc…

Started going to Cock’s n Mock’s a really nice place to hang out and chicks..?? Don’t ask bro

We started to stay awake until in the morning talking bout anything we liked to talk.

For my friends I became, event manager, party manager, Jamaal, Psycho, Dude and lot  more. I just loved each and every bit.

Visited Bekal fort couple of times, nice place to be around.

Work came, some got fired, some got promoted, for every situation we were united.

Satish, Chetan went, we carried ourselves. By this time Lenin joined us, ya my chinki room mate. A good cook, great guy and a kameena saala

During this time we were still under 2 years bond, started to count remaining days(I remember keeping a sticky to track remaining days). As for that day we working like hell, finally the day came. 2 years completed, it was a big achievement for it. We partied again like hell. This time, we started to work for the weekends.

Looking to pass the weekday, come weekend and we are in our form to chill out. We tried “EDGE“, “ENIGMA“, “COCK’s n MOCK’s“, “DT‘, “DOWNTOWN”  and other so called bars in a period of few months… Dude, how did we do that..??

When we all moved into new house…
When we all moved into new house…
Team building, this is how we build team…
Team building, this is how we build team…

Once I was playing Guitar at Naveen’s room(had loved guitar from 3rd sem dint had chance to buy one… I don’t know what is “savings”), Naveen said “Dude, we will got to Mangalore and get a guitar for you, I will sponsor”… Wow, initially I hesitated, later it was naveen who came forward and finally next day went to Mang and got a guitar. Naveen, thanks a ton dude(I have not given money till now, gonna pay that amount today :))…

You should have seen my excitement, ask Naveen for more details(Dude, thanks a lot… I owe you…)

with My Guitar…
with My Guitar…
Celebrated avi's birthday in style… Kapu beach
Celebrated avi’s birthday in style… Kapu beach

Our weekend stint’s continued I became a Metal head after watching KRYTPOS performance in SJCE, Mysore.

Got addicted to Facebook.

While roaming in Manipal came across “The Big Gig” rockshow in Manipal, I decided I wanted to attended the Gig, finally I, Naveen n Lenin attended that. Wow, I was introduced to “eXiled band” later turned myself into a metal head. Attended other rock shows with love, “Battle of bands“, “Enigma Gig” all followed. (Missed that Motherjane, I still regret it )

I finally decided to resign from here, as I got a great offer in Bangalore.

As I thought I wanted to move out of my comfort zone, wanna learn more, do something. My friends got their diwali gift when I said about the offer, I got. You should have seen their excitement.

Dude, gonna miss everything. By this time, someone suggested Goa trip before I leave Udupi, Then came the Cylone Phylan, we were determined to do Goa trip. Had few issues while going, finally we decided and went for Goa by saying Go Go Goa… And came back with BURNT SKIN.

Go Go Goa dude…
Go Go Goa dude…
Team Dhumshaan…
Team Dhumshaan…

Damn, that is the one of the best thing ever happened to me… Abhay we did it dude, we did it

Probably I may have missed something here, running out of time… Whatever came in my mind I have just wrote here…

So this is me, writing the whole summary of the stay in Udupi. Where I was transformed from a fresher to a software professional, a young a lad to a person. In short, this is me

Mohsin 🙂

List of Things I am gonna miss like hell:

Abhay’s smile, Naveen’s hair, Shrishail’s pint, Mithun’s guitar (great support and a guide for me, like a big bro), Lenin’s boxer, Shaanib’s support with his PJ’s, Yellappa’s smile, Ram’s support, Ramesh’s mobile, Shashank’s support, Harsha’s defects, Tea breaks for cig’s, drinking tea n cig’s at outside of Khushi, Aishwarya bar, Santhekatte tea after dinner, Ashirwad theatre,  7 bee’s burger, City buses, God damn Express buses, NH 17,  Pisces food, Shantisagar, Allwyn bakery’s cakes, road side paani puri’s, BIG BAZAAR, mangalore trips after salary credited, Bharat mall for movies, beach, Malpe harbour, Kapu, end point, burn out, cock’s n mock’s, CCD, late night walk in manipal, cops, PRIMUS, Levi’s, Somanna, Marvanthe beach, Goa trip, Smoke, Cloud Computing, Blue waters, Hot n Spicy

Final list: Downtown, Downtown, Downtown I wanna go downtown now now, I wanna be at Downtown now now…(Akon’s right now song in our style)

Udupi Gallery: Lost few snaps, thanks a lot windows…

Hi, I'm Mac and I'm PC…
Hi, I’m Mac and I’m PC…
Wanna join for a road trip..??
Wanna join for a road trip..??
with Mithun, had requested a good pose…
with Mithun, had requested a good pose…
Dhaka aka naka dhaka aka naka…
Dhaka aka naka dhaka aka naka…
Abhay, the Conqueror…
Abhay, the Conqueror…
Guitar Kumaar, err Naveen…
Guitar Kumaar, err Naveen…
avi - my pshcotic roomie… :)
avi – my pshcotic roomie… 🙂
avi in his real avatar…
avi in his real avatar…
Naveen on Cloud 9
Naveen on Cloud 9
@ Cock's n Mock's
@ Cock’s n Mock’s
weekend trekking @ Yana…
weekend trekking @ Yana…
with Shaanib… Road trip to Gadag…
with Shaanib… Road trip to Gadag…
with Shaanib @ Jog falls…
with Shaanib @ Jog falls…
testing with Camera timer @ End point
testing with Camera timer @ End point
with Doc Pradeep @ END . (point)
with Doc Pradeep @ END . (point)
a Mac developer, automobile engineer n a doctor…
a Mac developer, automobile engineer n a doctor…
wit Guru, Manju n Vin in Bengaluru…
wit Guru, Manju n Vin in Bengaluru…
with YPK n Santosh, talented small boys…
with YPK n Santosh, talented small boys…
with colleagues during Diwali…
with colleagues during Diwali…
Downtown stint during VIn's trip…
Downtown stint during VIn’s trip…
Rock dude… With Vinay Paradoxical Pateel
Rock dude… With Vinay Paradoxical Pateel
with my best Buddies…
with my best Buddies…
End of Udupi stint…!!!
End of Udupi stint…!!!
Its me, me, me, me, me, MOISH :)
Its me, me, me, me, me, MOISH 🙂
Udupi, the place I wanna come back again and again…

21 thoughts on “Udupi, the place I wanna come back again and again…

  1. Sadanand says:

    Wow what a Great post, the way you explained everything in short is really really nice.

    in mail you wrote like this : ” I am sure, this is the best post I had ever written ”
    yes really it is the best among all of them.

    All the photos are really nice, you are looking like hero dude . mainly the photo named as “Karkala road trip…” is nice. Abhay’s look is nice there, nice snaps.

    hmmm Really Udupi is the best place to enjoy.

    and finally one request, once play the Guitar infront of all of us.

    and ALL THE BEST FOR UR FUTURE. You rocked in Robosoft and you will rock everywhere in future.

  2. Naveen says:

    Great Post dude. This is what we are. You still wanna go to find new destination other than this? Any way opportunity is waiting for you. Good luck dude. Hope we meet once again at downtown. Good job. Bye

  3. Vinay Pateel says:

    ok. enough of me giving the first comment! hehe.. why’s everybody always late?

    coming back.. dude what a rollercoaster ride man! the ride which took you to new heights and new dimensions.. loved the whole post be.. it was pure fun!

    i can feel what you’re feeling right now.. totally..
    leaving such a lovely place can get really tough, esp if the place is so concrete with the greatest buddies you could have!

    but don’t worry dude.. bangalore isn’t any stranger city to you, namma bengaluru!
    tu bas aa ja.. you’ll do it for sure be, and i’m confident it won’t take much time for the transition, although memories will prevail.. but what the hell.. lets roll!!

    have a great great great last day there bro..
    you gonna hit it for sure!


  4. Vinay Pateel says:

    OH great! i wasn’t the first to comment dude! by the time i typed my whole thing sadanand n naveen were in! finally.. he he!
    and hey, pics were really superb man! they made the blog doubly amazing..


  5. Well I would like to add something here :o) When I joined Robosoft, well I was in a fix for reasons best known to Bhai.. Hain na Bhai!!! So there you go as always (Its one of his qualities) he was the one for me.. Prodding me and helping me whenever needed… In professional life and that too when u r a fresher its really important that you have a friendly person to whom u could go to clear all your stupid doubts… It was like this that our friendship started.. Well bhai… Tea jaate wakt bhut miss karunga tumbhe… Keep rocking… Catch ya in Bengalooru…

  6. Shrishail says:

    Good times when recalled later, they last longer and longer.
    I think this is the best give to all of us from your end.
    The snaps and well placed as per the situation.
    I just recalled my career at robosoft from the begining!!!

    Lekin, saaale mera doosra photo nahi mila kya???
    Maang leta to 4-5 achche khichwa leta 🙂

    Nice and memorable post.
    I just wanna say……

    “THIS IS IT!!”

  7. Ram says:

    I am blank… I don’t know what to write about my one of best Friend , Mohsin. Specifically we call him as “Attitude bro”,”Jamaal Malik”, LKB, Doug (The Hangover effect(Coz we used to drink and make this guy lost with pizza)) and finally Last minute entry was “Attidude bro” (Courtesy: Vinay Pateel :D)

    Let me start from the beginning, where we started out to be friends. The day we came down to udupi for the very first time for orientation program. After the work, I left you guys (You and Kiran) and went to B’lore.

    Next, we came project mates in College. We two enjoyed as hell while doing the project in Kiran’s room. Our fantasies were just can’t be written in words, Right? You know what I’m going to write next. Yes our Farewell party unfortunately we can’t be part of it due to report bindings: all were miserably freaking out situations :).

    Upon joining to Robosoft, let me tell you our first day. We came to udupi, settled in Brindavan lodge, then started looking for house to stay. On the way we met two friends (Raheem and Vivian) and they showed our first stay in Udupi. We walked around 2 to 3 KMs. All were very thirsty and hungry. So our first day lunch was “Chay and Bun” :D. What a way to start our journey in remote place.

    Then the journey was literally tough for me. You were there to sort the things out, to help me and always keeping me in high spirit. I even remember the day in Pisces. Few months later your parents came, we went to agumbe with great Gang and had lot of fun. Bread Jam fun, Kiran’s miserable stunt in bus, Rendezvous all Guru’s Visit, all went well. Then I left the room, i even don’t know why.

    Then I and you met some friends and chain of friendship increased. Abhay,Avi,Shrishail,Naveen,Satish, chetan and many more. In fact you were the person made me so close to these buddies. Our hungamas were just awesome.
    Cock’s and Mock’s , Down town parties, Pizzas, Zebra, tigress, lion all animal package (he he..:D) and taking parcels from Hot n Spice and enjoying in our room. Even cops, accidents, after party puking, bikes, Paan,Transformers 1 and 2 in adlabs, every thing is just “Perfect” for Bindas life.

    Even you were there when my health was not good. You came at 3 o’clock night and You were there for me. Thanks 1000 tons for being my friend dude. You are helpful in every situation, not only for me for every body.

    And finally Goa trip made memorable with Dhoomshan Technologies in mind.
    I am thinking of ” We shall never be again we were”. But land of opportunity is calling you and we all will join there in a short span. If we can make it (Abhay, Shri, Naveen, and me) again “storm of shit begins”… Lets beat that shit.. JUST “BEAT IT”

  8. Abhay says:

    Really a superb post,
    whenever read will always bring a smile on all our faces.
    The days we spent here were priceless.

    We are surely going to miss Jamaal’s potti stuff
    jamaal’s first crushes( i dont know how cum its always the first when he has hundred of them, might be using retain count mechanism),
    and jamaal’s special lessons of the so called “Attttttiiiiiittttuuuu…….”, think all got it
    and many more….!

    Just be yourself and Enjoy !

  9. YPK says:

    Hi Sir( Rock star ),

    We really miss you very much here in Udupi. I don’t think in next weekends we go to our party office(Down town). I enjoyed every moment passed with you and our Dhumshaan team. I hope our dream DT(Dhumshaan Tech) will come true. You don’t worry I spoke with our buddy Steve Jobs about iPhone 3GS, they will be releasing it by the end of December. Tons of thanks to god for giving such a good friend. Thanks for your support and care bro and I expect it in my throughout life. And last thing I want to say is sorry…

    “ROCK IT”…

    Just beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it

    No one wants to be defeated

    Showin how funky strong is your fighter

    It doesnt matter whos wrong or right

    Just beat it, beat it
    -Dedicated to MOISH(ROCKSTAR)

  10. Shashank Lagvankar says:

    After reading this post, a person came to my mind …..CHETAN BHAGAT…

    Man …u can try writing a BOOK..who knows …that can b a BEST SELLER…:)


    AND….We will miss U….

  11. Chetan says:

    Dude mixed feelings after reading this,
    Sad because I missed a part of the excitment,
    Happy you are back in Bangalore, lets party !!!

    Plan a trip Salim Pheku

  12. @Sadanand: Hey dude, thanks for following my blog. And regarding the post, I just added whatever came in my mind. Din’t had much time as my relieving date was dynamic. :-). And Abhay..?? He is our star. Guitar..?? I am learning dude, playing guitar is vast. Anyhow when we meet next time I will play. Be in touch and keep visiting my stupid blog. All the best for you.

    @Naveen, our Guitar: Dude, thanks a ton for the comment. I wish you get some hair on your head. :-). Dude, it was not like running from Udupi. It was like coming out of my comfort zone and doing something big. Remember, Dhumshaan..?? we are gonna do it dude… And downtown and meeting..?? he he, coming down for your bro’s marriage…

    @Vin: You giving first comment..?? dude there are many reasons for that.
    1. When I write a post, I send it first to you n doc to review it once. Most of time, you like the post and you comment it immediately. Loads of thanks for that…
    2. Previous posts were bout your Mangalore trip. Remember, another rule I follow, once I write a post I will send first to the people whose names I am using in the post. So that, if they think something is inappropriate they will notify me so that I can remove some thing. 🙂 No offenses dude, I need fans to follow…
    3. You are my great supporter, so you add comment first 🙂

    Regarding farewell post: Ya dude, just wrote whatever came in my mind, did you read other comments..?? Check out dude, Abhay’s is awesome w.r.t my so called 1st loves… Dude, have lost couple of photos as I had kept in Kiran’s windows machine and his hard drive crashed. So few of the downtown, udupi n gadag pics have lost 😦

    Bout Udupi n Bengaluru: Dude, both are different. And I am already in love with Bengaluru, thanks to avi. Room is near to office only. And for us there is nothing difference between both the places. Guru had come down, so I dint felt anything strange bout Bengaluru…
    That’s why they call it as “Namma Bengaluru” dude… Feels like home.

  13. @Suhas: Dude, what’s up..?? Kya likha idhar..?? Kya kya toh phekh mat. I just did my duty, I knew you got loads of talent and din’t want lose that. So I just shared with you, whatever I felt good for you and the company. You were great dude, I just hope we will meet around somewhere. Bout tea and breaks..?? You will manage dude, still a year for you to finish your bond… 🙂

    Dhumshaan..? ya dude, we will… 🙂

    @Prasanna: Thanks a lot 🙂


    Hi Chote, missing you man. And this avi is crazy you know right. Regarding Udupi stint, dude those were the awesome moments we shared. Happy to know you guys went for downtown last time. So tradition is continued… 🙂

    Dude, I am happy ki initially we got clicked without any formal intro or something. I think it was our destiny to meet, like many things we have common. Now I am hungry, so I remembered Niyaaz… 🙂

    Your snaps: Theek hai ba, next time tere photos ke liye hi ek separate post likhta… Khush..??

    @Ram: Namaskaro anna(dude, avi’s n shri’s new names – Mudflap and Skids),
    Dude, its really nice to have a friend like you. With you I shared my initial days of my career. You know what all we faced to just survive.In the end, we did it dude… That to in style (Goa trip, downtown lot more)… Really man, gonna miss everything.

    Now life has another classic mix up dude, even bangalore is cool. So I am mixed with Bengaluru and Udupi :). And thanks a ton for adding bout your initial days and Udupi’s first lunch story. Dint had much time to add those. Anyways, happy ki you have added.

    And bout you not being well and pisces stuff..?? Even you used do the same thing, remember my carbon project and so called my live project(for 2 years..?? Crap dude… ). He he, classic mix up bro…

    For me the best part was you guys trusting on me, thinking Mohsin is there he will arrange to go back room and dinner stuff. I just loved being with you guys and doing my part whenever possible. Dude, forgive me for the things I did wrong…

    Just Beat it dude… Just beat it… \m/

  14. @Abhay: Dude, your’s is one of the nicest comment I ever received. Awesome dude, nice thought in that retain count mechanism. Frankly I got tears while laughing for it. Soon I will have a first crush as I am in rajajinagar (loads of potti’s near office and room as there as colleges in between, also bus stops… :-))

    Anyways dude, thanks a ton for supporting and helping me in stupid issues always.
    And Jamaal stuff..?? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    “It’s all bout attitude dude… :)”

    @YPK: Hey buddy, thanks for the comment, being patient with me. Don’t know what to say man, Udupi was cool. Leave it, not gonna repeat again. Regarding rock star, dude don’t call me that. One of my friend’s nick name is same, so it will be a conflict to have another object with same title… 🙂

    Regarding downtown..?? I know man, you guys will continue the tradition. Last week others had gone it seems, abhay had called me from Downtown, Dhumshaan Tech shortly it will come dude. iPhone 3GS..?? Forget it dude, I am planning for PSP till then, later when iPhone comes can take that. Lets see dude…

    And by the way, for what the fuck is the sorry man..?? Ha..?? sigh magane, baristeeni…
    And beat it..?? Ya dude, beat it… Thanks for the support via beat it…

    Post..? Thanks dude, you know how I wrote this post. Thanks to sir for my relieving date… 🙂
    Dhoomshaan..?? Ya dude, ya…

    Namaskaro anna, what is that Chetan Bhagat stuff..?? Kitna phekta hai tu maamu, where are his novels and where are my crazy and stupid novels… 🙂 Whatever dude, thanks for the comment and following my stupid blog.

    Miss you..?? Just gimme a call dude, I will be there for you… Thanks a ton for everything… 🙂

    @Chetan aka Captain:
    Thanks for following my stupid blog dude, really dude you missed many of the udupi stints. Goa stuff..?? You really missed it man.
    Anyways now back in Bengaluru, plan up then… Don’t make it like the recent Gadag meet… 🙂 🙂 🙂 You know what I am saying…

  15. Shrishail says:

    Hi Dude…
    See you in Belgaum. then, for the time being, we can consider the NIYAAZ as out DT.
    Lets ROCK ‘n’ ROLLA there together.
    Anyways, 1 thing we all were talking about is, out last DT visit, after you went off was something like a condolence. Dont mind, but i literally felt it that way.
    Saale to gaya bolke thoda thoda naachliye, teri yaad me.
    But Dalai LAMA (hope you got him) was dancing like anything!!
    You were the 1 who used to shout at us and bit more.

    Now, the area of Santhekatte has become Shaanthi-katte.

    Get back soon to us here in Udupi, will chill out again together (including .AVI and BIG GUY).

    Take care 🙂

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