I got Bangalored/My new year resolutions:

Hi guys,
Its been so long since I updated the blog, probably a month. That was due to I have moved from Udupi to Bengaluru, err Namma Bengaluru. Things are going great at my end, happy for everything. My parents, friends, roomie’s, and work is going great. I just regret for staying at Gadag for only 3 days. (Dad, really sorry…  I am sure, will get couple of leaves this time). Even couldn’t spent much time at Hospet, I met maamu’s in Hospet railway station for 5 mins. WTF dude…!!!
Bengaluru: Namma Bengaluru.
Dude, about Bengaluru. It is true for what people call it as Namma Bengaluru. I really felt like home. (Kindly forget avi as he made me to wait at railway station for 3 hours… :)). Bengaluru is about nice people, nice infrastructure, nice climate (freaking cold, cant go out without any hoods), nice cafes and restaurants and more importantly  well connected by all means.
For each and every bit, I am loving it… Bengaluru rocks… You know what it’s also called “Pub Capital Of India”.
About the post , I was thinking from last couple of months to change something in me or avoid something which I normally do. Trust me bro, I am serious with this list. Take it as my new year resolutions.
1. Pubbing.
Well, I need to stop pubbing at any cost, (screw you guys, don’t call me for your crazy parties.). It is crap, I never drink or smoke but need to be with you guys until late midnight. No proper food and sleep. Forget pubs, hotels, you guys even take me to god damn local bars (missing Aishwarya bar :)).
These days new trend started, get drinks at room and chill out until sun rises.
Smoke..?? Dude, I am gonna die before you all die. Some one said to me “Passive smoking is damn dangerous than active smoking”. At new flat, room has become a boiler(sort of water heater), so much smoke even mosquitoes doesn’t fly in room… Really…
2. Screw friends
He he, this cool… I am fed up of my god damn, freak friends. With these friends I have just roamed, did crazy stuff, wasted money, time and everything. Told you bout local bars and passive smoking. Its not bout smoke or something, dude around 4 in the morning I need to go and get the drinks.
I need to arrange for everything, snacks, places, music (forcibly I need to be a DJ), bike and blah blah… In short screw you guys…
3. Facebook.
I know I am addicted to Facebook, damn I need to stop that. I got all my friends, joined my favorite band’s groups, games and joined forums. So addicted for it, every time I always think of updating my Facebook status/what’s in my mind. So addicted that, I even forgot using orkut. :). Another best part with Facebook is I get various events, gig’s and parties invitation. I need to stop this all and save some bucks. Save..?? File Save right..??
4. No Metal / Head banging.
Boy, these days I have become a metal head. This is how it started, earlier during in engineering had listened to Metallica. Later it was in SJCE Mysore annual day last year where I saw KRYPTOS performing, I was stunned. Even though I was hearing KRYPTOS for the first time, I felt I knew all the songs. Felt like metal is in my blood.
Later it was in “The Big Gig, Manipal” where I saw “eXiled \m/” performing for Metallica covers and their own composition, thats it. I became an metal head, full head banging whenever I hear some Metal. Ask my roomie’s at night I will be with iPod touch listening heavy metal and head banging.
5. No T Shirts.
Ya, this is right. Got so many t shirts. I am fed up as I never wore all. Mom says she never saw me in formals it seems. And every month I buy couple of t shirts. Do you know after coming to Bengaluru in a month I got 5 t shirts..?? Could have bought some formals to wear for office, but dint. This is addiction dude… Literally.
6. No Movies.
Enough of movies. Udupi was full of going movies, even during last days it was adlabs, Mangalore. Don’t know how many movies we have seen. And at room did night outs to watch movies. Thanks for huge collections of movies and external hard drives there was no stop for movies.
7. No Magazines.
When I was in Udupi every month I used to get loads of magazines like Overdrive, TopGear, People, Week and India Today. The day I left Udupi there was a heap of books, felt sad to leave so many books. Even at home there are loads, I just to need to manage the stuff.
For Bengaluru, will avoid to get loads of magazines. But will be buying in a limited number.
8. No long drives/stints.
Long drives or night drives were crazy when I was in Udupi. Remember we used to ride on NH17 during 3 in the morning. It was crazy days, so not gonna repeat here. As Bengaluru is full with one ways and loads of traffic rules. Even need to watch out for TV9 reporters, as dad will be watching that overtime. So no long drives… 🙂
9. No picking/dropping friends.
Man I hate picking/dropping friends in the midnight. Used to leave people/pick them at midnight or any time. As it is an ritual for me, once I was left stranded at the bus stand, as the friend dint come and it was at midnight. Came to room and decided that will never do picking and dropping of friends.
10. No late night talks/discussions.
First of all we have office during week days and these guys my freak roomie’s stay awake until 2 simply discussing some random stuff. With this I cant have proper sleep. Do you know at least we need to have minimum 7 hours of sleep.
These days full laugh riots at room till 2, as Nandan (A budding actor and my another roomie, you guys need to meet him) and Avi share their best with us. Man, what to tell…
Thats it dude, I know many started to laugh with this post (Can hear Vin’s wicked laugh). And many amazed on what’s wrong with me.?? And Avi is gonna kill me for this. 🙂
Will do this for sure dude… \m/
I got Bangalored/My new year resolutions:

13 thoughts on “I got Bangalored/My new year resolutions:

  1. pradeep says:

    this is something!!!
    new year resolution ke naam pe kya kya bolu??
    i guess not all ur friends are gonna be ga ga over this blog..
    but u spilled out ur heart here
    i had heard tat ppl get very irritated if not frustrated in bangalore
    now i ‘ve heard enough
    first time i’m hearing abt bangalore as pub city he he all this time was hearing garden city ha ha
    i know abt ur t shirts and stuff dude it must be a massive collection by now!
    and don give up ur passions dude
    jus taper it out…
    i agree abt long drives at night though.. had some personal experiences too ask vin
    you rock man…

  2. Satish says:

    If you follow all these resolutions i’ll be the happiest roommate (But dn. know what next??), Since these resolutions reduce your talks by 50% 🙂 I love you god!!! Mohshya ni sudaraashi bittile.. Keep it up…

  3. Good now you are coming to our category 🙂
    But this all does not suit you, and please don’t joke ok.

    No T Shirts.??? whatever it may be , you look like a hero in all kind of dresses so no comments on this, hey don’t be serious ha, just kidding.

    ” Mohsin Kabhi nahi sudrega ee to sabhi ko pata hai :-), so why you are simply joking like all this?????????” common dude Rock rock and just rock.

  4. Vipin Tripathi says:

    I am reading first time your blogs and good to say that u are a good writer .
    try to write a book like chetan bhagat, may be you will be popular like him:):)
    No movies, No Magazines,No T-shirt, No late night talks…… are you trying to become saint.

  5. Vinay Pateel says:

    dude!! wow man you’re on the right track..

    your resolutions are great! kudos to them! (smirk smirk ;))
    i reall trust and believe you’ll succeed man.. you got it in you.

    1. pUBBING – yea the worst thing in the world is pubbing.. shit! i don’t understand why people go to those noisy places filled with stupid hot girls and yuck drinks n all.. brrr!!
    2. sCREW fRIENDS – damn right bro! friends… wtf dude, all they do is waste your time and everything else.. you should be a loner.. get out and get a single room and sit like a psycho all day dude, you’ll feel bliss!! (he he he..)
    3. fACEBOOK – whats that??!!
    4. nO hEAD bANGING – dude you need your head for other interesting things man.. don’t bang it else it’ll pop out and roll away into some gutter! (ho ho!)
    5. nO t-SHIRTS – perfect! thats the best way to sacrifice all worldly pleasures.. did you book your ticket for the himalayas? or you wanna do a ‘paada yatra’ to achieve ultimate nirvana?!
    6&7. nO mOVIES & mAGAZINES – they take you into an imaginary world and keep you high.. you’re taking the correct decision dude! bang on!
    8. nO lONG dRIVES – save petrol! if you don’t save it you’ll make “I AM LEGEND” a reality! (che che che!!)
    9. nO pICKING/dROPPING fRIENDS – who cares.. let them manage by themselves of go to hell!! (:D)
    10. nO lATE nIGHT tALKS – you already said it : 7 hours of minimum sleep! so stop reading this right now and fall asleep.. NOW!
    I have a few more suggestions – stop eating, drinking, coding, leading, dreaming, staring at cars/bikes, fantasising, sitting, standing, walking .. there, next stop is NIRVANA! do you feel it? yea? good!


  6. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the comments, I know many got freaked out. It was damn fun to express everything in words.

    @Doc: Just wrote whatever came in my mind. Initially I wanted to write bout bengaluru experience, later I thought new place, why not something new in my life. Analyzed myself and got these, believe me I had a wicked smile while writing the whole post 😉

    Really, Bengaluru is a “pub capital of India”. Will show you many (we need to start pubbing soon, waiting for my bike). Passion..?? Doing dude, will get guitar asap, lemme finish up this shifting stuff. Later can plan up well, Im loving it dude… \m/.

    @.Avi: Okay done dude… Tere liye kya…

    @Chetan: Mamu, I am damn serious. Really…

    @Satish: Dikha diya apna attitude…!!! Kya bolu le… 🙂

    @Sadanand: Thanks for the comment n support dude…

    @Vin: Dude, What to say..?? I just wrote the whole post keeping you, avi n guru in mind. It was freaking fun to write this post. I know many got freaked out, this is it dude… 🙂
    Dude, did you observe there are no slangs here..?? Thanks to rockstar dude, as these days we were in touch via some or other means and I reduced using slangs \m/. Sach mein dude, gonna be a pro blogger soon. Still in a learning phase dude, probably improvement. Wait for the next surprise… Need all your support.

  7. iSight says:

    wat a piece dude… no a master piece of u… but, u spill out the thoughts that were in ur mind for the past 21/2 years.

  8. rahul says:

    hi…i have 3 tb of hard drives…vtch includes movies,games,teleseries,music…i need some one who can exchange data from me….and can share data…plz contact me..my no is 9480035260.

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