a thought, observations on Software Engineers, Software Engineers..?? :)

These are my thoughts, which I think something is wrong with the attitude of the people who call themselves as Software Engineers/Corporates. I am not a big guy or an idol to judge on a person, just sharing my thoughts which I come across Software Engineers in my life. Even few of my friends share the same with me. No offenses in this list, if something is related to you or  hurts you. No names or nothing is mentioned.

The list starts here:

1. While going to office if a person wears the office tag from his room and wears it until he reaches room in the evening, then he is called as a Software Engineer.

I don’t know what’s wrong with people who wear their ICards from the bus stop. No idea why they wear it from their room, a status factor..?. It will be nice if they wear ICard when they are near to office gates and remove the card while leaving office. What say..?

2. If a person wears his company T Shirt during weekends, then he is called a Software Engineer.

Man, it is fine to wear the office T Shirt everywhere. But why cant you leave the stuff related to office on weekends and relax. Wear something nice, which makes you comfortable and fashionable, we know you are an Software Engineer. What say..??

3. If a person is wearing formals or a collar T Shirt and wears a branded sports shoes, branded watch and uses a office bag then he is a Software Engineer.

I am not saying you cant wear this, you can wear anything man. Just be comfortable on what you wear, don’t show off that you are a Software Engineer. The main point here is to wear which you feel comfortable, not to show others. What say..??

4. If a person uses his laptop to check mail during the weekends in a food court or in a mall, then defnitely he is an Software Engineer.

The other day, we saw a guy using his laptop in a crowded place and just moving folders from one side to others. Dam man, if you got really work why dont you go to office and wind it up..?? Why in a mall..?? What say..??

Software Guy
Software Guy
Just another software engineer
Just another software engineer

5. If a person goes to a good food chain or a mall, while paying the bill he removes his sodexo or travel or meal passes then definitely he is an Software Engineer. Rofl, I know its for tax saying but you got what I am saying what say..??

6. If a person goes to a mall, even though he knows local languages fluently but while talking to staff personals he speaks in English then he is a Software Engineer.

I am not saying you should not speak English or something, but dont show off you know English. Use it as a communication medium, suppose both the guys doesn’t know each others local languages that time use a common language, english or hindi.

The other day, me and ma friend were shopping some spectactles. There was a family, husband (full tummy n branded shoes), a over make up Aunty and two cute kids. One of the kid while playing trys go out of the shop, the Aunty scolds the elder kid to look the other kid in “ENGLISH”, later talks with husband in tamil and the shop guy in English. WTF, why english to small kids, tamil to husband n english to shop guy. Another status factor to say you know ENGLISH, or you an educated person. What say..??

Another day, while I was going to office in bus one lady missed her bus stop. She started to blast off lady conductor for not letting her know bout the stop in English. While the lady conductor is explaining her in kannada as she was busy with giving tickets and managing people. But this aunty still in English blasting of inEnglish. WTF, what say.??

7. If a guy uses a Blackberry or a Smartphone and starts speaking on the phone in bus in English then he is a Software Engineer.

Other day, ma friend was travelling in a crowded bus. A guy was on phone, ma friend asked him to move aside or move forward the guy on phone says, “Hey, I am on a  conference call”. WTF, what does he wanna prove man..??

8. If a guy goes to a hotel, not a posh or star hotel. And in the end asks to swipe his card then he is a Software Engineer.

The other day, a guy made a bill of some 80 rs, walked up to counter and was asking the owner why he doen’t have a swipe machine. The owner easily replied, what’s the need of a swipe machine when the bill is around 80 rs.

9. If a fully not handicap guy sits on the “Only for handicap bench” during daytime then he is a Software Engineer. No need to explain on this, just check out in forum mall, level 2. There is a bench for handicap people near westside.

10. If a guy talks bout office/project in restroom, then definitely he is a Software Engineer. Other day, I and ma friend had gone for a movie and during the interval in the restroom a guy was talking something, I dint even gave a dam care for it. Later he said bout server and client communication and also file transfers. WTF dude..!!!

Okay, end of the list. The main theme of this post is, suppose you ask  any one to give a description of a Software Engineer. Immediate his reaction will be like yuck, software people are this that, who are boosting themselves, they earn in terms of lakhs but thinks they have reached nirvana, but not morally correct. And still goes on.

I just wanna say guys, be yourself, be comfortable on what you do. Show some decent manners and attitude towards people as many will be watching you. If they like your deed/attitude many will definitely follow it. Remember, once or twice you also wanted to change the world. Dude, I just wanna say lets change the world by what we have learnt with our experiences and what we think which is right or wrong. What say..??

Other day I was shopping with my little sis. After paying the bills, I said thank you to the sales guy. Immediately sis asked why I said thanks to him. I said, being grateful to someone makes the person happy, end of it. Little sis started to thank people whenever she gets a chance. See dint I tell people will follow you when you do something good.

What do you say dude, what should be a role of an Engineer/an Corporate..?? Think.. think.. act.. we are professionals dude, we can make it..


a thought, observations on Software Engineers, Software Engineers..?? :)

20 thoughts on “a thought, observations on Software Engineers, Software Engineers..?? :)

  1. Dude,
    No offenses with this list, I just wrote whatever came in my mind. What I think is wrong, we can change man. I just wanna the image of a corporate should change. People should know a software engineer by attitude, deed not with show off and weird stuff.

    Sorry, just wrote. You can add to the list. Comments are invited dude, fingers crossed on your reaction.
    I just wanna say, we can do it. Rock dude..


  2. Vinay Pateel says:

    dude you did a good job slapping those nerds on their face.. hey wait, they’re not nerds they’re software engineers.. i like nerds, but software geeks – brrrr!!!
    no offense from my side too – software engineers who wanna show what they are, suck big time!
    but software engineers who are chill can be the best dudes anyone can meet.. right?

    nice work dude.. way to go.. you nailed em! he he..


  3. @Vin:

    Yo man, you got the point which I was saying. But we can change the ton on what we have learnt in corporate and share that with society. We can change a ton man.. What say.?? I just hope my other friends will not take this as an office, remember I am also software engineer, err a Mac Developer.

    Rock dude,

  4. Gajanan says:

    Dude .. Nice writeup .. You ‘ve pretty much exposed all the so called S/w nut heads .. Keep this post updated as and when you encounter more of these acts .. Till then Rock madi .. Cheers!

  5. @Gaja:

    Thanks a ton for your comment dude, as I said have just added where we can do a change. Dude, thanks a ton for your support man, thank god we are not like others which I mentioned. Will be updating the post, whenever other stuff happens..

    Rock..?? Freaking rock dude.. \m/

  6. Shashank says:

    Nice 1.

    Thats what today’s people think… I can say mainly INDIANS are like this who want to show something that they think others dont have…especially high salaried people……!!!!!

    I can say — We are ready to leave our own qualities for the sake PRESTIGE —

  7. Shaanib says:

    Ulti dude.. Nice collection.. I agree with u man.. but i feel more than s/w engineers its the BPO guys who show off with english and other stuffs.. what i hav heard is most of the engineers in common are very poor in english literature..

    Anyways whoever they r as u said “lets change the world by what we have learnt with our experiences and what we think which is right or wrong” 😉


    SMILE: A curve that can set a lot of things straight! 🙂

  8. Dreaming about Ibanez says:

    Jamaaaaaaal…Badiya hain…I was wondering which category you fit into..ha ha ha…Just kidding…Nice post

  9. Gautham says:

    Good One dude… Very nice observations and very well written. Even i have seen all these samples in Bangalore. We feel disgusting when people try to act what they are not and try to portrait something other then what they are not. As Gaja told add up more of ur experiences here. Keep Rocking as u always do… I know u will be happy to see that i have replied..:-) ha ha ha. Rock Bhai.

  10. Dreaming about Ibanez says:

    All my sourcebits friends are like that ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 No formalities…meant to be offensive 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. @Shashank: Dude, thanks for adding your thoughts. Gotta change a ton man, \m/ for support.

    @Shaanib: Ya dude, just penned down my thoughts. And the point I wanna say here we learn a lot in the corporate world, why cant we share or show the attitude in the society. 🙂

    @Dreaming bout Ibanez: Dude, nice name you gave yourself. Cant wait for the hands on, jaldi khareed miya.. Hey I gotta show you something, comedown to room this weekend. I am sure you will gonna smile a ton :. And office ka naam mat le maamu, “this fine, what I am saying is you can make it better”.. rofl man..

    @Gautham Seth: Bhai, thanks a ton for the comment and the best part even you have seen the samples. Bhai, nice word “samples”. Cant stop laughing.

    @Abhi: Thanks a ton dude.. 🙂

  12. Suprita says:

    Ur blog is as good as a tight slap on the so called TYPICAL IT’ian 🙂
    Summing up all the instances is excellent!!!… CHEERS!!!

  13. @Suprita:

    Thanks for the comments, I never thought I will get such a huge response from everyone. Glad, you got my point. Wait for more then.. 🙂

  14. Rajeev says:

    Nice thoughts dude!!! – these things are due to hypocrisy, insecurity and a lack of intellectual growth. Two kinds of persons indulge in such cheap show off – The first lacks something, is insecure about it and tries to artificially give an image to deal with his own insecurity. The other one is someone who has gained something just recently and is not able to cope up with his success or he is too enamored of the new people and lifestyle which surrounds him currently. He may be ashamed of his past and wants to distinguish and separate himself from his past.

  15. Okay, I am totally guilty of Point #8 although i’m not a software engineer. Sometimes I’m just happy with the fact that i don’t have to lug around with loose change when i can go swipe happy with my plastic money 🙂 Just my two cents here 🙂

  16. adam hodgins says:

    woah.. what an article.. well my dream is to become a software engineer.. and i was so egoistic about it.. but after reading these words.. i felt that there are no reasons to get egoistic about it.. it’s true that SEs earn millions and they get so many respect and they are master minds.. but showing off it in public makes them idiots.. thank you for clearing my mind..

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