The Train

The Train:

I love waiting for the train to come,
I love watching the train enter the crowded platform casually whistling its way,
I love watching people getting board amid the noise,
I love helping people to get their seat,
I love exchanging my berth’s for others comfort.
In short train teaches me to be flexible and patient with others.

I love the sound of the train, its kinda in a regular pattern,
I love the rattle of sound it creates while it crosses a sleeper below,
I love the sound when it switches to other track,
I love the sound of hustle which is created by a crossing train in a high speed.
In short train teaches me there is a rhythm in life, and tells me “find your rhythm dude”.

I love the tea which they sell in the train, which is a pure pleasure while sipping.
I love the food we get in the train.
I love the pantry car in the long distances train.
I love watching people travelling in the train,
I love watching people finding peace in travelling as they are out of their complex lives.
In short the train teaches me to find out the pleasure in life, it may be even in small things
like sipping a tea, a smile, a chat with a stranger, sharing food with someone.

I love keeping my head on window and see the world whizzing away,
even at the same time I can see new land or world coming up…
I love hanging at the door, feeling the breeze,
watchin the whole world pass in a glimpse.
I love train passing each city telling me bout the city details and tells me
“Hey Moish, this city has beautiful history and in ruins now”..
In short train teaches me to hope for the best and learn from the past.

I love watching the train crossing the rivers,
I love train tearing down town mountains via tunnels,
I love watching the train racing with other vehicles in a parallel road,
I love watching the train going through mountains which comes in way,
I love the stopping of the train at a red signal, waiting to turn green, to proceed further,

Another thing I learnt from the train, things come and go,
things make us to stop, things defeat us until we are grounded,
things make us to wait, things take our time, things divide us from our loved ones,
But the train says, never look back Moish, keep moving n keep doing well bro…

Hey Vin, I have accepted the past and moving further with my life trying to realize my dreams.

I love waiting for my station to come so that I can meet my loved one at the station
and get a ROCKSTAR hug…


Watch out.. Its red signal..
Watch out.. Its red signal..
In the door... Train Length...
In the door... Train Length...

The Train

24 thoughts on “The Train

  1. Vinay Pateel says:

    kya ba blog se poetry karne lag gaya.. that too full emotional…
    hmmmmm dude i’d never thought in this perspective.. the tea served in the train.. helping out passengers etc.. its all usual but never consciously thought of it.. cool be again a nice write.. enjoyed it.. took me for a ride! 🙂
    i know about the rockstar hug dude.. you still get it right? jus chill dude.. life goes on – just like the train..

    keep rolling dude..

    rock n rolla!

  2. @Vin:

    Dude, this I wrote half of it in train only. Remember last weekend had gone home, wrote it in my boring cell be (I know I need get a new one). The points came out as a flow, what can I do..??
    Glad you liked it, can edit and put some more words I just prepared a draft and added here.

    Anyways, rock n rolla dude…

  3. Gajanan says:

    Awesome dude .. never gave it a thought while travelling in trains .. you have brought out even the minutest of details .. the way u have presented it .. Blown dude .. good one 🙂

  4. Gautham says:

    Good one dude.. Nice Attempt. Am sure u will come up with good one soon..
    Even i like to hang on the door and feel the breeze.. But be care full dude…

  5. Dreaming about Ibanez says:

    Wah Wah Wah…

    Kabhi na dekha… jamaal ka yeh andaaz (Wah wah bolo padne walo kamino!)
    Kabhi na socha bhi … ke jamaal ka hain aisa andaaz ….

    Ke naseem ke jaise chale unke kalam
    Kare rab tum par hamesha karam….(Kya baat hain, kya baat hain)

  6. Prashant Karamadi says:

    Nice one mohshyaaa…

    It took me back to college days when we used to travel between Bagalkot n Gadag on meter guage.. We used to sit @ the door space n used to wait for Guledgudda station to get some snacks.. :)’

    Cheers dude… keep rocking…

  7. pradeep says:

    Dude! This is good!
    It represents a full circle in your writing career:)
    Its well presented and structured. Same time it has got your signature simplicity and from the heart attitude.It shows how your thinking about what you write has changed….you have used the visual and auditory cues very well it makes it easy for anyone to imagine the scene.. and its such a common scene… as most ve expressed here it makes people think (those who usually don’t think;))
    I’ve travelled a lot by train all my life and I can connect to this.. Because this is open, anyone can connect to this and be a part of the spirit this conveys.. Its much better than writing abt ur parties.. not that they were not good;)
    For us the major station used to be Guntakal.. train used to stop there a lot and i used to enjoy there a lot. Even though i’ve mostly travelled with family travelling alone has a charm of its own and its lovely! After coming to Mangalore had reduced train journeys by lot but now im back to trains again it feels good!
    Good work dude keep it up!!

  8. Rockstar says:

    Dude! Nice to see that u wrote another poem:) wel glad that after singing out ur previous poem as a song u got inspired to write one more… actually when i read this poem i was so surprised that u were able to write a poem on the simplest n most common topics!! i mean we usually never attempt to write a poem on a topic of things which we use in day to day life ! But u did a great job! The best part in ur poem is that u write about things that people can relate to …. unlike many great poems that we cant make head and tail of!! we would even need a dictionary to decipher such poems!! That spoils the fun of reading the poem! But thats not the case with ur poems!Ur poem was so descriptive that i felt as if i was the one sitting inside the train n experiencing travelling!!Keep up the good work dude! On the flip side i did find a tad bit of grammar errors though its forgiven:)And the repeated use of the phrases in the beginning of each line had a beauty of its own though at times it felt a little bit monotonous..But the poem as such is very beautiful n im sure all would wait for ur next poem:)Kudos to u!

  9. somesh says:

    nice way of making use of time in the train and even better that you are showing others about your perspective of looking at a train journey
    nice write 😀

  10. Vipin Tripathi says:

    bhai itni saari cheeje hum train se sikhte hain mujhe aaj pata chala good observation . u r writing skill is improving day by day. keep it up 🙂

    and also good topic for blog.

  11. tawkeer says:

    are yaar itna zyada love ka istimaal kiya hai……ab love kya hai samaj nahi aaraha hai…..baki blog pad kar fir comment karunga!!!

  12. tawkeer says:

    mohsin bhai nicely written yaar…….badi sundur poem hai….
    waise yaar tumhe train itne pasand hai pata nahi tha……i like trains too….haan yaar train se nikalne ke baad koi hug ke umeed mat karna….!!
    aur yaar jaldise agli blog entry karna yaar…..
    And to end this i gotta say…..u must really shift ur room to a train boogey!! 😉 (kiddin)

  13. @Gaja: Blown..?? What was that..?? 🙂 Thanks for summing it up dude.

    @Da\m/: Yeh toh kuch nahi hai bhai, random stuff.

    @Saket: Phek mat saale, thanks for visiting and adding up an comment.

    @Gautham Seth: Thanks bhai, nice to see you following. And hanging at door, ya I am careful know the risks. I am looking for a chance to travel with you, that to in train..?? Evil grin bhai.

    @Dreaming bout Ibanez: Got you maamu, aur yeh kya phekh raha hai tu..?? Aur ye jamaal kise bola re..??

    @Shashank: Ya dude, thats true… But where the hell are snaps…??

    @Parshya: Good old days dude, dont brag bout that door stuff here, I know one day dad gonna see this and kill you and me for sitting at door. And by the way its not Guledgudda station, it was hole alur station. What man, you forgot..?? 🙂

  14. @Doc: Dude, thanks a ton man. You dont know how much happy I am as you liked this. Told you right how I wrote that. I know you are still bragging bout this, remember what you said bout “The Train” to Guru at the balcony. I was on cloud 9 that time dude… I am waiting for a chance to travel with you dude, don’t know what is their for us in life. Leh..?? Lets see dude, thanks for the comment. I think more than that post, the comments are worth for me. \m/

    @Balachandra: Nothing much dude, just a few random thoughts.

    @Rockstar: OMG, look who has commented here. I cant stop grinning, you know why. Thanks for pointing out mistakes dude, grammatically and monotonous. Will work out on those. Lets see what I will get in my mind to write about it. Dude, is “The Train” really beautiful…?? Pinch me dude… \m/

    @Guru: Stop talking nonsense.

    @Somu – The Sid: Dude, wassup bro… Nice to see you here, and you my follower amazing need to tell this to dam Vin. 🙂

    @.avi: Baddi magane, what an perspective you have man. Amazing KF point, did I say KF…?

    @Tawkeer: Ya dude, got your point. So when you coming down here man, its been long time since we met in college. 🙂

  15. Vinay Pateel says:

    dude awesome blog following! nice to see so many people interested in your blog, and better even they like it! 🙂

    superb dude.. need i say your blog following is growing at a train’s length! 😉

    rock n rolla dude!

  16. Awesome stuff, straight from d heart(don’t tell just random lines)… Indian railways is in ur DNA 🙂
    Would like to add some lines:

    I Love to watch children making noise, running through each n every compartment,
    I Love watching people playing cards,
    I Love to see hawkers entering my compartment at every station,
    I Love trying the new taste of each place,
    I Love to get down before it stops and love to catch when it is running,
    I Love stepping down at every station, exploring it…
    IN short the train reminds me how beautiful this world is, how colorful life is….

    1. Hi Alpana,

      Thanks for the following. Well yeah, it came up pretty well. Was travelling in train, later got the idea, wrote it in mobile, later finalized it at home.

      Sure, your lines also will add, will modify the poem again and these. Went through “The Train” again, found out many mistakes, I can be better more, will update that also with your lines.


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