a dream come true: RCB v/s MI match

A dream come true: RCB v/s MI match.

I and my friend Ganesh just punched our tickets at the entry of gate 11, we started to run towards the stadium. We found out, there were four rounds of steps to climb (around 36 steps). Without thinking, we started to run as if there is no tomorrow, climbing as many as steps in a single step. The excitement was killing me, I just wanted to be here. That’s it, watching play Sachin in a stadium is a dream come true to everyone.

As we entered our gallery, I saw 40,000 people in a single place, cheering for Sachin, RCB n MI. There I see Sachin giving the interview after the toss, holy shit dude I can see Sachin with my bare eyes. Sachin in front of me? Is this a dream? Is this any prank played on me? Some one please pinch me. I can’t believe am here and I saw Sachin with my bare eyes.

I had another glance of stadium which is filled with fans, I still can’t believe I am here for the dream match which I wanted to go badly. I got excited, mad, mania, psycho.

It took couple of minutes, messages, calls for me to come back to normal, to realize this is not dream its real.

Match tickets.
Match tickets.
Welcome aboard.
Welcome aboard.

Glimpse of the stadium.
Glimpse of the stadium.
Display screen.
Display screen.

It was a lazy Saturday morning, I just wanted to sleep whole of the weekend. As in the previous night me n my roomie (Guru) had did the Expressway stint. I WANTED to sleep, it was Ganesh’s call made me to jump around. He said, “Dude, there are two tickets for today’s match shall we go or what?”. I immediately agreed for that (sorry for everyone as we managed to get only two tickets), thanks a ton for Girish Kolari for arranging us tickets.

My roomie dropped until Jayanagar around 1 battling out the traffic in and around the boring BTM. Met Ganesh and we headed to collect our tickets from a friend. Met that guy within couple of mins, took our tickets and started moving towards Majestic again battling out with traffic around KR Market.

I was in a feeling as the whole world against me, stopping me to watch the match. But with our excited spirits for the match nothing stopped us. We finally made it, Ganesh bought an RCB T and we queued up for the entrance at Gate 11. It was long queue, but nothing stopped us. Me and Ganesh were enjoying every moment, looking at people who showed up in different colors and huge spirit to support their favorite team.

It was around 4 and we still in the queue at the Gate. We heard a loud sound BANG… Grr.. We thought some it was some firework or something, within couple of minutes there were few ambulances at the spot. We figured out something wrong, called up Guru to check out in TV. He told us some generator blast and three injured. Generator blast at gate..??

Anyhow nobody got panicked, everyone were still in the queue. Everyone made way for ambulances and police personnels, we still dint figured out on what happened. Later Guru called up and said match delayed for an hour, we both relieved as we would get to see the whole match.

Sachin taking his stance.
Sachin taking his stance.
RCB flags on high.
RCB flags on high.

The match started with a bang, MI opted to bat first. Eh..? Sachin will open the innings, crowd went crazy when Sachin and McLaren took the crease. Hence one of my dreams or bucket list to watch Sachin play got real. Initially MI played at a less pace, later Sachin hit 3 fours in a row. I still remember the shots, one at point, one at cover and one at mid on. Those were drooling shots, as a Sachin fan I saw his signature shot of hitting at point.

In the 6th over Sachin gets out, MI were low in score and RCB were in full form. Rayudu comes for one down, he started with a bang, a huge six. Then another one. Then he got out with 46 runs in 27 balls with 4 sixes. Damn, now the whole match turned. MI were going strong.

And now comes Pollard. The Carribean Tornado (or Pirate from Carribean), this guy hit an hatrick of sixes for Pankaj Singh, Pollard made sure ball ran in all directions of the stadium. He got out for Kumble, 20 out of 7 balls. Wow what a knock!!!

Then comes Duminy, my idol. As in last IPL and against Australia he had played well and an innings against England made him my hero. I just loved to be at the stadium as all my dream players playing in a pitch. The fireworks from Duminy started before I realized. Even he hit a couple of mind blowing sixes, best part was we could watch the action in large screens also. Cheer leaders..??

At the end of the innings MI put a huge total of 191 against RCB.

It was a huge total for RCB to chase, but i was confident that Manish Pandey and Kallis will get a good start. But no, it was a bad start for RCB, they were going with a pace of 6 rpo. Any how Manish and Kallis managed to play some shots. But alas, Manish got out for 16 runs with 2 fours. Then comes KP, Kevin Pietersen.

Crowd gets mad, I get mad. It’s KP man. KP. But for next run Kallis gets out and Dravid comes to crease. Dravid..?? Wow, another icon to watch him play. Best part, KP and Dravid in crease what else you expect..?? Fireworks..?? Hell ya…

MI getting on the field.
MI getting on the field.
Manish N Kallis taking the strike.
Manish N Kallis taking the strike.

Both managed to hit couple of runs here and there, with their signature shots. But Dravid gets out for 16 runs. Slowly match started to shift towards MI. Next comes Uthappa and KP gets out while hitting. Damn, RCB in real trouble now. To the rescue comes Ross Taylor (Shashank you missed it dude.)

During this time, dad calls me up on phone saying it was not generator blast it was an bomb blast. Shit, an bomb blast..?? Convinced dad saying I am safe and told him to callback soon as match gets over.

RCB started to lose a wicket for every over. Somewhere Virat Kohli played some good shots with an 37 runs. In the end, RCB managed to score 134 runs and MI winning by 57 runs. Wow, what a match I wished RCB had won, anyways it was worth it.

Me, Abhay N Ganesh.
Me, Abhay N Ganesh.
"Uthapaa, Hodiyappa..."
"Uthapaa, Hodiyappa..."

Dream come true for me, later while coming back there I see Abhay. Couple of hugs as both cant believe we watched the match in stadium. For Abhay Sachin is an huge idol, he just loves Sachin. Best part, we did it dude.. We did it.

Finally everything went well, reached room after dropping Ganesh to his room, by that time even Guru was there in room. Had tons of chat with him and of course smoke and called it end of the day and went to bed. As next day was going to Vellore, off course road trip, wait for the road trip blog.

P.S: Read bout a guy in paper who was injured in blast, he lost his right eye, still in hospital. Buggers dude… Why dude..?? Why terror..??



More pics of the match in my facebook album:


a dream come true: RCB v/s MI match

12 thoughts on “a dream come true: RCB v/s MI match

  1. Gajanan says:

    Dude .. I’m so jealous you watched the match without us that too a dream match RCB MI .. hehe anyways happy for you .. It’s really a treat to watch Sachin bat live .. I’m sure you will remember this moment forever and also nice to see Abhay .. die hard fan of MI 🙂 Remembered over cricket practice back in Udupi for Robocup!! 🙂 Good old memories .. Well again nicely written dude .. keep goin!! Cheers! 🙂

  2. Vinay Pateel says:

    dude again original moish shtyle! what a knock 😉 he he!
    nice one dude.. even though i’m not interested one bit in cricked i dint get bored reading this he he..
    what with the 40,000 fans and your bucket list getting a tick mark..
    good work bro!

    as always..

    keep rolling..

    and of course..

    lets Rock N Rollaaaa! \m/

  3. @Gaja: Sorry dude, I tried to get a dozen tickets but couldn’t. Anyhow you saw the other match na, watching Sachin play is everyones dream. I am happy as I was there, Robocup and Abhay. Dude, we stil cant forget on how we lost that day, you need to see Abhay when we talk bout it. \m/ for Abhay man… “Light le re…”

    @Vin: Hey Vin, I really wrote this after so many days. I am trying to get more exclamatory in my blogs, did you notice there are less slangs..?? See, told you I am progressing. Will do it, now got MAC will try to write, blog and share more dude… Bucketlist..?? I dont know what is next for us. 😛

    \m/ for life and RockNRolla…!!!!

  4. Shashank says:


    U were lucky enough to see Sachin n Dravid….I didnt believe when u messaged me that u were in stadium..

    But bad part was RCB lost the match..:(

  5. pradeep says:

    hey dude
    another spinner from you
    this was very descriptive of course i cant follow much of it but i know this was good description
    good going dude
    i was worried abt the blast and all tat day called guru to confirm tat u were ok and all cause ur phone was not reachable.. .then finally confirmed
    dude the poing is as u put it…u did it!!
    its one of ur dreams… and now another of ur passions is in ur hand…
    great going dude…

  6. @KarMarKar: It was dream come true, never thought I will see the match as I dint get the tickets. It was Kolari who made it possible. It was worth it, don’t worry next IPL/ any match in Namma Bengaluru we can go.

    @Doc: Yo dude !!!
    Thanks for comment, could have wrote more but dint wanted to elaborate. Tried to reduce as much as possible, best part no more slangs from now onwards. Going great wit MBP, wait for next stint. Dont know what is next in life, may be an iPhone or an something bigger. \m/ for life.

    Blast ..?? Don’t ask dude, kinda horrible situation. I still remember the sound. If next time something happens again, dad will tell “Tu kaam veem karne ki jaroorat nahi ghar aaja abhi”.

  7. Vinay Pateel says:

    ha ha!
    waiting for next post…
    waiting for next post…
    waiting for next post…
    waiting for next post…
    waiting for next post…
    waiting for next post…
    waiting for next post…
    waiting for next post…

  8. Awesome experience buddy. Even though i was not there that day, I could see the excitement, the crowd as I was going though yo post. I had been to chinnaswami when India played against Aussies in a test match. Even though it was test match, being in the stadium watching such great stars is defiantly a dream come true.. But IPL.. that too MI vs RCB… man… certainly missed the fun.. .. hmmm.. some other time 🙂

  9. Abhay says:

    This was my dream come true as well. Watching the ‘God of Cricket’ play in front of me. I had never thought i will get to watch this match till the last day before match. Even After getting the tickets(3 of them) one of my friend laid back only to send me to watch the match as i was Sachin’s Fan

    @Mohsin: Superberb Blog dude with nice pics. I have not seen matches at other stsdium but
    M. Chinnaswamy Stadium was a memorable experience… Cheers to RCB and Namma Bengaluru…

  10. @Vin: Paagal hogaya tu, sach me… June 10 \m/

    @Guitar: You be there only man, you are so called “SETTLED” there. Taklya saala…

    @Sunil: Hey Sunil, nice to see your comment here. Thanks for following dude, regarding match..?? It was amazing dude, a dream come true. Wrote the post for the friends who missed it. Glad you liked it, next match we all go together in a huge group. Lets see, Chinnaswamy stadium..?? Its an one best and great stadium, it even won an award for being a best stadium.

    @Abhay: Dude, your comment in the blog made my day. I knew man, it was an dream for us to see Sachin play, we did it. When you said you also in Stadium, you should have seen my face smiling. And great hug to your friend who helped you to attend match, definitely will meet him asap, Shashank right..??

    A huge cheers to RCB and Namma Bengaluru… !!!

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