How FACEBOOK, TWITTER and social networking has helped me.

Dude, I am real pissed off or irritated as I don’t know how many people have said me on how much I am addicted to Facebook and Twitter. Many asked me why Facebook ? Why Twitter..?? What’s the use of Social Networking.? So this post is for the people who are fed up or who don’t know how much powerful the social networking sites are. Or How these sites helped me professionally and personally. This is my approach and how Social Networking helped me in everything…
Lets get started with small introduction to these sites. I am just considering here, Facebook and Twitter. Ya I know about ORKUT, but I have moved over from it when I have other sites which are far better than ORKUT.
What is Facebook.?
Facebook is a social networking site created by a harvard geek called Mark Zuckerberg, it seems he had fought with his girl and was occupied with her thoughts while he was in his dorm room. To avoid her thoughts he created a site called Which he used to display two pictures and would ask user “Hot Or Not”. For the images Zuckerberg hacked into harvard campus database, obviously he was charged over security which were later dropped. Earlier it was used only his campus, it became instant hit due to facebook’s minimalistic UI and robust features like “Like”, “Comment”, “Group and Pages” etc.
What is Twitter.?
Twitter is another social networking site which provide micro-blogging service where you can broadcast your messages to your followers within a  limit of 140 characters. Here the people/ your friends who follows you are called as “followers”. Here the followers are same as friends in Facebook or Orkut. The main feature of Twitter is it allows you to send or read other users updates, which are referred as Tweets.
Okay, lets get back to my post. So here I am listing few points why I use Facebook and Twitter.
1. Friends:
– Facebook: Wow, what to say. I got connected with my friends with Facebook. The “Friends Suggestion” feature in Facebook is an awesomest feature to see in a site. The suggestion feature has helped me to get connected with my ROCKSTAR friends, Colleagues and off course my College friends. Forget college, Facebook has helped to get connected with my School friends. Tell me who doesn’t wants to get connected with their friends..?? Apart from that guy who is an freaking INTROVERT.
– Twitter: In Twitter you cant add others, but others need to follow you. So they are called as followers. These days even Twitter started the suggestion feature. But Twitter is also cool to get connected with the people you know. With Twitter I am following various people in technology, Mac and iOS development geeks, social groups and etc. There tweets help me to be updated on the various trends and technologies going out there. Don’t forget my work seniors, who keeps tweeting on various stuff which I love to follow.
Facebook home page…
Facebook home page…
Twitter home page…
Twitter home page…
2. Applications:
Both the sites are integrated with Applications likes Friends Suggestion, Birthday’s, Notes, Events, Games and etc. I normally use Friends Suggestion app to get back in touch with my friends. Where as the Birthday’s app helps me to know my Friends birthday. And many knows how much I remember friends birthdays. So the birthday’s app keeps me informed of who will be gonna kicked next for their birthday.
3. Profiles, Status updates, Photos, Music, Links and Videos:
One can create an account and create an Profile by adding his personal and professional details. With Profiles, others can know what you are. Even you can know about people visiting their profiles. Facebook is so clever, with the help of your profile it can suggest other as your friend if someone has same kind of interest or same contents of your profile.
One can update their status, or anything they want to share via Status updates or tweeting it. You can write it anything, so that it will be helpful to others. It can be any link, regarding automobiles, photography, networking, technical or anything you feel its worth to share. Trust me, it has helped me a ton by sharing and by looking into what others has shared.
You can share your photo albums, videos and music which you like. This may help to others what’s up with you. It can be anything man, its upto you what you want to share. Some may get offended do we really need to share..?? As I said, its upto YOU…
4. User Interface
The sites are Web 2.0 sites, they are detailed to have a minimalistic and appealing UI. Both Facebook and Twitter are known for their great UI, feasibility and security. I can say, these sites RAISED the bar for UI in Web Industries. Everyone is following them.
5. Groups/Pages
Another feature in Facebook I loved is the Groups/Pages features. Celebrities, Sports, Bands and everyone can create their own Pages/Groups. I have just joined to my favorite celeb’s and teams or what I love to do. You have a interest or hobby.?? search for a page and you will get that. Try to go for official ones so that you will get genuine and latest updates on your favorite celeb’s and everything.
I feel closer to my favorite bands, people by joining their Groups/Pages as I get to their latest updates via statuses, pictures, videos and off course what they think…
6. Events
The Events application lets you to attend various events, where its your event or your friends event. Forget our events, you can get invitation of the events which is organized by your favorite band/sports personality etc.
With the help of events I was able to attend various GIG’s of KRYPTOS, DEMONIC RESURRECTION, eXiled, Lounge Piranha and tons more. And please don’t forget the Chris Pfeiffer’s stint… \m/ awesome…
7. News feed and Notifications.
News feed lets you know what all your friends are doing, whoever does anything you will come to know their actions via News Feed. This will make sure, you know what’s going at other end.
The Notifications features let you know to follow up your actions by you, your friends and others via comments, likes, tagging etc. For example someone tagged you, you will get you a notifcation saying you got tagged. So you no need to worry to look into your profile all the time, just check your notifications and it will let you know what to do…
8. Tagging
The tagging feature allows you to tag yourself and your friends in Photos, Videos and your status. This helps you link something with others and others will get notified on what you wanna say. Suppose you wanna ask some opinion to a particular person you can tag them in your status. This helps you let know that you are talking to specific person.
9. Secure – restrict, give rights to anyone we need.
Trust me, these days the sites are so secure it will allow’s you to give access to view some stuff to a particular person. It will hide others to watch your profile and photos.
10. Likes and Comments
Tell me who doesn’t want to get appreciated by people or also get criticized. With the help of “Like” and “Comment” we come to know what people are thinking. Anyhow you don’t get “dislike” option, but you can write you don’t like via comment. Via comments we can easily get to know the mentality of people on something.
For me, the social networking helped me to get in touch with my pal’s, my favorite bands, technical and social stuff I love to do. It has also allowed me to win a “Lounge Piranha” T shirt, a “Dodge Viper” die cast car model from TopGear India, won a Hard Rock Cafe’s pass for an event, helped me to attend Chris Pfeiffer event (which I am lucky to attend that) and tons more.
When it comes to get connected with people, for me it has helped me to be in touch with everyone. I can easily say I am not part of the Social Networking, they are part of my life. They Complete me… \m/
I just wrote whatever came in my mind, could have written more but this is fine. Your idea’s or feedback are welcome via comments…
How FACEBOOK, TWITTER and social networking has helped me.

13 thoughts on “How FACEBOOK, TWITTER and social networking has helped me.

  1. Vinay Pateel says:

    spot on bro! again a good write – entertaining & informative at the same time – very cool!

    there’s a lot of power in the social networking sites dude, not many can harvest it but when and if you can actually make the most out of it – there are no limits..
    like i met a guy in a train who’s a freelance photographer and he operates out of facebook – all of his portfolio and networking and business is through facebook.. real cool!

    and from my side to the people who talk bad about these sites or any damn thing in the world for that matter – if you don’t like it, JUST LEAVE IT! don’t degrade it at least.. he he..

    my fav part in this post was – there’s no “dislike” button :)) laughing dude! :))

    loved it.. keep writing bro..


  2. anup says:

    Nice writeup dude.!! It explains about two happening sites in layman terms.LinkedIn is also a very good platform for career orientated people. Hope we see next writeup from you about LinkedIn.All the best!!Keep writing 🙂

  3. Gautham says:

    Abhi mein kya bolun yaar.. Sab kuch baaki doston ne bol diya… Good Writing dude… Aur jaise maine socha tha.. Abhi there writings mein maturity zyada hai… No “hehehe’s” and all..
    Good work Bhai..

  4. A good article for people pestering with the “WHY’s”.
    LinkedIn is also a form of professional Social Networking which most of the professionals are unaware of. I think you need to have a post sometime on that. Good work Mohs!

  5. Lenin says:

    Dont know who are all those making those comments. but really these things connected to one and all… So get connected…

  6. @Vin: Thanks for the comment bro, the reason I wrote this was like I was frustrated on people telling me how much I use Facebook, so wanted to tell how much it has helped to connect with people and do the things I love. I would have wrote more, but dont wanna keep the post long and boring. Anyways, we on a roll now… \m/ for life and everything…

    @Damo bhai: Thanks for the following bhai, when is your blog getting updated with a post on engineering life..?? Waiting…

    @Anup: Thanks a ton for your comment dude, linkedin..?? Ya forgot, even I dint wanted to drag the length of the post. Just came up with basics. 🙂

    @stillDreamingAboutIbanez: Thanks thanks, by the check on how you wrote the name. You following Cocoa and Coding standards. Great going then…

  7. @Gautham: Thanks dude, real thanks… You are with my blog from day 1. Yes, I learnt lot over writing these days, so “he he” and other stuff. Best part, even slangs… I have reduced those a ton…

    @MovieStudio: Wow, nice to see your comment in my blog. Thanks dude, linkedin..?? I just wanted to concentrate of Facebook and Twitter as dint wanted to drag. Sure will write next time.

    @Desmand: Thanks dude, real nice to see your comment. And glad to be in touch.

    @Narain: Yes dude, thanks for the following. To come up with a post, it takes time. But I try to write my own ideas and thoughts, so it will take time. Wait for next one, you just wait.

    @Rajeev: Thanks dude… \m/

    @Lenin: Hey, you still following blog. Good dude, gimme office id or use Facebook a ton everyone is here man… Get in touch…

    @Sudhir: Thanks miya…

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