Here I am, on the road again;

Dude, wrote these lines while going home last weekend. Inspired my Metallica’s “Turn the page” and the events happening in my life just wrote this. Feel free to appreciate and criticize, I don’t know why I am writing lyrics much these days. This has not come up well, but wrote whatever came in my mind. So this is it, “Here I am, on the road again”…

Waiting for Bus's turn…
Waiting for Bus's turn…
Here I am, on the road again;
waiting for my bus’s turn,
in the bus, here I go,
listening to my fav songs on PSP,
there I go, with a huge smile on my face,
to open up another chapter in my life.

I dont wanna say my time will come,
but I wanna say, it has come,
I thought its over when it happened,
but later I realized,
it is the beginning, beginnng for the change,
beginning for everything,
So here I am, on the road again…

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Here I am, on the road again;