Here I am, on the road again;

Dude, wrote these lines while going home last weekend. Inspired my Metallica’s “Turn the page” and the events happening in my life just wrote this. Feel free to appreciate and criticize, I don’t know why I am writing lyrics much these days. This has not come up well, but wrote whatever came in my mind. So this is it, “Here I am, on the road again”…

Waiting for Bus's turn…
Waiting for Bus's turn…
Here I am, on the road again;
waiting for my bus’s turn,
in the bus, here I go,
listening to my fav songs on PSP,
there I go, with a huge smile on my face,
to open up another chapter in my life.

I dont wanna say my time will come,
but I wanna say, it has come,
I thought its over when it happened,
but later I realized,
it is the beginning, beginnng for the change,
beginning for everything,
So here I am, on the road again…

Here I am, on the road again;

13 thoughts on “Here I am, on the road again;

  1. Vinay Pateel says:

    Nice work bro.. speaks of attitude which all of us basically need to have..
    “here i am on the road again” has more meaning to it than we realize, you jus need to think about it..

    as always, attitude matters the most dude..

    but – i guess you wrote this quickly, so the wordings n rhyming hasn’t reached the next level, it would be good to see technically better stuff dude (after all you’re a techie ha ha!)

    all in all good work bro but need to improve.. right?

    \m/ for you..!

  2. Dams says:

    Nice one dude,

    I guess writing lyrics is the Eminem effect I guess…
    Nice lyrics good work… Fill up with more rhyming words.

    Two more stanzas to go…


  3. Gautham says:

    Hey Macha,

    Very Well.. Ur 2 paragraph of Poem says a lot. This Has lot of maturity dude, about which i had commented on your first blog read by me if u remember..

    Great Going.. 🙂


  4. ಶಶಾಂಕ್ says:

    Nice 1 dude…

    “I thought its over when it happened,
    but later I realized,
    it is the beginning, beginnng for the change,”

    True for ALL….

  5. @Vin: Yes dude, wrote it without much thinking. Agreed on whatever you said, wait for next. More than anything, “Here I am on Road again” inspired me to put those words. Whatta line dude… \m/ for Metallica’s “Turn the Page”.

    @Damo bhai: Thanks for the support bhai, well agreed for EMINEM. He is my hero, every song from him “INSPIRES” me a ton… Here we go, “I am not Afraid to take a stand”…

    @Raghu: Nice to see your comment, thanks dude… I hope you will share this link with your friends right…? I am dead now…

    @Gautham: Dude, thanks for commenting out here. Yes, I remember everything whatever you said for my first post and blog. I got your support from Day 1. Thanks maamu…

    @Pallavi: Look who has commented here, thanks dude… This one had some flaws, will come up with more solid post next time.

  6. @Roshan: Hey man, nothing much. Just writing the words which come in my stupid mind. And regarding adieu or something..?? We are in touch via twitter and facebook na, I think thats enough. Getting King Julian asap in Facebook… Bows to King Julian…

    @Nivedita: Thanks dude…

    @Lenin: Going on dude, everything is a new. Meeting you and staying with you was also new only. He he… Good old days bro…

    @Basheer: Aise hi dude, writing everything whatever comes in my mind.

    @Shashank: Thanks KMK, just writing the words which normally everyone feels one or other day. Wait for ma next blog… 😉

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