Roadtrip to Awesome Pondicherry: Day 2

(Sorry for the delay in posting with the next post as I was held up with many stuff at my end, but yes I am finishing what I started.)

Day 2:

We had planned to get up early on the day 2, so that we can explore Pondicherry as much as possible. Well the time we got out of lodge it was 10 am. Then an hour for breakfast, to avoid any risk with our tummy we din’t try any new or local food. Instead we went for the industry standard idli, off course the coconut chutney was amazing. Made our stand up meeting, err sit down meeting to plan up what all to do, as we got a whole day. We decided to go to Auroville first, later get beached. Yay !!!

After some half tea, we got on the famous ECR (East Coast Road, ) which runs parallely to the Bay of Bengal. With our Sun Glasses on, we hit the road (Off course, we were in flashback for Udupi and NH 17).

We reached Auroville, the universal town. Yes, kinda our universal app, its the universal town where people from around the world live in harmony. You can check with the Auroville wiki link for more

Okay, Auroville was build with set of 4 ground rules, (got this from Wiki Link)
1. Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole. But to live in Auroville, one must be the willing servitor of the Divine Consciousness.
2. Auroville will be the place of an unending education, of constant progress, and a youth that never ages.
3. Auroville wants to be the bridge between the past and the future. Taking advantage of all discoveries from without and from within, Auroville will boldly spring towards future realisations.
4. Auroville will be a site of material and spiritual researches for a living embodiment of an actual Human Unity.

Road to Auroville
Road to Auroville
Finally at Auroville
Finally at Auroville

Strolled Auroville a bit, there were couple of boutiques, an awesome restaurant and few shops for handicrafts and other things. In one of the boutiques, there were amazing handicrafts on display, unique designs, boys bought some designer candles. After that, we just wandered around to explore the much heard place. Later we figured out that we ran out of time for the visit to Matru Mandir as it was Sunday. The timings to visit Matru Mandir was until 12.30 pm during Sundays.

We were disappointed for not making to Matru mandir, anyways we got enough time to explore the Pondicherry. Got cheered up after stopping for a quick smoke and tea, started again on the ECR. We entered Pondi in own style, explored town centre, later ended up at the beach. Figured out, the Pondi is built in terms of blocks and every road leads to the beach, great thought !!!. The town has a decent infrastructure, but you gotta see the style of building architectures, pretty awesome. Most of them had french ques, off course it was ruled by french before Indian Independence.

Wandered around the great beach side boulevard, it was amazing. As it was around, 3 pm we were looking for a decent hotel, to sit and eat something. Thanks to our exploring skills, we found out a decent pub called Ajantha pub, it was real good with interiors and was playing good old rock songs. What else, with a huge smile, we made comfortable ourselves.

Kya bola re..?
Kya bola re..?
And here we go again :)
And here we go again 🙂

Started with the starters, I forgot the count of repeats. But yes, we had great talk on everything, from Cricket to Football, from Programming to Project Management and of course shared our dreams which we are in pursuit. After the short stint at pub, we went to Le Soleit cafetaria, for Ice Creams. I went for HOT CHOCOLATE, where as Naveen went for a cone. I still dont know why he has huge crush over cones… 🙂

It was a lovely evening, also when you got your best friends around, its gonna be terrific. Next thing we did, explored the amazing Pondicherry Boulevard. Look at the snaps, you will only come to know why it was amazing. We all loved every bit of it. Great people, with million watt smiles on their faces, everyone were at peace. Full shaant dost.

In E.A.S.T.M.A.N color.
In E.A.S.T.M.A.N color.
Bay of Bengal.
Bay of Bengal.
The Great Pondi Boulevard.
The Great Pondi Boulevard.Awesome !!!
Awesome !!!
Awesome !!!

It was getting darker by every second, we went over the rocks and sat looking at the waves. And the breeze hitting on your face..?? Amazing, awesome man. Started our talk and cloud computing. We started our crazy talk, you gotta be with us when Naveen and Abhay are together, kya bolu :). We were in our world, chililng out, no worries bout project, build, defects and life. I was glad, we made this trip.

It was around 9, we started to move for dinner, but we had tons of time, again went through a walk in Pondi boulevard. There was a museum with Aurobindo and other’s sayings or poems, without a second thought, we went inside, cameras were not allowed. Inside it was calm, so calm, even if someone squeaked other people can hear it easily. For me, some of the lines of poems, hit me hard, probably helped me to identify what I was looking for in my life. Not only me, others also got inspired.

Went for dinner, at a garden top restaurant, we got the table overlooking the town. Had a decent dinner, then it started to rain. Aila, again rain, we ran for shelter, finished our dinner, went running to room with shop’s and building’s shelter. By the time we reached room, rain stopped. Went to room, started planning for day 3, don’t know when I slept.

Day 2 in pics:

Roadtrip to Awesome Pondicherry: Day 2

4 thoughts on “Roadtrip to Awesome Pondicherry: Day 2

  1. INDUSTRY STANDARD IDLI!! ha ha mast be!

    Continue the story dude, kyun chupke piece piece karke kirkiri karta?
    Waiting for the next part..

    Feel like going on a road trip right here right now.. sighs!

  2. saurabh kishore says:

    nice one sir, the place appears to be very beautiful . and by the way wer did u acquire these photographical skills.. they r really good. i wish i get to come along with u on one of these trips. keep updating..

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