Fantastic 4 years in the IT Industry

This August I completed 4 years in the Software Industry. To celebrate that, I am updating my blog with a post on the points what I learnt, well not in the terms of technical. In terms of experience wise. Overall, from a pass-out Engineer I git transformed into a Software Developer.

The 4 years, had its own ups and down, but on the positive note. I definitely learnt a lot, my whole life changed once I stepped into corporate. The below image has the keywords which mattered in the 4 years, hope you will get the humor in it.

4 years in IT Industry…
4 years in IT Industry…

Its real hard to put down everything in words but will try my best to present this. So here are they are:

1. Everything is BUSINESS.

According to me, in the corporate world right from the day 1 it’s all bout business. You are a “Cost To the Company (CTC)”, yes you are a “Cost to the company”. Cost in the sense the company provides you infrastructure, its resources, its techinical knowledge via trainings so that you can be one resource. Company is spending on you to be a resource. So you should be working w.r.t company terms to achieve its goals. The sooner or late you realize this is better.

2. A Project is not bout CODING.

Man, this is kinda a MYTH with many people. Normally many people think developing a software is all bout coding. You are wrong mate. There are other things in a Project such as Requirement, Design and Planning, documentation, Testing, Client Communication and etc which matters a lot. Each and everything has its own importance. Coding is just a part or a phase of the project.

3. COMMUNICATION Skills matters.

Well, its true. Communication skills really matters. The way how you communicate or express your ideas matters. It may be communicating with everyone, with seniors, juniors, clients, management or even with the support guys and in meetings. If you are really having a hard time to communicate yourself, you are in a trouble mate. Step up your efforts as without communication skills or unable to express yourself its real hard to move ahead. Continue reading “Fantastic 4 years in the IT Industry”

Fantastic 4 years in the IT Industry