Fantastic 4 years in the IT Industry

This August I completed 4 years in the Software Industry. To celebrate that, I am updating my blog with a post on the points what I learnt, well not in the terms of technical. In terms of experience wise. Overall, from a pass-out Engineer I git transformed into a Software Developer.

The 4 years, had its own ups and down, but on the positive note. I definitely learnt a lot, my whole life changed once I stepped into corporate. The below image has the keywords which mattered in the 4 years, hope you will get the humor in it.

4 years in IT Industry…
4 years in IT Industry…

Its real hard to put down everything in words but will try my best to present this. So here are they are:

1. Everything is BUSINESS.

According to me, in the corporate world right from the day 1 it’s all bout business. You are a “Cost To the Company (CTC)”, yes you are a “Cost to the company”. Cost in the sense the company provides you infrastructure, its resources, its techinical knowledge via trainings so that you can be one resource. Company is spending on you to be a resource. So you should be working w.r.t company terms to achieve its goals. The sooner or late you realize this is better.

2. A Project is not bout CODING.

Man, this is kinda a MYTH with many people. Normally many people think developing a software is all bout coding. You are wrong mate. There are other things in a Project such as Requirement, Design and Planning, documentation, Testing, Client Communication and etc which matters a lot. Each and everything has its own importance. Coding is just a part or a phase of the project.

3. COMMUNICATION Skills matters.

Well, its true. Communication skills really matters. The way how you communicate or express your ideas matters. It may be communicating with everyone, with seniors, juniors, clients, management or even with the support guys and in meetings. If you are really having a hard time to communicate yourself, you are in a trouble mate. Step up your efforts as without communication skills or unable to express yourself its real hard to move ahead.

4. Team work WORKS.

Trust me, the concept of “Team work” really WORKS. Its like doing it together, or else its like backing up someone when needed. Lets take an example. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. So whenever your weakness comes ahead, your teammate will fill it up with his strength. So this how the team work works. With the great team, great results come out. Glad, I got chance to work with awesomest teams and people around. *smiles*

5. Your CLIENT knows your project more than you.

I have heard many times  people saying, “My client doesn’t know anything”. Dude, its his project you are doing. He knows what he wants, you are just not getting what he wants. Buckle up, open your mind and work over it.

6. There is no such thing as “DEVELOPER v/s TESTER”.

In my SDLC experience, people differentiate themselves as Developer vs Tester. I don’t know what’s special bout it. May be I missed the point they are talking. But according to me, a QA is also a part of project as a developer, it would be better if the QA is there from start of the project to its end. The QA’s inputs really matters. I don’t know, but people think bout it. Is it good..??

7. ATTITUDE matters.

I can talk on Attitude in terms of pages, gonna keep it short. Definitely ATTITUDE matters in all the terms. You can say, its a way of thinking or an approach you take or on how you take on the things or how you see around. More importantly, taking a positive approach is much appreciated rather than negative, And off course, no one likes whining.

8. Keep increasing your NETWORK.

Importantly, increase your profesional network, by means social networking sites Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook. Its always good to say connected, it helps you professionaly and career wise. Other day, a friend of mine gave an interview to a MNC, after looking his resume, interviewer asked “Do you know Mohsin ?”. My friend was startled, later figured out the interviewer was my ex-colleague and I was an “Ice breaker” for his interview. Guess what, my friend got selected. The point is, it helps directly/indirectly for staying connected.

9. No BIG DEAL, take few LEAVES.

Ha, normally when I got involved with project and work, I typically forget to take any leaves as I start to think by taking leaves it will affect to project. But believe me guys, nothing went wrong when I took couple of short leaves in between projects. Indeed after coming my productivity or concentration increased. Probably taking break from project soothes you. Nothing wrong in taking few leaves.

10. SOLUTION oriented.

After working for few years, my life or approach has taken a solid U turn, all my thoughts or opinion have become Solution oriented. Whenever something comes up, I will be looking for a best solution. Probably the problem solving in IT industry had a major impact in my life.

So thats it, could’ve wrote more, hope this post is good. Let me know your thoughts via comments, also add something which I missed out here.

And yes, I am really happy and satisfied over the work over the last 4 years, it not only got me to learn so many things, also I really met and worked with great people

Fantastic 4 years in the IT Industry

24 thoughts on “Fantastic 4 years in the IT Industry

  1. Thats a nice post !! You shud be presenting this in a slide show for freshers 😛

    Each point is nailed to “T”.
    I liked most – Attitude matters, Solution oriented and leave policies 😉

    What I understood most in my second employment – Everything is business ( making millions 😛 )

    Team work WORKS – if and only if everybody is equally contributing without any ego, but thats a tough one in corporate ladder especially in a growing company!! You know right, had bad experiences already 😦

    Communication skills and Developer vs Tester are very points you need to keep in your mind in corporate.

    Awesome post!!

    Keep rocking \m/

  2. dude awesome! i was thinking similar to damo, this should be published somewhere..!

    i love the part “of course no one likes whining” ha ha! really dude, very strong point there..

    good points covered dude, this has to reach more people esp college students…

  3. Mahant says:

    Nice one Sir !! You missed saying about all those good looking gals out there 😛 Shana Bandha Mohsin 😉 😉 !!!! Apna personal matter koichhhhh chupaya 😉 smart huh ?? !!!! Anyways I wish you many more years of success in your career !!!! Keep Blogging !!!!!

  4. dude..
    First and foremost.. an awesome write up.. filled with lot of positiveness. . . superb I must say and I definitely second what your other friends has to say.

    But life in IT is not as smooth and ideal like you mentioned. May be you got lucky enough that you had a smooth sail and I wish you continue to sail smoother in future also. I intend to write this comment because, though you have written your experience in this, but people(young grads) think this is how the IT industry really is which is not entirely.

    But whatever.. liked the way you have collated the things and spun your experience into an awesome blog.
    Well done mate..

    waiting for more such blogs..

  5. iSight says:


    Wat a superb write up.

    Just put all nuts and bolts at right holes digging hard.

    But, Really the image u presented puts evrything like flash effect….

    Great work dude…. Hopes to come more from u….

  6. Shaanib MI says:

    great post! its all about taking things positive.. leaving negative out.. if u ask mohsin about bad experience in corporate he wont be able to answer so elaborately cos he has already forgotten about it.. how we are reflects in our life and keep good things in mind and forget about bad!! not to forget give importance to family and friends.. 🙂

  7. vipin says:

    bhai, good observation, first, second and fifth points I liked most
    everyone has different -2 experience here but you picked up the best points.

    and congrats dear finally you completed 4 years in IT 😉

  8. I like the part where you explain a Project is not all about Coding. Thanks for supporting me!
    Without a UI how would any good software go through the challenge right?

    “iapps” are more on the UI importance side, I love the Apple UI a lot, it revolutionized the UI industry. Today we have calibrating UI, sliders, popup buttons, game style UI on every phone and gadget.

    Good article. Make this your inspiring speech for new comers and office freshers! Hooohaaaah!

  9. 10/10 to the article … This is gonna go on the NOTICE BOARD in colg …. Im gonna make sure dat it does !!
    My fav point was the last one …. How things change is fascinating !! One can make it good or worse at the same time …. The Team work part was also very gud !! Bill Gates once said ” Indians are brilliant as individuals but pathetic as team workers” …. Guess that doesn hold good nemore …. btw i love d poster 🙂
    And \m/ RockNRoll

  10. Super write up dude..Well I didn’t understand the graphics,but the write up is pretty cool.I agree with many people above,it has to reach many more people. & a \m/ for the 5th point, I have many people around me saying the same..Keep it up mate, well done..:)

  11. Nithin Bhaktha says:

    Awesome. Very nice post. Neatly written.
    But bhai.. dint you miss one big thing. PATIENCE. Its the most needed. I know am just 3 months old in this IT industry. But this is what I learnt first. Being patient, calm and not panicking when the desired results don’t show up is a must to learn and experience.
    As a newbie, i have not experienced mush of what you have written. So I agree with Damodar. It shoald have been presented as a slide show on day 1 of our training.
    Anyways, great post:) I liked it … 🙂

  12. Bro! Your managerial skills are showing in this post! 🙂 Learning a lot from you on how to handle things. Bas aapka aashirwad chahiye!

    Glad Robo happened in the first 2 yrs for you because of which I gotto know you! One thing I learnt besides what you mentioned is that working hard is not required sometimes, you need to work smart! Also, the ‘On/Off’ switch, come out from office and Switch Off from the issues. (You told me about this, remember!)

  13. keshav says:

    Very nice post. Neatly written and I really liked that image dude..:)

    If software industry is where you want to spend your life then passion is very ipmortant without it is very hard to be motivated. Look for a passioned friends, Talk with them about your experiences, discuss new ideas and share activities. What really matter is your PASSION..:)


  14. Sagar Das says:

    Awesome… Very nicely written and have drafted many good points neatly..
    Enjoyed reading, which would have come across each IT employee.
    I believe passion is the must and important thing you need to carry. And just keep enjoying what ever you do..
    Hey and also the wallpaper is too good.. It says lot many things(from many corners).
    Keep posting buddy… Wish you more interesting and an amazing IT journey ahead..
    Sagar Das

  15. Subodh Koranmath says:

    Dude, Its awesomely written and yes, you are right in each and every point you have made. It should definitely be presented to all the freshers who join the corporate world to enlighten them with the experience we all have gone through. Its really nice to see that all your experiences are lessons to someone else. Keep blogging bro, you ROCK!!!! \m/

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