The day I met a Pakistani…

I was in Little India, Singapore other day, it was around 8.15 PM, it was time for the Isha namaz. There is a mosque called Angulia right in front of Mustafa Centre.

I din’t knew the exact time of the Isha namaz  at that mosque. So to check the timing of the Namaz, I went inside the mosque. Rather than going completely inside, I asked a guy who was wearing his shoes while sitting on a small chair.

Looking at his appearance, I figured out he is an Indian or a guy who knew Hindi.

Me: “Assalamwalaikum, Isha ki jamat kab ?”  (What’s the namaz timing ?)

Him: “Walaikum as salam, namaz 8.47 PM”   (it’s at 8.47 PM)

I smiled, thanked him I was leaving back thinking I had time so that I can have my dinner, then come back for Namaz.

By that time, he wore his shoes and asked me,

Him: “Kidhar ke ho ?”  (You are from ?)

Me: “Ji, Bangalore, India”  (Bangalore, India)

He smiled at me, shakes hands with me.

Him, proudly said: “Mein Karachi, Pakistan se.” (I am from Karachi, Pakistan)

I nodded, then it came it stuck to my mind. OMG, I met a Pakistani, yeah, Pakistani. Remember, how the India vs Pakistan is there. Also, growing up with the atmosphere to think Pakistan is as our enemy.  Also, that stupid thing Muslims belong to Pakistan and all.  I was nervous, cautious, all the idiotic things came to my mind. I know I was stupid to think like that, but also.

We had a chat bout both the countries, with me bragging bout Biriyani back at home, then he suggested me couple of hotels in Singapore to try, especially the Pakistani cuisines, also Afghani Kebabs. And tea.

I happily said will try, then we both said bye, both went in different directions. Did the event changed my mentality over nation and countries ? Yes.

Don’t know how to conclude this post, upto you think bout it.

That day, it again made me realize, “World is Small”.

Sri Lanka ICC Cricket T20 WCup

The day I met a Pakistani…

10 thoughts on “The day I met a Pakistani…

  1. Just one person/experience will not change a mindset of ages. There are sane & peace loving people in Pak too, but its their govt. which is not at all interested. Just respect the human values here.

  2. Just came across this post by chance and really happy to know that meeting this person changed your perspective about Pakistan. I am from Pakistan and have been working outside my country for the past 4 years or so. I have interacted with many Indians while working in the Middle East & Europe and every time I have met an Indian, it has been a very pleasant experience. One of the best friends that I made while I was working in Dubai is from Mumbai, India and even though I don’t work with him any more, we have still kept in touch with each other through social websites. We share a lot of common interests and agree on most point of views, except cricket of course! It is really unfortunate how the media & the governments preach hatred when the common man in fact wants peace!

    1. “Except cricket of course!” Well said 😛
      Well I haven’t met a Pakistani yet and I hope I too would end up with Mohsin’s views. Everyone wants to have peace. If Govt. is to be blamed, its people are responsible too. I hope that the people stop hating each other and rather help their countries become super powers of Asia and hence the world.

  3. Lenin says:

    Ooops… totally new theme… Good buddy… I remember now how you had sneaked into my Diary and wrote few words. Hope you remember, any way I am just planning to start my writing again…

  4. Subodh Koranmath says:

    🙂 Just smile and take life as it comes 🙂 Just forget about nations for a while and treat every individual as a human being, you will definitely love life as it comes by bro 🙂 Nice experience. Cheers!!

  5. Gautham says:

    Bhai accha laga blog padkar. I would suggest the same thing as subodh said. Just forget about nations and borders every individual should be treated as he is not as from where he is. good thing is you came to know some good places to have some good food. 🙂 Be happy take care.

  6. vaibhav says:

    Just enjoy the life. Generally we create our problems by our own by thinking and separating people by their nation, cast and religion and thinking bad about them. Good post.

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