India’s speed post is underrated.

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Last year, I was supposed to send few T-shirts to my big bro Nair Saab who was in Mangalore. Simple plain T Shirts, along with some Metallica pins. I had packed those in a cover, the cover which comes with threads. As I was staying in Electronics City Bangalore. There is one big Professional Couriers shop, by default went to them, thinking it will be a 5 mins job.

They straight forwardly declined, saying they can’t ship the valuable items. They don’t take CD’s, USB’s, electronics, other valuable items. God knows what they ship as “everything has some value”.

Later I went to DTDC, an another courier service. Even they declined with the same reason. I had to catch a train next day at 5 PM, thankfully a friend suggested to try “Speed Post” of Indian Postal Service. Electronics City has a main post office at BDA Complex. I went to them after lunch. Speed Post guys happily agreed to handle my shipment, the final price came to 60 Rupees along with internet tracking.

Next day, I was bout to catch my train, got a  call from my friend saying shipment has reached that too without a scratch. I was an one happy customer.

Another occasion, I had some official Liverpool FC merchandise to ship to Kanpur, Kolkata and Bagalkot. Packed those pretty well, small packets, as they were accessories. This time went with BlueDart. Those people billed me around 1400 in total, saying its for air travel, internet tracking and national shipping.

I thought, 1400 was way too much, I visited “Speed Post” to get quotation, surprisingly they gave the quote of 190, to all the three shipments. Of course I went with Speed Post.

The Kolkata and Kanpur shipments, went with air delivery, Bagalkot was a local delivery. Almost in 3 days, everyone received their shipments without any problems.


1. Speed post is pretty reliable. On the other side, the handle all types of items. No fuss.

2. Comes with internet tracking by default, if needed air travel. No extra costs as other private courier service brags.

3. Even their shipping rates are pretty cheap, compared to others.

Moral of the story: “Give Indian Postal Service a chance.”

India’s speed post is underrated.

13 thoughts on “India’s speed post is underrated.

  1. Yeah. Speed post is reliable. Sometimes people don’t rate government agencies very much, cos frankly they are government agencies. But speed post, BSNL and many other bodies work very well.

  2. Nice entry…. had similar experience…

    but our Indian Post.. they suffer from typical govt. service issues..
    location/timing/apathy towards customers
    Private couriers use above as USP.

    Hope some day our gr8 Indian Postal Services make a comeback.

  3. Basheer says:

    I don’t know, Why all these E-commerce companies are not collaborating with India Post. The service would be reliable and fast. Since they have better network to all tier cities.
    Most off all Post-Mans knows/recognize our home address pretty well.

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