Another usual lafda, ran the railway platform without the platform ticket.

It was an usual weekday, tuesday.  Amidst that, dad was in bangalore and he was off to native in the evening. I was with my normal routine,  half tea, formals, work, Vaalvo, Hosur road and office.

Even at work, there was the usual stuff, mails, team mates, good guy Xcode and so on. So dad’s train was at 6.50 PM, I was at chill. Dad had left my flat at 5, I was like okay can manage and I will be at Majestic to pick up dad and go to railway station with him.

At 6 PM, I came out of office for namaz, then 6.10 I was at the bus stop thinking I can make it by 6.30 to majestic as from office the majestic is 10 mins by bus.

Got the first available bus, here we go. Majestic, focal point of bangalore, the route which everyone has taken n number of times.  Green light, my bus took the left turn to richmond circle, I started to have feeling I will be late. By the time I reached corporation circle, it was 6.30. Peak traffic and there I am stuck.


Got call from dad, saying he reached majestic. First instinct, I told dad to go ahead with his train rather than meeting me. Dad said he will wait, then I convinced him to catch his train without me.

6.40 I am at mysore bank. Sulking feeling, I will be not making on time. 6.50 I am about to enter majestic, dad calls up saying his train right on time. Damn, I can’t believe the Sholapur express was there right on time. When I had travelled it came late all the time, first time in it, it came at 8.30, second time it came at 7.40.

I was cursing the universe for being against me to miss dad’s train. Who knows, it was working for me.

6.50 I took the underground connecting to station, its a 2 min passage. It felt a hour when I came to other side. It was still 6.50. Reached station, there is no automatic platform tickets vending machine. Thank you universe. Usually there were 3 machines right outside or I visited station a decade later to drop someone.

Cursing everyone I entered station trying to get platform tickets. And there it was, a single ticketing counter with a huge line, so huge, you can feel the queue itself as a train of men fighting out for tickets.

6.53, no platform tickets, dad’s train still on platform, train can depart anytime. Its at platform 10, me not even at platform 1, what shall I do. Quick.

There is a record, a tradition at home, dad never missed my bus, train, nor flight. He was just there to pick me up, drop me up since ages.

He was just there.

And here I am so near, so far, without a platform ticket, thinking what to do ? I was like what dad would’ve done ? what nana would’ve done ? what Nair saab would’ve done ? what Muddu would’ve done ? what beard guy pateel would’ve done.

Before I came to a decision, I said “Screw it” to myself and I was running underground  platform subway which connects all platforms. Me with the formals, formal shoes, I can’t even run. Or my body can’t run, it was in Singapore last time I ran. I am already sweating. Panting. Holy shit.

Dashed off to platform 10, train still there, dad outside his bogie looking for me. Phew, made it. No words, met dad, panting, figured out he dint took his dinner as parcel, me ran off, got him some biscuits, chips and water. In fact, he gave water bottle to me to drink.

Two secs, his train started, waved, I am standing at platform, train disappears. 2 mins later I was at platform 1, no TC nor police at the exit gate, I was ready to pay the fine, even if they put me in jail, I am sure bro and guru will take me out.

2 mins later, I was at Volvo platform waiting for my bus, thinking what just happened. Ha, life.

P.S: Used “Screw it”, rather than the regular F word. Just to keep it decent. Remember the good old days with slangs and smileys ?

Another usual lafda, ran the railway platform without the platform ticket.

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