So be it… Apple, dream, done.

Other day I was in a meeting with couple of technical architects of Apple over a project, there were so many thoughts going on project, suddenly the below mentioned thought came in mind, I just smiled, couldn’t ask anything more, did the success kid expression virtually.

It was the summer of 2006, I was in the 6th semester of my Engineering. I was lazing around in my hostel room, skimming through an IEEE Spectrum magazine, to find something which may interest me.

Steve Jobs, with his demo.
Steve Jobs, with his demo.

I saw a picture of Steve Jobs giving a demo of Tiger OS on an iMac. I was a Windows user, an Unix student, read the whole article. Figured out, Apple had launched the Tiger OS and it was Apple’s WWDC event article, it helped me to get an insight of Apple Software Development. I was like, goodness this is cool.

That time, I knew PC’s hardware were from different company, windows OS was from Microsoft.

In case of Apple, they were making both hardware and the software, later bonded together.

I shared this to my bestie, went to the college lab for the internet (yes, in those medieval days college labs had internet or the cyber cafes). I read about the Tiger OS, Apple, drooled over Apple website. I knew about Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, but now got a bigger picture of Apple after a quick internet search.

I wished I could for work Apple one day.

Couple of days later, during a hostel dinner, one of my senior told me about an Udupi based software company called as Robosoft technologies. What caught my attention was, he said not only they write software for Apple and Mac OS they even come to my college for campus placements.

That’s it.  What else do I need.

I started to gather information on this company as much as possible, for some of my classmates the fortune 500 companies were their dream offer, for me Robosoft became my dream offer. Did all my analysis over the company, bugged my placement officers, buzzed my college seniors, then one day the D-day came. Robosoft came to my college for their placement drive, I left no stone unturned to clear the interview and got  the offer letter (May be will write about what happened in the drive as a separate post).

Thats it, was on top of the world, who knew what was next to me. The Robosoft offer came with a service bond, you need to pay 1 lakh INR up front as the service bond for 2 years. During that time of my life, 1 lakh was pretty huge, dint knew how to ask at home, they knew it, then one day when I was in my final semester, dad calls up, says “don’t worry about 1 lakh, we have adjusted the bond amount“. Ha, back on top of the world again.

For the Robosoft, many mocked me, laughed on me, whining over me opting the regular or ideal route over my career, by not joining the well known companies, even not going to Bangalore, rather than some remote place Udupi. Ha, the relatives, OMG.  That’s so Indian right ? Only me, good friends and parents knew this is what I wanted. My Master plan.

Aug 01, 2007. Joined Robosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd as a Trainee Software Engineer. Goodness, nervous, excited, dream. Robosoft was really great, they trained us from the scratch, laid the ground rules of Software development, Apple, SDLC, all the process. The main treat was, people around me were liked minded, they knew Apple, they knew OS X, they knew their products, they knew the technologies.

Nirvana for me.

Mean time, my college topper friends who joined so called MNCs, were into testing, server support, IT and all. Where as I was into core software development, in 4 months I was into to a live project, deadlines, pixel perfection. Couldn’t have asked anything more.

Nov 22, 2009, moved to Bangalore due to a job offer in Sourcebits Technologies. Took the job for sake of friends. Here it was totally different, different experience, new challenges, the work was customer oriented than technical front. I was into all type of Application development in OS X and iOS as well.

In Aug 2012, due to a scumbag senior’s politics, I figured out I wasting time there, put down my papers without even a job offer, was so shit scared, but this got best out of me. Whichever companies I gave interviews, I cleared those. Brought my confidence back though. Also came to know, bhai log stood with me, no matter what (that’s different story right ?).

Had so many  job offers lined up, from MNC’s, medium sized to start-ups, but there was one person in the interviews who promised me the next step in my career, technical front, he told what should be next for me, he was from the technical background, with his words, I joined Exilant Technologies in August as it excited me.  Not only my career, even my life took an U-turn here.

As Exilant’s one of the client was Apple Inc, I joined their mobility division, writing iOS Apps for the mothership Apple. Even I had a mothership email id on my own, even my boring code was in the mothership repositories. Then after few months I was shipped to Singapore in a dabba plane.

Singapore opened new doors to me, new place, new country, new atmosphere, new people, new food, new currency as well. Singapore made me to face “culture shock”, but my friends there made it easy for me to settled down. Thanks guys. Even though everything was settled in Singapore, I was missing something, I was destined to something else, more.

Moved back to India, back in Bangalore, back with bhai log and more importantly back at home. Mean time, company applied for my US Visa, I knew the dream to work for Apple or visit Infinite Loop (Apple Head Quarters) was near.

Even getting visa wasn’t easy, lottery, RFE, then Chennai interview.

Got my Visa, tickets booked, parted with parents again, off to Amrika, touch down US on 27th Dec 2013. And visited the Infinite Loop on behalf of my badging. Well here is the pic, took 6 years to realize the dream.

By the way, attended the Apple beer bash for 30 years of Mac. (May be that will be a different post.)

Made it to Infinite Loop.
Made it to Infinite Loop.
So be it… Apple, dream, done.

34 thoughts on “So be it… Apple, dream, done.

  1. umarfarook says:

    Hi Mohsin, Though i konw you as my Junior,and u me as ur Senior..After Reading your Blog it Looks like,i got boosebumpss and i am thinking Now i Know what you were looking during in ur college Days…I think , Now i Know You Better…..

  2. Subodh Koranmath says:

    Woah!!!!! Mind blowing…….. Congrats for ur dream come true and yeah, now I know am gonna get an iPhone from u when u r coming down 😀

    BTW, Awesomely written. Know what I loved in the entire post???? The folowing paragraph

    Mean time, my college topper friends who joined so called MNCs, were into testing, server support, IT and all. Where as I was into core software development, in 4 months I was into to a live project, deadlines, pixel perfection. Couldn’t have asked anything more.

    Way to go dude, u r a true ROCKSTAR now 🙂 😉 U know from where it is coming 😛 and whom u need to send this post to 😛

  3. Gautham Shetty says:


    Nicely written bhai!! You will always have a complaint that i don’t read your blog… I have read word by word and even imagined your journey through the last 6+ years. All the Best rest of the dreams that are yet to be a reality.

  4. Vivek says:

    Awesome maga .. DREAM’s do come true .. there is one more step to go for you to join the Mothership …
    “Live .. Long and Code …. ” … All the best … 🙂

  5. Dreaming + Hard-work = APPLE + I wish much more for you. When I started to read your blog, I was about to leave for lunch. But your passionate dream and inspiring story postponed my plans.

    Without using any adjective words, you highlighted Friendship is really amazing!!

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