Am I the bad son to my parents ?

Just got the thought, other day my Ammi Abba went to their Haj, they flew on the last friday and reached safe. Everything went great, but something was bothering me all the time. I wasn’t there in India for them to drop off, or been there for their medical tests or even for their Haj preparations.

I feel guilty for not being there for them, may be will feel it for rest of my life. Last Ramzan I wasn’t there at home as well, even this Bakrid I will not be.

Abba never missed my bus, train, even my flights from Bangalore. Even amidst his busy schedule, health, he was just there for me. Don’t know how he did, but he was just there for me, for us, for everyone.

Even me working or getting paid since ages, Abba was always ready to give me some money at the last moment before my bus starts. 🙂

Abba dropping me off ages back.
Abba dropping me off ages back.

And Ammi is ammi, massive massive respect for her. She does everything to me, packing, laundry, even food packing if going via travel. Anyways, no need to tell on her. Even for Ammi I wasn’t there.

For Ammi Abba, this is farthest they are away from home, one thing is they are doing this together, that’s nice right ? That too with content. I know they are happy over everything, their lives, their kids, their relatives, their friends, their neighbors and also their vehicles (abba likes his vehicles, even my bikes).

They are doing their Haj after completing their duties, that too with their own money (it counts in Haj, as you have to go with your own money, even not with loans).

They are in everyone prayers, Abba told not to worry bout them, but I am scared to hell over their safety, which I will calm down only when they touch down.

My bro, lil sis, everyone was their for them. Only I was missing. I know I have done my part, but still I feel, I could’ve done more.

I even know when I visit India they will be there at the airport with their open hands and with their biggest smile. Later Abba sharing half tea with me. 🙂

I hate you Mohsin Khawas. For not being there for Ammi Abba.
I hate you Mohsin Khawas. For not joining them in their Haj as I could’ve travelled with them.
I hate you Mohsin Khawas. For being selfish, concentrating on career and being onsite.

And Alahmdulillah for everything. \m/

P.S: I used smileys again in my blog (which I had decided it wasn’t professional), but this post needed that.

Am I the bad son to my parents ?

9 thoughts on “Am I the bad son to my parents ?

  1. Saket Lal says:

    Come Back to India bro…. These small things brings life time happiness …… I know its hard decision but some day some time u have to take it ….. Most imp don’t hate MK \-/… The MK whom i know loves his dreams and knows to make a balance 🙂

  2. Amruta says:

    I respect your deep sentiments. I feel, its also a true reflection of every indian married girl….We daughters are never available for our parents when they really need us…It hurts. But life goes on with a thought,”its not we, but God who protects everyone”. We can just keep doing our best 🙂

  3. Congratulations to your parents of their journey of Hajj. It’s totally understandable that you’re missing being a part of one of their most important life occasions but don’t be so negative about yourself dude. Your Abba & Ammi are proud and happy that you’re doing great in your career. And don’t worry about their safety as the are going to the house of Al-Mani (The Preventer of Harm).

  4. No, you’re not. Rather your concern for them and you feeling guilty shows that you have been a good son Masha Allah. Innamal a’maalu bin niyat (Verily, actions are judged by intentions) So nothing to worry.

    Delighted to know about your parents performing Hajj this year Alhamdulillah. May Allah accept if from them and grant them forgiveness and keep them safe Aameen

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