Brace yourself, Ramzan is coming.

Ramzan is coming

Forget the “Winter is coming” from Game of Thrones. Before that, Ramzan is coming. Gonna miss India and this will be my second Ramzan in Amrika. Sigh.

Was thinking up how to get best out of everything, I know this Ramzan will be tough here, but game on. As part of #RamzanPreps, I came with my list, it applies to all as well.

Do all the Rozas.
Do all the Namazes. Fazar and Isha in Mosque (Foursquare check-ins as atttendance)
Do all the Taraveh’s.
Get started with the Quran once again. Add new Sura’s in my memory.
Give Zakat as much as possible, question is, whether in US or in India ? as if I give 10$ in India, it will be 600 INR. Or else, why not both ? as money will come and go. Right ?
Do more of the Dua’s. Pray for everyone.
Call up home and India more. No FaceTime, as parents will point  out I am becoming thin. Can’t avoid FaceTime as well.
Khidmat at mosque, wherever it’s possible.

Let’s make this Ramzan, the best Ramzan of our lives. \m/

Brace yourself, Ramzan is coming.

5 thoughts on “Brace yourself, Ramzan is coming.

  1. Mudassar says:

    Bhai, ASWK, good one as a reminder for one and all.
    One thing to clarify is that Zakat is paid on the savings which have crosse 1 calendar year, if your reference month is Ramzan then its Ramzan to Ramzan.
    Allah has given us the min % to be taken off as Zakath and ie 2.5% of our total savings ( cash, gold, silver, bods, etc, refer to some sites which will talk more on this). So this will not hold good “Give Zakat as much as possible”. Beyond 2.5% is once won wish.
    Where to pay is also your wish. prescribed people to whom zakat can be given is mentioned in Sura Tauba.

    You can add one more thing to this bolg;
    Ramzan is a refreshing corse and not an annual event for a month, a Momin is Momin through out the year not jummah 2 jumma or ramzan 2 ramzan or eid to eid…

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