About Me…

Hi, I am Mohsin Khawas. As usual in the Hindi films I am a normal guy, who have some DREAMS to achieve, some GOALS to reach, some THINGS and STUFF to learn, some things to be CHANGED in life, SOCIETY, ATTITUDE, FRIENDS and ATMOSPHERE.

Studied in catholic CONVENT schools, took SCIENCE in college and made through Engineering with a Comp Science degree from a REPUTED college. These days working on Mac OS X & iOS applications for a reputed Software Company in India.

I am a huge Apple fan boy  supporter, OS X, iOS, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Tim Cook and other evangelists. It will be dream come true to work for Apple one day.

I  work on developing applications for Mac OS X, iOS.

I own a iMac, MacBook Pro and a PSP… iPhone 5s (added in 2014)

I love to ROAM around with friends and family. I always look for an excuse to spend some time with family and friends.

People whoever meets me they think I am  CRAZY coz of my Deeds and the Attitude towards the issues.

I am attracted to Gadgets, Automobiles, Machines, Computers and off course Apple Inc.

I admire leaders like Che Guevara for his desire to uplift peasants, Gandhi for his ideology, Ratan Tata for his will, Manmohan Singh Arsene Wenger for his principles.

I am a Metal Head, I start head-banging  for anything with a Guitar and Drums.

My favorite bands/artists, which I listen most, area  Metallica, Iron Maiden,  Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, GodSmack, Nirvana,  Gorillaz,  AC DC, Bob Dylan,  Guns N Roses, Outlandish and many more. Was at the cancelled Metallica concert in Delhi, still can’t forget that evening.

Few of my favorite bands from India are, MotherJane, Kryptos, Indian Ocean, Parikrama, Lounge Piranha, eXiled.

I love to attend GIGS, not only I attend them as I like gigs and head banging but also to show my support to the music scene in India.

I love to play CricketFootball, Computer and PSP games.

I am a proud Gooner and Arsenal F.C is my everything.

Huge fan of Le Prof, Arsene Wenger, Thierry Henry, Robin van Persie, Chamakh, Koscielny and everyone who plays of Arsenal.

I am a huge fan of Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Ayrton Senna, James Hunt, Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel, Rafael Nadal, Marian Cilic, Kevin Pietersen, Gerrard, Torres, David Villa and Zidane.

I love my bike; currently I own a Honda Unicorn.

In Future, I wanna own a Superbike. With dream priorities 1. Yamaha R1 2. CBR 3. Ninja 250.

I love to collect die cast models; right now I own 2 lambo’s, a Dodge Viper, a R1, a CBR and a r/c Ferrari FXX.

I love to go long drives with friends. Have planned to go for Kanya Kumari on bike this year. And lifetime trip will be getting Leh’d(I mean road trip to Ladakh n Leh)

I love to party hard, love to be at Downtown.

I love to play Guitar.

I have turned into a Foodie these days, love to eat food, try new food and hangout in various hotels trying their menus.

These days addicted to Photography, sure a DSLR is next in list.

I am here to share my thoughts, experiences and crazy ideas.

I loved to be called as MohsinMoish, Bhaisaab, Itemi10, Dude, Jamaal, Event Manager,  Bade and many more.

I am in Facebook and Orkut as “Mohsin Khawas”.

I am in Twitter as “mohsinkhawas

Let’s see until where I can carry this blog.

As usual,

RockNRolla dude… Let’s ROCK dude… Lets R1 dude…  Just Beat it… rock rock Rocket…

I walk alone… I walk alone…
I walk alone… I walk alone…
That's me on HIGH…
That’s me on HIGH…


14 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. And at last, I am writing some stuff bout this Cool, down to earth and obviously a close friend of mine. Then, this guy is a “Hojai” frn means what one says he used to accept most of time if not caught with some crap in workplace, and you know this happens for all of those … Though he stays far away from booze and puffs but he hardly misses those party, without consuming it, and I salute his ethos and self respect for this decision. Dats all.

  2. Shrishail Halijol says:

    I prefer to read this everytime you post an article in you blog than reading the posts!!
    Nice One 🙂

  3. pradeep says:

    in short updates u ve changed a lot abt yourself
    let me tel u
    this is very structured
    in one glance can make out wat u are made of
    the im attracted to section was surprising he he
    ur main pic of life ll include uni, mac, downtown, craziness!!
    now u ve included all the quotes tat ve been pinned on ur forehead here.. amazing dude,, i10 anything..
    rock then!
    keep it coming.. im sure ul add some more feathers to ur cap when u get to bang!!

  4. Vinay Pateel says:

    damn you’re good! saala ek shot mein sab kuch daal diya..
    i wonder how you could recollect exactly the things you should, which includes EVERYTHING!

    fantastic bro.. keep it going!

  5. Rockstar says:

    Nicely written.It describes you.Though i dont know why u have included ‘girls’ in the ‘im attracted to ‘ section along with other non living gadgets or machines.It wil offend many of the girls who read the blog who have way too much self respect.And since you apparently respect girls i guess you could add that instead.. i am kind of surprised how u included that you like being called ‘i 10’ ! Is it not falsely written ? 🙂 anyway a good piece of organised writing..keep writing.

  6. rajeev kusugal says:

    well man, i got to say this..i’ve never seen someone who love’s life n lives every moment of it..love u sir..kudos to u…

  7. @Rockstar:
    Point noted, updated the “About Me” again… Added new lines also, check check… Regarding calling me i10, I got no offenses. Nothing wrong, when friends call you using your nick names. Don’t know what is next, definitely it gonna be ROCK… err Metal forever… \m/

    @Basheer: Wow, never thought you following my idiotic blog. Thanks dude…

    @Rajeev: Thanks dude for the following and for awesome comment, wish we would have spent some time in V block. But I was in my own world. 🙂

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