Fantastic 4 years in the IT Industry

This August I completed 4 years in the Software Industry. To celebrate that, I am updating my blog with a post on the points what I learnt, well not in the terms of technical. In terms of experience wise. Overall, from a pass-out Engineer I git transformed into a Software Developer.

The 4 years, had its own ups and down, but on the positive note. I definitely learnt a lot, my whole life changed once I stepped into corporate. The below image has the keywords which mattered in the 4 years, hope you will get the humor in it.

4 years in IT Industry…
4 years in IT Industry…

Its real hard to put down everything in words but will try my best to present this. So here are they are:

1. Everything is BUSINESS.

According to me, in the corporate world right from the day 1 it’s all bout business. You are a “Cost To the Company (CTC)”, yes you are a “Cost to the company”. Cost in the sense the company provides you infrastructure, its resources, its techinical knowledge via trainings so that you can be one resource. Company is spending on you to be a resource. So you should be working w.r.t company terms to achieve its goals. The sooner or late you realize this is better.

2. A Project is not bout CODING.

Man, this is kinda a MYTH with many people. Normally many people think developing a software is all bout coding. You are wrong mate. There are other things in a Project such as Requirement, Design and Planning, documentation, Testing, Client Communication and etc which matters a lot. Each and everything has its own importance. Coding is just a part or a phase of the project.

3. COMMUNICATION Skills matters.

Well, its true. Communication skills really matters. The way how you communicate or express your ideas matters. It may be communicating with everyone, with seniors, juniors, clients, management or even with the support guys and in meetings. If you are really having a hard time to communicate yourself, you are in a trouble mate. Step up your efforts as without communication skills or unable to express yourself its real hard to move ahead. Continue reading “Fantastic 4 years in the IT Industry”

Fantastic 4 years in the IT Industry

a thought, observations on Software Engineers, Software Engineers..?? :)

These are my thoughts, which I think something is wrong with the attitude of the people who call themselves as Software Engineers/Corporates. I am not a big guy or an idol to judge on a person, just sharing my thoughts which I come across Software Engineers in my life. Even few of my friends share the same with me. No offenses in this list, if something is related to you or  hurts you. No names or nothing is mentioned.

The list starts here:

1. While going to office if a person wears the office tag from his room and wears it until he reaches room in the evening, then he is called as a Software Engineer.

I don’t know what’s wrong with people who wear their ICards from the bus stop. No idea why they wear it from their room, a status factor..?. It will be nice if they wear ICard when they are near to office gates and remove the card while leaving office. What say..?

2. If a person wears his company T Shirt during weekends, then he is called a Software Engineer.

Man, it is fine to wear the office T Shirt everywhere. But why cant you leave the stuff related to office on weekends and relax. Wear something nice, which makes you comfortable and fashionable, we know you are an Software Engineer. What say..??

3. If a person is wearing formals or a collar T Shirt and wears a branded sports shoes, branded watch and uses a office bag then he is a Software Engineer.

I am not saying you cant wear this, you can wear anything man. Just be comfortable on what you wear, don’t show off that you are a Software Engineer. The main point here is to wear which you feel comfortable, not to show others. What say..??

4. If a person uses his laptop to check mail during the weekends in a food court or in a mall, then defnitely he is an Software Engineer.

The other day, we saw a guy using his laptop in a crowded place and just moving folders from one side to others. Dam man, if you got really work why dont you go to office and wind it up..?? Why in a mall..?? What say..??

Software Guy
Software Guy
Just another software engineer
Just another software engineer

5. If a person goes to a good food chain or a mall, while paying the bill he removes his sodexo or travel or meal passes then definitely he is an Software Engineer. Rofl, I know its for tax saying but you got what I am saying what say..??

6. If a person goes to a mall, even though he knows local languages fluently but while talking to staff personals he speaks in English then he is a Software Engineer.

I am not saying you should not speak English or something, but dont show off you know English. Use it as a communication medium, suppose both the guys doesn’t know each others local languages that time use a common language, english or hindi.

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a thought, observations on Software Engineers, Software Engineers..?? :)