My 2009 Yamaha R1…

I was waiting for the weekend, there were many reasons to wait.

1. I got my Alpine Star racing suit from Pune last week.

2. Due to RAINS in Udupi I couldn’t get time to go for a spin with my R1.

3. By giving BUILDS and BUILDS my brain was occupied with BUILDS. Again BUILDS.

Finally the much desired weekend came, I and my friend had planned to go for a long drive on my R1. We decided to touch Bekal fort, Kasargod and come back by evening if possible a movie or ice cream or something in Mangalore.

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I still remember the day I got my 2009 white and red Yamaha R1. Dad was not happy for taking a litre class bike or 1000 c.c bike, as he knows there are no proper roads  and safety. Even though we are careful while riding, you cant predict bout other people’s ride.

But as usual I went for it.

For me R1, was like a dream. I used to play with R1 miniatures and started to collect the die cast models as many as possible, my mind was running with R1 every-time and that craze (remember college craze for bikes and girls…?? ). Ya, girls… Damn it…

And then one day I saw it in real, it was in Bengaluru. A guy riding a 06 Black R1 zipped past me, I went crazy, I was numb for a sec. It looked cool and the sound I still mesmerize that. During that moment I realized I was missing something in my life.

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My 2009 Yamaha R1…