A for Apple, B for Bull shit…

Hi Guys,

It’s been pretty long time since I updated my blog via a post, that’s due to busy with project and other stuff. Even Ramzan was there, whole schedule got change but loads of things changed (doing all namaz these days, I hope I will continue this). And Avi left for bang for better opportunities, and this that that…

Idea of this post: When Farheen (my little sis) was learning English as normal kids she was learning alphabets as A for Apple, B for bull shit etc… That time I was bitten by automobiles bug, and I knew Farheen was not a normal kid and she need to be different.

So for her learning I came up with a list of automobile companies to learn as A for Audi, B for BMW. Howzz this..?? During those days I was just exposed to Overdrive magazine and news and TV. With the help of available resources and knowledge I created my list then, so this is the list…

P.S: This list is incomplete for few alphabets, if people know any of the companies which I have not listed here then shoot me the company name so that I can update this, mostly for my kids (they will be freaks, sure)… Lol…


Alfa Romeo, Audi, Aston Martin, Aprilla, Ariel


Bajaj, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti


Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen


Daihatsu, Dodge, Daewoo, Ducati


Enfield (Royal Enfield these days)


Ford, Fiat, Ferrari

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A for Apple, B for Bull shit…

Road Trip To Gadag.

Guys, big GRIN on my face while writing this post. This post is bout the road trip  from Udupi to Gadag on my Unicorn. I and Shaanib went for the road trip. Shaanib is my senior in office,  he is a nice chap. He rides bike like hell, I get goose bumps whenever I sit behind him.

The trip was done on April 30. The route we took was like this, Udupi – Kundapur – Marvanthe – Bhatkal – Honnavar – Jog Falls (Yes, Jog falls) – Sirsi – Mundgod – Hubli – Gadag.

I am just writing the events, which happened in the series.

April 30:

I got up at 5.30 (Slept at around 2, after some office stint), did namaz. Had freaking cold bath, and took all the required documents and went to Shaanib’s place. Even he was ready, looked at time, it was already 6.40.

Went to Hotel Khushi (its near office), had tea and started the trip, reset the trip meter.

And here we Go..!!!

Project RoadTrip to Gadag:

Number of Resources: 2.

Name of the Resources: Shaanib M I (nick name “Damn Rossi”) & Mohsin (It’s “Me”).

Devices: Honda Unicorn.

Effort Estimated: 8 hours.

Project Duration: 1 day.

I rode 1st, started the bike. Felt something different, as we started to move. Fully charged up, in no time we crossed Santhekatte, and I saw the open road. Dude, it’s NH 17. It’s my one of the favorite road. As we left in the morning there was less traffic, and throughout the road there is lot of greenery. And we encountered loads of bridges. Uni was just cruising in-terms of 80. Believe me, you get nice feeling when you are around 60 – 80 in my bike. Uni is damn stable, cruises like hell. (Vin, I know R1, I agree… But I had Uni for this road trip).

Rode for a few min, saw bike trip odo it was already saying some 25. We looked at the sky, clouds started to gather on NH. I was worried bout what next. Thought if it rains we will stop at Kundapur. I just prayed not to rain. In no time we crossed Kundapur, once we crossed Kundapur clouds started to disappear and we saw the sunshine. God answered ma prayers :-). Reached Kamat Upachar near Marvanthe, had breakfast. I think Shaanib loved it.

Marvanthe Beach: This beach is beside NH 17, which stretches along the highway for 2 kms or something. So these are the snaps.

Marvanthe Beach
Marvanthe Beach
Road ahead, the NH 17 is beside the beach...
Road ahead, the NH 17 is beside the beach...
All smiles, still journey is there...
All smiles, still journey is there...
Uni looks solid here...
Uni looks solid here...
Its me...
Its me...

Bhatkal: After some break in Marvanthe (Shaanib tried for roadies stunt), we reached Bhatkal. Went Anjuman Engg College, this is where Shaanib did his B.E. So our old man went to his college, Continue reading “Road Trip To Gadag.”

Road Trip To Gadag.

Speaking with the stars:

This incident happened when I was going for my Best Friend’s wedding at Gadag during last weekend. For marriage, I managed to get one day leave, thanks to sir and my team mates.  After more than one month I went home (time is running like hell, so soon 1 year 6 months completed after leaving BEC).

Had nice dinner with Avi and Satish and boarded bus. Got sleeper, Got mp3 player, Got time and I moved to my berth, and we left Udupi. Quickly we passed from office ( Office looks cool from NH 17, and from bus its an euphoric view for me ). In a matter of time I crossed santhekatte and the bridges started to come, from Udupi to Brahmavar there are 6 bridges within a distance of 11 KMS, cool right???.

I just had a glance at the sky, thinking bout project (Network database syncing ) then I was awestruck!!!. The sky was filled stars, stars. ( I am reacting like a kid, I am a dude not a kid ). Then (flash back like a bollywood movie)…


When I was a kid I used to live with my Grand Pa in Hospet ( My Nana,  hey Na doing namaz, these days all 5 namaz)). I used to sleep with him, on his arm. He used to tell stories, regarding Prophet, facts bout India, Indian cricket, moments in other sports especially tennis and football. I always liked about his experiences with Indian Railways and railways growth and transformation.

I remember once he said something bout Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, mostly regarding Vietnam war (wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Che_Guevara). Hail Che…

During that time we used to sleep in garden or varandah, under open sky. Trains used to run across darkness. I remember Nana used to tell bout stars, galaxies. And he used to make me count the stars. (In all languages, counting in telugu used to be fun).

More than that we used to try to connect stars to identify some familiar objects, example like zodiac signs. For me and Nana we had our own custom objects. ( Dude, custom objects and custom classes… Finally thinking like a programmer?? ) I remember we used to identify arrows, ships, some irregular triangles and rectangles.

There used to be a particular star pattern similar to Popeye’s smile with a cigar. I still have the picture of the pattern in my mind. You are right Popeye and Bluto ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Popeye ). During that time Popeye and Aladdin were my heroes. So before sleeping I used to identify Popey smile in the sky. I used to dream bout Popeye and Spinach (Palak I think)

Those were best days for me, they made me to transform as Mohsin…

Present day:

From bus I tried to get that Popeye pattern in the sky, I tried here and there. I was unsuccessful in figuring out. Continue reading “Speaking with the stars:”

Speaking with the stars: