My Bucket List

Hi Guys..

What’s up..?? It’s been month’s since I posted the last blog. Actually was busy with project and other stuff. Vinay was here in Udupi for a weekend and I had been home twice.

Finally got time to post a article regarding My BUCKET List (More info watch Bucket List movie).

Bucket list..??? It’s a list of things you wanna do before they kick their bucket (before they die). I have prepared mine, 90% of them are related to freaking things for others… so here we go..

So here is My BUCKET LIST

1. Get a Contessa car and transform it into an American muscle, pump its engine power, add some stripes, change its interiors.. In short make it like a fastback Mustang or Gran Torino Sports edition. That’s it, it will jerk others. 

2. Road trip to KanyaKumari (Dad will kill me), next will be North India for Ladakh and Leh. 

3. Go for Scuba diving and it would be legendary if I do Sky Diving also.

4.  Get a PSP, Mac Pro and a Ray Ban aviator glasses.

5. Get GUITAR and learn to play all my fav songs

6. Drive a Lamborghini/Ferrari/Mustang/GT/BEEMER/Merc. Ultimately get a BMW if possi

7. Watch a F1 race (singapore GP will be great, bcoz its a night race and can go n come for a weekend) 

8. Get a leather jacket.

9. Buy R1’s for me and Vin. Others can share, GURU you get that RD 350, so that we can have couple of head turning bikes with us  🙂

10. Start playing cricket and shuttle badminton

11. Watch a movie with Dad at adlabs/a multiplex. Last time it was MAST

12. Get photographed with a celebrity.

13. Attend friend’s marriages to create hell (Guys get ready, here I come)

14. Implement Chetan’s advice on the concept of Kiss 🙂 🙂 :-)… God, cant stop laughing

15. Visit an Auto Expo, mostly next Indian Auto Expo, I wish ki I get a couple of leaves for that

16. Get that GREEN DAY T shirt from Central (Guru, we could have bought that day. Hey My Che Guevara T shirt’s rocks dude, I got another one from WICKED, now the count is 2…)

17. Open a Garage for Dad and work with him. Continue reading “My Bucket List”

My Bucket List