I got Bangalored/My new year resolutions:

Hi guys,
Its been so long since I updated the blog, probably a month. That was due to I have moved from Udupi to Bengaluru, err Namma Bengaluru. Things are going great at my end, happy for everything. My parents, friends, roomie’s, and work is going great. I just regret for staying at Gadag for only 3 days. (Dad, really sorry…  I am sure, will get couple of leaves this time). Even couldn’t spent much time at Hospet, I met maamu’s in Hospet railway station for 5 mins. WTF dude…!!!
Bengaluru: Namma Bengaluru.
Dude, about Bengaluru. It is true for what people call it as Namma Bengaluru. I really felt like home. (Kindly forget avi as he made me to wait at railway station for 3 hours… :)). Bengaluru is about nice people, nice infrastructure, nice climate (freaking cold, cant go out without any hoods), nice cafes and restaurants and more importantly  well connected by all means.
For each and every bit, I am loving it… Bengaluru rocks… You know what it’s also called “Pub Capital Of India”.
About the post , I was thinking from last couple of months to change something in me or avoid something which I normally do. Trust me bro, I am serious with this list. Take it as my new year resolutions.
1. Pubbing.
Well, I need to stop pubbing at any cost, (screw you guys, don’t call me for your crazy parties.). It is crap, I never drink or smoke but need to be with you guys until late midnight. No proper food and sleep. Forget pubs, hotels, you guys even take me to god damn local bars (missing Aishwarya bar :)).
These days new trend started, get drinks at room and chill out until sun rises.
Smoke..?? Dude, I am gonna die before you all die. Some one said to me “Passive smoking is damn dangerous than active smoking”. At new flat, room has become a boiler(sort of water heater), so much smoke even mosquitoes doesn’t fly in room… Really…
2. Screw friends
He he, this cool… I am fed up of my god damn, freak friends. With these friends I have just roamed, did crazy stuff, wasted money, time and everything. Told you bout local bars and passive smoking. Its not bout smoke or something, dude around 4 in the morning I need to go and get the drinks.
I need to arrange for everything, snacks, places, music (forcibly I need to be a DJ), bike and blah blah… In short screw you guys…
3. Facebook.
I know I am addicted to Facebook, damn I need to stop that. I got all my friends, joined my favorite band’s groups, games and joined forums. So addicted for it, every time I always think of updating my Facebook status/what’s in my mind. So addicted that, I even forgot using orkut. :). Another best part with Facebook is I get various events, gig’s and parties invitation. I need to stop this all and save some bucks. Save..?? File Save right..??
4. No Metal / Head banging.
Boy, these days I have become a metal head. This is how it started, earlier during in engineering had listened to Metallica. Later it was in SJCE Mysore annual day last year where I saw KRYPTOS performing, I was stunned. Even though I was hearing KRYPTOS for the first time, I felt I knew all the songs. Felt like metal is in my blood.
Later it was in “The Big Gig, Manipal” where I saw “eXiled \m/” performing for Metallica covers and their own composition, thats it. I became an metal head, full head banging whenever I hear some Metal. Ask my roomie’s at night I will be with iPod touch listening heavy metal and head banging. Continue reading “I got Bangalored/My new year resolutions:”
I got Bangalored/My new year resolutions: