Story of Abhay’s confidential helmet

Okay, you know right, Abhay…?? Yeah, Abhay Deshpande my beloved friend. If you don’t remember here is a pic of him doing his legendary “V” or Victory.

"V" Victory…

Aero India 2011:

Well we had attended the Aero India 2011  with all the bling (hates myself for not writing the blog on Aero India). It was huge rush, the event was well organized, they had planned it well and executed it. Full marks for the organizers.

For parking there were different slots, everything was fully packed on the D day. So we parked our bikes at road side and went to the Aero show.

I noticed, Abhay kept his helmet on the bike handle, without locking the helmet. I asked why and what if someone takes it.

“Confidence hai re, koi nahi leta le” Abhay said.

After a mind blowing Aero India show, we came back to the parking lot, I was worried over Abhay’s helmet. And thank god, there it was. No one, took that.

“Confident hai re, no one will take that” said a grinning Abhay.

Koramangala stint:

Last week I and Abhay decided to meet to catch up with the things at each other’s end. So we planned up to meet at Koramangala for a night out stint. We parked our bikes behind the Robert Bosch building, yeah to save parking tickets and also that area is pretty safe I guess.

Abhay again kept the helmet on bike handle without locking it,  again I asked.

Mohsin: “Helmet le re…”

Abhay:   “Confidence hai re, koi nahi leta le.”

Then we went for Jimi’s B cafe, later Enigma, had dinner at Paramount hotel, so it was around 2 AM, we decided to go to room. Continue reading “Story of Abhay’s confidential helmet”

Story of Abhay’s confidential helmet