The Train

The Train:

I love waiting for the train to come,
I love watching the train enter the crowded platform casually whistling its way,
I love watching people getting board amid the noise,
I love helping people to get their seat,
I love exchanging my berth’s for others comfort.
In short train teaches me to be flexible and patient with others.

I love the sound of the train, its kinda in a regular pattern,
I love the rattle of sound it creates while it crosses a sleeper below,
I love the sound when it switches to other track,
I love the sound of hustle which is created by a crossing train in a high speed.
In short train teaches me there is a rhythm in life, and tells me “find your rhythm dude”.

I love the tea which they sell in the train, which is a pure pleasure while sipping.
I love the food we get in the train.
I love the pantry car in the long distances train.
I love watching people travelling in the train,
I love watching people finding peace in travelling as they are out of their complex lives.
In short the train teaches me to find out the pleasure in life, it may be even in small things
like sipping a tea, a smile, a chat with a stranger, sharing food with someone.

I love keeping my head on window and see the world whizzing away,
even at the same time I can see new land or world coming up…
I love hanging at the door, feeling the breeze,
watchin the whole world pass in a glimpse.
I love train passing each city telling me bout the city details and tells me
“Hey Moish, this city has beautiful history and in ruins now”..
In short train teaches me to hope for the best and learn from the past.

I love watching the train crossing the rivers,
I love train tearing down town mountains via tunnels,
I love watching the train racing with other vehicles in a parallel road,
I love watching the train going through mountains which comes in way,
I love the stopping of the train at a red signal, waiting to turn green, to proceed further,

Another thing I learnt from the train, things come and go,
things make us to stop, things defeat us until we are grounded,
things make us to wait, things take our time, things divide us from our loved ones,
But the train says, never look back Moish, keep moving n keep doing well bro…

Hey Vin, I have accepted the past and moving further with my life trying to realize my dreams.

I love waiting for my station to come so that I can meet my loved one at the station
and get a ROCKSTAR hug…

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The Train