Udupi, the place I wanna come back again and again…

Class 9:

It was Class 9th trip, we(Class 9 of Loyola High School) had came down to Agumbe. We were at the sun set point, I could see a city from top. I asked my professor which is that place..? He replied, “It’s Udupi… A place that is different from any other place

5th sem of Engineering:

Lazing around in my room was reading IEEE spectrum magazine(ya Vin you were my roomie), came across a section “Apple gonna release Leopard“. I was fascinated by looking at the Leopard OS Desktop picture. Wow, messaged couple of like minded  people, went to college net and found out what Leopard is !!!

Stuck by Leopard UI, being a Comp Sci student was using pirated windows. Studied more bout Leopard UI and development tools available in Mac and I was fascinated on the possibilities.

6th sem of Engineering:

One of my senior said, “Dude, there is a Company called Robosoft Technologies in Udupi which works for Mac“… Wow, dream company to work for Me..??

7th sem of Engineering:

On placement board saw Robosoft coming down for placement in my college. This is it, went room, started preparing for it… Couple of calls and mails, got detailed info bout the company and started working for it.

Day of interview;

700 guys, pool campus..?? Is it possible to clear ?, brushed up basics, wore my best formals available and went for it…

End of the day, I cleared the interview. Got placed, only 11 had cleared… (Still can feel that rush, excitement and nervousness, finally did it bro… For Mac, for me, for career, for rock…)

End of Engineering: Aug 2007: D day

Finally I was in the company on 01-Aug-07, as a fresher and a comp sci graduate was expecting a challenging job and working for Mac was a dream come true. As a trainee started with a guide(can’t take name to avoid issues).

This is where I learnt bout init and release of objects. Developing for Mac means, introduction to Cocoa. Which I did with love, learnt A, B and C of Cocoa. In mean time got ready for a real time project.

Once completing trainee projects, I was moved into a live project under a solid team. Which were known for their commitment and work. I just moved in as a junior developer, I think this was the best I ever expected in my professional career.

Team Orion
Team Orion
Team Lepus
Team Lepus

Now in life, builds, defects, issues were important. Was involved in to project, gave my 200 % for it so as to learn as much as possible. Coz, this is what I had dreamt for.

Under the senior’s guidance, I learnt a lot on how to handle issues, debugging, design and managing stuff. Continue reading “Udupi, the place I wanna come back again and again…”

Udupi, the place I wanna come back again and again…